Holiday Party Drink Inspiration & Recipes (Alcoholic)

Hey there loves!

I can't believe that its almost mid November already, like where has the time gone? The next thing you know its going to be time to deck the halls and fa la la la la la la...well you get it lol at holiday parties.

Throwback to when I was in college Christmas and Holiday parties used to be my favorite kinds of parties, not because of all the yuletide cheer but because of the DRINKS!! 

There were always the most creative drinks at the parties I went to, including my favorite winter time drink peppermint hot coco.

So in remembrance of my good ol college days and in preparation for your upcoming holiday parties I have comprised a list of drink recipes befitting of the season...if you are of legal drinking age of course *side eye*

MAKE IT MONDAY: Pretty Girl Chili Recipe

After a decent amount of nights doing nothing but ordering take out and getting fast food once I got home from work. I finally decided to actually touch my stove. Truth be told I love cooking but never seem to find the time anymore with my work schedule.

Not really wanting to spend time cooking but knowing if I got fast food one more time I would probably be sick lol I decided to make my chili recipe. Its quick, simple super filling and last a few days. Once I was done I  posted this picture on my Instagram 

And I quickly got likes and request to share the recipe because apparently it looked that darn good. So as always, your wish is my command =)



First and for most Happy Thanksgiving to every last one of you reading this. One thing that I am so thankful for is you...yes YOU! Im so grateful to have such supportive followers and people who really believe in my dreams and what I do. I couldn't ask for anything more =)
I hope that all of you have and had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with food, family, friends and love.

Now that you are stuffed just as your turkey once was lol its time to rack up on some AMAZING savings...because you all know I love savings and I want to share them with all my favorite curlies!!


Style Inspiration: 10 Great Protective Styles For Winter

How are you protecting your hair?

Protective styling season is here ladies and if you have not already started planning what protective styles your fro will be rocking for the next few months I am here to help with some super cute protective style ideas and inspiration that I myself have rocked or I have seen other along amazing naturals rocking while I've been out and about.

For all my new naturals, or those who may be a little unsure as to exactly what protective styling is, no worries. I got you covered.


OOTD: Royal In Blue

Hey Loves!

This past weekend I had my own little "break the internet" moment lol when a picture of me in a tutu made by @sewurbane took over on instagram for a few brief seconds.


The Real Deal: Haute Kinky Hair Natural Hair Extensions Initial Thoughts

Hey Loves!

I hope this Monday is treating you well! Its been about a week and a half since I installed my Haute Kinky Hair clip ins that I made from wefted hair in their "Kinks" line and I couldn't be happier.

I'm still testing and playing around with the hair everyday and will be trying more in depth styling options and shampooing etc at the beginning of next week but I wanted to get out my initial thoughts on the hair because there have been soooooo many questions.

And I mean why wouldn't there be?

When extensions can take you from this

To a matter of a few minuets!!!

Find out all my loves, hates and thoughts on this Haute Kinky Hair after the jump!


How to | Eyebrows On Fleek - Easy Brow Tutorial

Hey Ladies!!!

I have gotten alot of compliments about my brows on my Instagram lately, and even more recently the compliments have been coming with request for me to make a tutorial on how I get my brows to look the way they do.

Sooooo of course you know I had to let you guys in on all my brow secrets after the jump =)


10 Fall Beauty Favorites & Beauty Routine Changes

Hey Loves!!

As we transition into cooler months our beauty routines tend to change. Our skin needs a little more hydration, the shades of makeup we use on an everyday basis begin to deepen and even the polish colors we choose to put on our nails switch up.

With that being said I wanted to share with you how my beauty routine has changed a bit for the fall and some of the products I am currently using and loving as the weather cools down.

I hope you all enjoy!

Haute Kinky Hair: Winter Protective Styling Brunch Recap

This weekend may have been the best weekend i've had in a while, jam packed with great events, good food and amazing curl friends. All of which were present at the Haute Kinky Hair Winter Protective Styling Brunch held at Fire Fly in DC on Saturday.

PrettyGirlEats Baltimore: Lazy Sunday Adventures an Artifact Coffee Review

The weather this past Sunday in Baltimore was absolutely amazing!

It almost didn't even feel like fall, the sun was shining, there was a nice little breeze and everything just looked a little bit prettier than it already had been looking. So instead of spending what would normally be a lazy Sunday in my apartment I decided to head out on a little adventure.


October Favorites: Fall Tv Shows Edition (faves & thoughts)

Hey everyone so I hope I'm not the only one who's completely obsessed with this year's fall Tv show programming.

I think this might be the first time in years where I am actually sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for TV shows to come on at night. It's almost a flashback to when I was a little kid and TGIF is on except for I don't have to wait for Friday anymore it could be Thursday it could be Sunday it could be Monday. I get my shows all week and there are just so many good ones right now after I come home from work i'm a couch potato .... Like honestly if you gave me a choice between going out and watching How To Get Away With Murder and I'd be inside all night.

How To Shower Steam Your Hair & Steam Benefits

Hey Loves!

So its starting to get cold outside which means the weather is about to start reeking havoc on our happy little natural curls. The cold and harsh elements of fall and winter can really damage and dry out our hair if we don't take extra good care of it and take the necessary steps to retain moisture and protect our tresses.

Of course the easiest way to protect your hair through the winter months would be protective styling...and I'm pretty sure ill get there as sooooooon as I stop being lazy LOL! No honestly I tend to do all my hairstyles myself and have either been too lazy or busy to put in a protective in the mean time to retain moisture I've be working on some at home steaming methods.


5 Perfect & Inexpensive Lip Colors For Fall

Hey Loves!!

The past few weeks I have been on a huge lipstick kick and of course since fall is upon us most of the colors have been darker than what I usually reach for. 

But I love it!!  
I love that in fall & winter a girl gets to get a little seductive with her color choice its something about a dark lip thats just super sexy and the richer the color the better! Its just brings a little something extra to your look while keeping you mysterious ;)

Now played around with a few different brands of lipstick in my life time but the two that have always done it for me are MAC and Wet N Wild for their bold colors and long lasting wear. 

The Issue With Being Grateful...

At one point or another in life we're all guilty of being ungrateful...and more often than not I don't actually believe it's on purpose.

I don't think anyone strives to be ungrateful for the things that they have, the blessings they are given or the opportunities that they are allotted in life. I think more so it comes down to it being so hard to see the good when you're also being faced with bad.

No matter if it's in love, your every day life or situations with family having good things happen are often out shadowed by the bad things that tend to follow right behind any good situation.

And we focus so much on those bad things that the good even though it's still there disappears...


The Hunt: Target Clearance Finds 09/25/2014

Hey lovelies!

As most of you know this past weekend I scored BIG at Target when I go my Canon Rebel T3i camera on clearance for $234.00 after discounts!!! I was super excited that a decent number of you were also able to score clearance Canon cameras after reading my post.

If you didn't see my post about it on Instagram or my blog post explaining just how I got it and how you can possibly snag your own check it out HERE.

But you know i couldn't stop there right..


How I got my $600.00 Cannon Rebel T3i for $234.00 & Other Target Electronics Clearance


Lol, no but really thats the type of moment I had this past friday at Target.  When I got this Canon Rebel T3i for only 234.00!! 


I have been off my couponing game for a while as far as household needs and food and such, like literally I have been paying retail for that kind of stuff and its been killing me. However...I have been keeping my eye on a few things that I actually need for work/blogging purposes such as cameras, laptop accessories etc.

Falling For Plaid Ootd: How to transition summer styles to fall (including makeup and hair)

Hey loves!!

In honor of bipolar weather that changes out of nowhere I wanted to bring this quick little ootd to you guys that will hopefully give you all some inspiration on how to transition summer clothing into fall so you don't have to go splurge on a full new wardrobe...just yet lol.

Product Review & Results: Design Essentials Curlforming Custard

For those of you who follow and know me well, i'm sure you have noticed that I LIVE for a good twist out. I mean this past summer alone I have pretty much lived and died by the twist outs every style that I have worn, was created from a twist out.

Oh my god and when I discovered the flat twist out?!

 Chiiiiiiile sign me up, close the deal I WAS HOOKED...pretty much for life. However as Fifi (my hair) grows and changes i'm slowly starting to learn that what I use on my hair solely has to be based off what she likes...because clearly my wants for my hair don't matter she has a mind of her own *insert side eye here* 
Well, last week I think I discovered Fifi's new favorite product!!!

Wash Day Fiasco: Protein sensitive hair


That face right there is the EXACT face I had in the middle of trying to wash and deep condition my hair last Monday as my attempt to breath some life into Fifi turned into a complete fiasco. 

Prior to said fiasco wash day actually started off completely normal. I set up all the necessary products,  procrastinated for about 3 hours and then finally decided to get to work. (The procrastination period is very important lol)


Ubiquitous 2014 Hair & Health Trade Show Recap

Its a week later and I'm still buzzing with excitement from attending the first annual Ubiquitous Hair Show held last weekend at the beautiful Omni Hotel in DC! Where I acutally had the honor of being a guest blogger! 

Let me just tell you this was not your everyday hair show. It was like a hair show, concert, life class, cosmetology school and shopping extravaganza all in one! The event was complete with celebrity guest Chrisette Michele and Chante Moore, as well as celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble star of LA Hair and has style the queen Beyonce herself honey and Afrobella the godmother of natural hair blogging was even there!!!

How to: Goddess style headband tutorial

Hey guys!

Im Super excited to share this with you. 

Everybody was questioning  how I got my headband tied like this. 

From the moment I uploaded a pic on Instagram to when I walked through the door at the Ubiquitous Hair Show I attended this weekend in DC, there were dropped jaws and questions questions questions!

Everyone wanted to know how I achieved the look and *gasp* I even got compliments from Chante Moore, Chrisette Michele and Kim Kimble on the style! 

And since you guys demanded a tutorial so here it is!

5 Tips & Habits For Healthy Natural Hair

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about about natural hair is how to keep it healthy. It seems as though everyone is on the hunt for some secret method or elixir that will magically turn their hair into the poster child for the "perfect" natural hair overnight. 

When the truth aint gonna happen captain. Healthy natural hair takes work to get and to maintain and depending on the condition your hair was in previously, when you big chopped or where you are in your natural journey how long it will take to get to a "healthy" state and what you need to do to get it there can be different from one curly girl to the next.

The Pretty Girls Guide To Baltimore Restaurant Week: Brio Tuscan Grille Review


GAHHHH I was SUPER excited this past week guys!

Why you ask?  *Drum roll* because it was restaurant week here in Baltimore!!!  

If your not familiar with what restaurant week is, its when restaurants (chain or not) in your city put together special menus, sometimes consisting of their signature dishes and limited time items on a 3 course set up (appetizer, main course, desert) for one set price. Here in Baltimore most of the restaurants that participate are the best of the best and normally a bit pricy. But for restaurant week a full lunch will run you only $15.00 and a full dinner will can range between $20.00 and $30.00. Which clearly is a far cry from what a three course meal would cost at any of the restaurants on a regular night.


How to pineapple short natural hair- Night Routine

Hey loves!!!

I hope you all are doing well on this fine Tuesday morning...or whenever you happen to be reading this =)

Yesterday on instagram I put up a little pictoral of how I had done my latest twist out which I was compltetly in love with!! Like I have never had such amazing twist out results...EVER and you all seemed to love it as well which of course I was tickled pink about =)


The Hunt: Target, Walgreens & Toys R Us 7/12/14

Hey All!

This week...well the past couple of weeks actually I have not been doing much couponing. I swear like I have not even gotten a paper. I just have not had the motivation to do it. I definitely miss getting stuff for free but I don't miss the clipping AT ALL.

Even though I have taken a break from more traditional couponing. I have been looking out for misprint deals and checking a lot of clearance prices. I think what happened was my brain got tired of "regular couponing" now clearance finds are all the rage for me. 

Summer Style Series: Waiting For The Weekend

Hey loves!

I Know I have been gone for about a month or so *clutches pearls* but I do have a pretty good explanation for my sudden disappearance from the blog...I GOT A JOB!!! Lol thats right your favorite blogger is now a real live working girl *insert side eye here*. 

So I took the past four weeks off to get back in the groove of the whole 9-5 deal and now that I am more acclimated to waking up before noon and budgeting my time I feel like I'm finally ready to hop back on the S.S Blogging Ship.

Oops I Did It Again: Clear The Rack Haul

This past weekend was that time again, CLEAR THE RACK!!!

I think the Nordstrom Clear The Rack sale has quickly become one of my all time favorite in store events. Its great for everyone but especially my coupoing girls who love designer things on...well a couponers budget LOL. I posted about my AMAZING first time experience with the Clear The Rack sale at The Racks Columbia location here in Maryland about a month ago. I was completely blown away by Columbia's shoe selection (because y'all know I'm all about the shoes), prices, organization and AMAZING hospitality. That location has defiantly become #1 in my heart! So if your here in Maryland be sure to check them out! 

Couponing 101: Target 5 off 15 scenarios with overage

Hey loves I hope all of you have had an amazing weekend because I know I did =)

This past weekend I was KILLING it at Target which you already know if you follow me on my Instagram HERE *cough follow me  cough* LMAO! That's actually what this post is all about. I am going to help you ladies and fellas kill Target this week like I killed them this weekend with one simple (or not so simple lol) deal!

Now if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't feel bad, I'm here to bring you up to speed. Currently Target has a mobile and printed coupon out where you can save $5 off of a $15 purchase of personal care items, the coupon can be found in this week circular or by texting the word "care" to 827-438, please be mindful that Target will only send you the mobile coupon once so if you need more get your friends to text the number and send you the link (thats what I did before the coupon was available in stores) The Mobile Coupon went live on Thursday and the paper coupon came out one Saturday however this coupon is good until this coming Saturday so you still have plenty of time to get in on the deal.


Summertime shoe style (haul)

Hey loves and happy Friday!
I am super excited to share this post with you guys, wednesday I got a chance to go shopping yes I know shopping again and of course it was at two of my favorite places to snag great deals on shoes  DSW & Target.

This time around I was specifically looking for sandals and flip-flops for summertime because apparently I am completely unprepared and have NONE. I literally looked at my shoe rack and was like what am I going to wear?! It's 90° outside I have a girl not having any shoes hard to believe I know, but it's the truth my selection of sandals and flip-flops were so out of date and totally not my style anymore so I had to go pick up some new ones.


Summer Style Simplicity (ootd)

Summer style often calls for shorts and tanks, but if you know me you know I'm not the biggest fan of shorts...mostly because they make me look like a 12 year old (in my opinion) so I often opt for skirts, dresses and my fave of all time boyfriend jeans <3

Date Night Dinner Creations (recipe)

Have you ever wanted to absolutely wow the special guy or girl in your life with an amazing home cooked dinner?

But the only thing that was stopping you was the actual cooking part??

Trust me we have all been there, no matter if your newly dating and not the best cook soooo you tend to shy away from cooking for your boo. Or you've been dating for a few years and no matter how much you try you always get stuck in a rut when it comes to cooking dinner. 

"Will it be tacos or spaghetti tonight hun?" 

Well fear not pretty girls. Im here to save your dinner plates!

Everyone knows the way to a mans heart is through his tummy, so today I have a super quick and tasty recipe that will have him wanting to make you a keeper (even if you secretly can't cook lol, I won't tell) or singing your praises for not making spaghetti...AGAIN

Nailed It! SensatioNail Gel Nail Review

This past Sunday I was gifted the SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter kit. I had been eyeing this kit and the Sally Henson Gel kit for some time now but never actually broke down and got either due to the price. 

Now by no means am I cheap...I just am pretty skeptical about shelling out 50+ dollars on something I'm not familiar with or sure if it works the way it claims.

So of course when the opportunity came up to get my hands on a SensatioNail system for free I was all over it. Special thanks Ms. Donna my amazing manicure wouldn't be possible without your generosity =)


Shop with Me: My Nordstrom & DSW Clearance Finds (shopping = therapy)

Last week was a really stressful week for me, I had so many things going on personally and then on top of all of that I had a family emergency that had me running around town like a mad woman. Literally as soon as I was done one thing I had to do I would hop in my car and drive as fast as I could to the other side of town to be able to do what I needed to do for my family.

 By the time Friday came I felt so empty, like I had nothing left to give. I was tired, emotionally drained my gas tank was on E (like me lol) and I was completely out of sorts. Overall I just felt down in the dumps, I really needed some me time and something to cheer me up.

So....*shrugs* I went shopping.


Baltimore's Best: The Gathering, Not Your Average Food Festival

Behind all the fashion and beauty there is a hardcore foodie living inside me and last weekend I had the pleasure of merging food with one of my other loves.

Thats right blogging and food were brought together into one night of tantalizing tastes and sociability when I covered "The Gathering" one of my favorite reoccurring foodie events here in Baltimore.

Now I'm sure when you think of a foodie event you imagine someone sitting in a lavish restaurant sipping on a glass of the most expensive wine and dining off of fine china at 100 dollars a plate.

Well this soooooo not that type of party.  

The K.P Staker from Kommie Pig
Trade in your visions of a restaurant for a food truck in a park, that expensive wine is a nice cold beer oh and your 100 dollar plate is a reasonable 10 bucks. Sound good to you? Because it sounds great to me and everyone else who has ever attended The Gathering or visited one of its many food truck regulars on their weekly routes.


Couponing 101: The Pretty Girls Guide to Penny Deals

Hey ladies! 
Im back again with another lesson in couponing =)

This week has been jam packed with "Penny Deals" and unmarked clearance "Run Deals". It wasn't  until I started posting on Instagram and Facebook about all my finds that I realized a lot of you had no idea what either of these things were.

Literally every post I made was getting dozens and dozens of questions coming in one after another. Like questions were coming in so fast I couldn't even keep up with them lol. I was like a deer in headlights!


Shopping in style: OOTD

I posted this look on Instagram yesterday and you guys LOVED it so I figured it was best to make this a full OOTD and give you all the details.


Couponing 101: How to stack coupons at target

Have a seat ladies, coupon class is back in session =)

Its been a little while since I've done a couponing "how to" post (completely my fault I admit it) but its because there have been sooooo many run deals and last minuet deals that I have done and I just haven't had the chance to sit down and write them all out and even if I did by time they would make it to the blog they would probably be over.

And there is nothing I hate more than posting about a deal that you can no longer get and I know you guys would have hated to make everyone happy I just avoided it lol.


Skinny does not mean healthy: Lifestyle change day 1

For the past three months or so I've been unhappy with my weight, shape and general fitness really unhappy. I look at myself in the mirror while I'm getting dressed and notice every little bump, bulge and un-tone area that my clothes don't glide over. 

Things that used to fit are getting snug in places they didn't used to be and jackets from last year pinch in creases where there used to be room and there is no one to blame but myself.  Since the holidays I have completely let my good eating habits go. I have started eating more junk, drinking soda and even eating a little fast food and I defiantly haven't  been working out to combat that.

Literally the face I got every time I talked about needing to work out

Spotted: Curly Cuties & Fab Fashionistas at Broccoli City Fest

Depending on how much attention you pay me on Instagram you may or may not have known that this past weekend I was hanging out in DC (this NEVER happens lol) covering Broccoli City Fest for The Pretty Girls Guide =)

For those of you who don't know, Broccoli City Fest is an annual festival held in DC and LA around the time of Earth Day. Aside from being an absolutely DOPE event Broccoli City's mission is all about spreading awareness of healthy & sustainable lifestyles, fitness and empowering communities to make informed decisions about their environment. The festival also features musical acts, food, art and vendors from all across the country.


Almay Liquid Lip Balm Review & Swatches

So I feel like I'm always on a constant search for the perfect lipgloss. I mean the story normally goes a little something like this...

While finishing up my makeup I'll sift through my jar of lipgloss and try on a million different ones on top of my lipstick, just to find that I hate them all. So at some point during the day I go to Sephora or MAC and pick up another one that I think I love....flash forward a week or so and I'm back at square one sifting through glosses and hating them all!

DO YOU KNOW HOW FRUSTRATING THAT IS!? I feel like whenever I buy a lipgloss I get this instant excitement because I finally think I found "the one" but I'm always wrong! And I mean lipgloss isn't cheap to be buying one after the other that your not even going to use after next week.


All that came to a halt when I came across the holy grail of lipgloss!


Whats a FashionEASTA?

I like to think of myself as a Fashionista...but whats a FashionEASTA??

Well if your lucky enough to be from Baltimore like me I'm sure you know about Harbor East one of Baltimore's premier shopping and dining destinations in the city and if you know about fashion I'm sure you know what a Fashionista is.

Put part one and part two together and you have FashionEASTA which is the name of Baltimore's own Harbor Easts annual Fashion spectacular!


Creator of For Brown Girls Commits Suicide: There No Shame In Getting Help

Its being reported that Karyn Washington, the founder of "For Brown Girls" and the "Dark Skin, Red Lips" project has committed suicide at the young age of 22.


What to wear: Coachella style guide

Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you have heard all the buzz about this weekends kick off to the festival of all festivals (drum roll) Coachella which is pretty much the closest our generation will ever get to the epicness that was woodsotck.


OOTD: Pretty In Print

To say it was gorgeous outside a couple of days ago would be an understatement. Spring was finally in FULL EFFECT.

So while Mother Nature was not being bi-polar I took full advantage of her good graces and had a mini ootd photo shoot =)

Now y'all may not know this but I'm not even close to being big on print, Im actually a very simple girl when it come to fashion.


I woke up like this...

Hey ladies...and maybe some gents (no worries I'm not here to judge lol) 

About a week ago I found myself singing Beyonces "Flawless" as I was driving to coupon (yes I'm still couponing) *sings* "I woke up like this....Flawless....I woke up like this.....Flawless..." as I pulled into the parking lot of the first store I flipped down my sun visor to check myself out before I go out of my car. 

And there I was face full of make up singing "I woke up like this" *insert side eye here*


I woke up like this? Really, I'm going to the grocery store in a full face of make up, granted this would not be my only stop for the day but still all I would be doing was shopping yet I had enough blush, foundation, mascara, concealer and shadow painted on my face for me and the chick in the next car over.

Carefully checking my light and angles lol
And I couldn't help but to ask myself why?

Full face with a filter....there is almost always a filter
Why when I was just going out shopping was it so necessary to apply make up. I was sitting there moments ago professing I woke up like this when truth be told most days I set aside at least an hour alone to do my make up and very rarely do I feel anything close to flawless.


Most women if they are anything like me don't feel pretty until the makeup is put on and even with make up flawless is still a stretch because once we are out and about in the world we see face after face of women who seem to have it more together than we do and who's makeup is 10 times better than ours.

But have you ever wondered if that girl that you see as "perfect" and "amazing" feels just like you?

I only ask because I feel like that happens sometimes with you guys and me on Instagram. I have noticed recently when I post pictures many of you comment and compliment me on how perfect my makeup is or how "flawless" my skin looks. Some of you even tell me that you hate your own skin and wish you had "perfect" skin like mine. Which breaks my heart.

The truth of the matter is everything is not as perfect as it seems.

And I wanted to make sure that you guys knew that, what you see on Instagram (with me, other beauty/fashion bloggers, MUA and models) are very carefully selected pictures. The cream of the crop if you will lol. These pictures are taken after we are done up, in just the right lighting with just the right angle and just the right smile. Then we slap a few filters on it and post it for your Instagram viewing pleasure. 

If I sat here and actually counted all the pictures I have in my phone that didn't make it to Instagram because one of my eyes looked bigger than the other or the lighting was off or a filter couldn't even save it....well...that would explain why I have no space in my 16gb iPhone *side eye*

As much as I would love to take credit for the glamor shots you guys see on IG, or the "perfect skin" you have come to love, I can't and I don't. All that was brought to you by filters and the letters M.A.C. 

Honestly, I'm just like every one of you. I struggle with breaks out, dark under eye circles and un-even skin tone. 

 I don't always feel pretty and very rarely enjoy my morning face, but I wanted to embrace it.

 So yesterday on Instagram I posted this collage of myself after just waking up. I had no wig, no makeup....not even any lip balm *gasp* luckily my lips were not crusty LMAO

No make up, no filter. Dark circles, uneven skin tone and breakouts coming in

I wanted to show that under all the make up and filters and angles....NO ONE IS PERFECT.

But you shouldn't be ashamed of your imperfections, they don't make you any less of an amazingly beautiful person.  No matter if you have dark circles under your eyes that makes it seem like you have not slept in years or a huge noes (like me lol) 

Everyone should be able to feel confident in the skin that they are in. You have to love yourself first...because if you don't no amount of make up or compliments will make you feel better...feeling better starts from within.

So each day I challenge you to love the way you woke up, and to feel flawless with your naked skin and if any of you are brave enough (which I hope you all are) post a picture of yourself on Instagram with no make up and tag it  #barefacebeauty & #prettygirlsguide I would love to see all my beauties out there being proud of the skin they are in!

Never be afraid to say "I woke up like this"

Side bar ladies: By no means am I trying to hate on make up or those who wear it. If you want to wear some make up to cover up what you don't like so be it. No matter if its pimples or freckles. Or even if you want to wear it just because you like it. Who cares!? Find what works best for you and do it! Trust me I won't stop wearing make up either lol. 

Just remember the most important thing is that you love yourself, flaws and all.
(Hmmm thats another Beyonce song huh?)

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


Beautifully Delicious- Cocotique Beauty Box Review

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of receiving a Cocotique beauty subscription box in the mail.

You guys know the basic run down of subscription boxes right? You sign up and each month depending on the plan you select and your preference you receive a cute little box filled with beauty, fashion,food items ect. I believe now there are subscription boxes for almost everything....really goggle it lol =)


How to get 50.00 in cleaning products for almost free...Target Deal

Ok so if you are looking at this blog you are either an avid couponer who is looking for last min deal scenarios for the Target stock up deal or you happen to stumble upon some of my haul pictures on my instagram and you just want to figure out how I have been doing my thing and getting an AMAZING deal on cleaning products.

For those of you that don't know this week Target has had this "stock up" promotion where you can get 20.00 off of a 50.00 cleaning purchase when you buy specific products. This in general is a GREAT deal on its own but when you add coupons to the mix...your getting 50.00 worth of cleaning supplies for next to free!

Being Mary Jane Review: What it means to be Mary Jane

Ok so I feel its only fair to first admit that I am writing this blog without actually watching the last episode of this seasons Being Mary me though I AM going to watch it as soon as I'm done this post. I just want to be able to write with a clear head lol.

*sigh* where do I start? 


3 Fave Products: Simple & Nivea Product Review

Happy Wednesday Ladies !

As all my pretty girls know I' have been pretty much obsessed with skincare lately. I have been trying out a lot of different natural remedies and natural-ish products lol. 

Recently I stumbled upon 3 products that a absolutely fell in love with and earlier today on Instagram I posted a pic stitch showing them off. Unfortunately Instagram has posting limits so I couldn't go into detail about why I love the products but luckily my blog doesn't ☺️

So let's get into my little skin care show & tell/review shall we?

First up Simple Skincare Products

I came across Simple about a month ago when I clipped a bogo coupon for it (of course lol), saw their products at my local Target and decided to give it a chance. Now I'm not normally one to pick up a product on the whim because I have extremely sensitive skin and tho I love coupons just because something's cheap does not mean it needs to be on my face. However I was attracted to their cute green packaging an their tag "the sensitive skin experts" so I decided to give them a try.

1) Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes 

These wipes are AMAZING dare I even say AMAZEBALLS (I hate that word). Each wipe has what seems to be little ridged holes in it that help lift off dead skin cells. These wipes feel different than any other exfoliating wipes I have ever tried. They are not overly moist or soapy once your done rubbing your face down you have this completely clean feeling. I defiantly prefer these over the Ponds exfoliating wipes that I tried a while back. I like to use my Simple wipes with coconut oil, in the mornings I'll massage my face with coconut oil and then go over that with the wipes. The coconut oil helps break down any left over makeup particles and gives a deeper clean along with the exfoliation.  

25 wipes come in a pack for about 4.99-6.99 depending on the store you shop in. I suggest you go to Target or Walmart you tend to get the best bang for your buck there.

2) Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

You know, I really appreciate things that do what they say and this scrub really makes your face feel all types of smooth 😍.  Aside from that it helps your skin look brighter! The consistency is completely different than most scrubs, I'm used to super thick scrubs with large exfoliating beads. Simples scrub is of a thinner consistency and the exfoliating so beads are itty bitty micro crystals which I love. I hate the big beads.. Not sure why I have just never been a fan.  I'm still hot and cold on the consistence of the scrub itself, I'm just super used to thicker scrubs but it's consistency doesn't take away from the job that it does sooooo I'm good lol. The ONE downside to this scrub is that to me it almost smells like a typical house cleaner. It's not a super strong smell or overwhelming but because Simple does not use any dyes or perfumes it just smells like a cleaner (exactly what it is lol) I'm just used to things being more fragrant and pretty smelling lol.

The scrub comes in a 5 fl oz bottle  it cost around 5.99-6.99 again try to pick it up at your local Target or Walmart.

3) Nivea A Kiss Of Berry Swirl

THISSSSSSSSS STUFFFF IS AMAZING! Bottom line flat out if I never use another lip balm in life it will be too soon. I was already addicted to Nivea lotion, then I became addicted to Nivea body wash and now they have won over my lips. I'm just Nivea'd out. Their lip care line consist of butters, balms and glosses which are all equally amazing, but my hear belongs to the balms. This lip bam makes my lips so damn smooth without being sticky, greasy or creating that awful white line on your lips. In every situation this stuff is my go to lip option it leave my lips soft with a hint of color. Perfect! You can bet without a doubt this will be my best friend forever. The Berry Swirl is my favorite but they have a lot of different flavors that are vitamin enriched, smoothing, hydrating, SPF enriched, medicated ect. So there are plenty of options for you to choose from but I DEFINATLY recommend you go grab now.

The Nivea lip balms retail anywhere from 1.99 -3.00 but always go on sale so try to catch them when they are marked down at a store near you.

If your in the market for a new facial wipe, scrub or lip balm I highly recommend these three products for everyone, no matter if your skin/lips are sensitive, normal, dry or oily Simple and Nivea have you covered.

The after effects of using these dope ass products you ask? LOL

In the comments let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought. Or if your thinking about trying them let me know😊

Until next time 
XO, Deanna

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