PrettyGirlEats Baltimore: Lazy Sunday Adventures an Artifact Coffee Review

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The weather this past Sunday in Baltimore was absolutely amazing!

It almost didn't even feel like fall, the sun was shining, there was a nice little breeze and everything just looked a little bit prettier than it already had been looking. So instead of spending what would normally be a lazy Sunday in my apartment I decided to head out on a little adventure.

I had heard about Artifact Coffee here in Baltimore through a couple of other Instagram pages and a few people in passing but I had never really taken the time to go and check it out, however it was early afternoon and someone had suggested their breakfast so I decided to check it out.

Nestled in the clipper Mill community Artifact Coffee is located just beyond the light rail stopand across the bridge from Woodberry Kitchen...and if you don't actually know exactly what you're looking for you can miss it because I sure did drive right past it. However once my GPS told me that I had passed it I turned around and it was pretty easy to realize the parking lot entrance I had missed. f

If you're going on a Sunday I definitely say get there early because parking was tight I actually thought I wasn't going to be able to find a space which on one hand can be a little bit of an annoyance but on the other hand it really lets you know that people love it... Full parking lots are always a good sign.

As I walked up to Artifact Coffee I was greeted with pumpkins, flowers and happy fall decor, which I loved and I thought it was cute that their sign was just a little distressed A hanging from the front of the building.

Once I walked in I was greeted with the hey how can I help you, kind of like a down-home feel greeting from who I later found out was Pat I suppose he was one of their lead baristas very very funny and witty which of course I can appreciate lol. I really enjoyed our interactions. It being my first time there I had no clue what I wanted to eat or how things worked.

He explained seating was first come first serve and that there was also standing room inside, seating outside or I could take what I decided to get to go. I opted to get things to go and grabbed the menu and stood over to the side while deciding.

The ambiance inside Artifact Coffee definitely gave off a rustic feel they had things all over the wall that kind of made the space feel cozy even though it was open. There was very limited seating around 12 but I guess it just depends on when you get there but the place was buzzing with people. There was a constant flow in and out all as I waited...also a good sign.

I definitely am a sucker for like old-school decor so the cute old-school type writer and some of the decoration on the wall had me falling in love left and right. Its really a space that you can get comfortable in and it make you want to stay in for a while so I can see why there were no seats. After you sit down and taste the food I'm sure you're not going to want to leave =)

I also loved all the...working parts of Artifact coffee,  like everything seemed so much more than it was. The baristas did even the simplest things with so much flair. Like take a cup of coffee for example, they were not just behind the counter whipping something up in a machine. The grounds were brewed right in front of you!!

I'm not even a coffee drinker and this was super cool to me =)

And this tea pot!! Can I have it?! I should have asked lol

The menu is pretty simple and split up into sections there's a lot of what seemed to be farm to table options from local growers. I was still in the mood for breakfast and luckily for me on Sunday they serve breakfast all day however please note if you are there during the weekday breakfast stops being served at 11 I believe or 10:30...wait you should call and ask lol

I myself am not a big coffee drinker and I was more hungry than I was thirsty in the first place so I decided to grab a sausage egg and cheese and I wanted an apple muffin but unfortunately they were sold out for the day which clearly made me feel like a dupe for not coming earlier because of something sold out it's definitely good but I'll just have to grab that next time.

As far as drinks I asked Pat what he thought would be good I was eyeing the spiced apple cider but hadn't had one before he recommended it, very highly may I add and so I trusted him and decided to grab one of those too.

I think my bill topped off right around $11 which is a little expensive for breakfast especially since I was only getting a drink and a sandwich however that's kind of to be expected especially since Artifact Coffee is part of the Woodberry group so things tend to be a little bit more expensive but definitely worth it in the quality of and the freshness of the food. So I was expecting to be very pleased aside from price.

About five minutes or so went by and I got my drink first which was super super delicious. I was surprised that it was that good it was very warm and very spicy and filled with flavor. It tasted exactly like fall and I love the drinks that taste like fall! So if you ever have to question whether not to get the spiced apple cider get it.

Another five minutes or so past and my sandwich was brought over, like I said I got the sausage egg and cheese. The sausage patty was a lot thicker than I expected it to be I'm super used to like super thin squished down stiff patties that you normally get at your mom and pop breakfast shop or something like Burger King. But this is a nice thick juicy patty laid in between flavorful English muffins with the gooey cheese and a nice big helping of egg.

I took one bite and honestly didn't want to stop. The flavors combined together was so perfectly the slight salty buttery muffin and egg mix with the sweet and spicy taste of the sausage was delicious! The only thing I probably would've added to the sandwich which I add on all of my breakfast sandwiches is butter and jelly but even without the butter and jelly this sandwich was greatness.

I wish I could say that I savored the sandwich a little bit more than I did but by time I walked to my car it was almost gone. It was that good, it was just good quality food! I liked the service in Artifact Coffee the baristas were all very friendly and they didn't make you feel like, you know, you were just another customer. The fact they take the time to go back-and-forth and kind of banter with you is very very nice like I said before the ambiance is very fitting for the Woodberry restaurants so if you're looking for something a little bit more laid-back but still having that Woodberry feel Artifact Coffee is definitely for you.

 I can't speak on the coffee but everybody was drinking it so I'm sure it's quite delightful and its own right. Also you can check out Artifact Coffee for a lot of different events too apparently.

They come out with the calendar every month of events and it's just chocked full of a lot of different things like specialty dinners, classes, I know last week which I'm pretty upset that I missed there was a body butter making class that they partnered with another local shop here in Maryland. They also have taco Tuesday nights and just the whole bunch of happenings going on.

So if you're in the area and looking for some good breakfast eats or just a good time throughout the week stop by Artifact Coffee, check out their calendar & specials they have going on or what's on the menu this week because I'm sure they change it up that's kind of a Woodberry thing and definitely give it a shot I was pleasantly pleased with my experience and the quality and the taste of my food so yes lol I recommend it =)

And if you come in town I think Artifact Coffee, Woodberry Kitchen and just kind of the whole Hampden and Clipper Mill area is worth your time to check out. It should be one of your stops as you adventure through Baltimore.

 Artifact Coffee is now officially on The Pretty Girls Guide To Baltimore great coffee shop/breakfast spot!

Have any of my DMV followers had artifact coffee before let me know below and if you're outside of the DMV what are some great coffee or breakfast places in your area maybe when I travel I'll be able to check them out!

Until next time guys,
XO Deanna

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