Spotted: Curly Cuties & Fab Fashionistas at Broccoli City Fest

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Depending on how much attention you pay me on Instagram you may or may not have known that this past weekend I was hanging out in DC (this NEVER happens lol) covering Broccoli City Fest for The Pretty Girls Guide =)

For those of you who don't know, Broccoli City Fest is an annual festival held in DC and LA around the time of Earth Day. Aside from being an absolutely DOPE event Broccoli City's mission is all about spreading awareness of healthy & sustainable lifestyles, fitness and empowering communities to make informed decisions about their environment. The festival also features musical acts, food, art and vendors from all across the country.

What I didn't realize was that Broccoli City Fest was also going to be about FLY FASHION and BEAUTIFUL heads of NATURAL HAIR and I'm taking about a lot of it! Ladies came out from all across the DMV and beyond showing off their personal style and letting their hair speak for itself.

Everywhere I turned there were beautiful ladies of all shades serving it up from head to toe! Now I know I was supposed to be focused on the event, but I couldn't help it and you know I had to snap some pix!

Below You'll find pictured of all my favorite Curly Cuties & Fab Fashionistas that I saw a Broccoli City Fest and ill let you know exactly what mad me stop them in their tracks and get to strike a pose. Ill also have where you find them on Instagram so just in case you like their style as much as I did you can click follow =)

First spotted curly cutie was this lovely lady!

Curly Cutie

Yes, I know its just a little graffiti but as soon as I saw this I fell in love! Its such a beautiful depiction of all the natural hair.
 She just look's so proud and confident right?
Or am I just crazy....

Either way it was love!
Big Hair, Big Eyes, Big lips and full of beauty!
 Im actually super disappointed in myself that I didn't get the artist name...and even more disappointed that I didn't ask if I could have or buy the art from her...but then again I wouldn't have anywhere to put it lol

Curly Cutie

Instagram: @_Beluu

I spotted this Pretty Girl as I walking back from the graffiti area, as soon as I saw her curls bouncing along I knew I had to take her picture. She was super sweet about the whole thing and kindly posed for a picture. I loved the reddish blond highlights on the tip of her hair it adds contrast to the and draws so much attention to her face. 

Her curls were soft flowing and tousled. Honestly if I had a choice in what my curls looked like I would choose for them to look just like hers. They were just absolutely beautiful!

 Fab Fashionista

Instagram: @Gandesssa

The first thing that stood out to me about this lovely lady was of course her statement necklace. I loved the golds and orange tones in it and I thought it flowed perfectly with her outfit. You guys know  a big part of my style is being comfortable but also well put together and this outfit defiantly covers both of those bases. 

If your looking for an goto outfit for spring that is casual yet chic, give something like this a try. We all have a slouchy tank in our wardrobe, paring that with a nice maxi skirt and some sandals keeps you comfortable yet dressed for all occasions. Bring along a jacket or blazer to dress it up and a pair of heels to switch into for the evening and your good to go. 

Curly Cutie

Now I filed her under curly cutie but she honestly deserves both titles. When I saw her walking over from the entrance of #BCFest my first thought was "omg look at that fro". Like honestly I was jealous, even on my bed hair days my fro won't do that lol.

However as she got closer, I started to notice her outfit! She was wearing what I assume to be a beautiful turquoise blue dashiki with hot pink embellishments. She wore a hot pink bow cuff, a brown purse and her golden flower earrings matched her golden bracelet/ring which was absolutely to die for! 

Honestly if anyone knows where I can get my hands on this thing please comment below hit me up on instagram SOMETHING cuz I have got to have it!

Her shoes were simple brown sandals, as they should be. Take not ladies, when your wearing a show stopping outfit there is no need to over do it with the shoes or accessories. A few key eye catching pieces will do.

This fro <3

Curly Cutie

Instagram: @lourie83

Now some would argue that locs don't count as "curls" but hey if you took her locs out her hair would still be curly right? 
Plus I mean its all natural hair anyway so its all love <3

This beautiful lady was actually working at one of the vendor tables when I spotted her. I loved the multiple colors in her locs and how they were displayed so well in her french braided undo. It almost looked like artwork with all the colors intertwined.

Now you all may not know this but I have a slight obsession with locs and even toyed with the idea of getting them once upon a time (but I'm a punk). My fear of commitment aside, what I've always loved most is the endless styling options and how they every time a woman wears them in an undo she almost looks regal, its almost as if their locs have turned into a crown and she was no different =)


Curly Cutie

Instagram:  @Rock_Yo_Rizos

Im not even sure if much can be said about this beauty. I found her....or her hair found me rather lol while I was standing by the stage watching Sango perform. I was drawn to this big ball of curls for obvious reasons....ITS BEAUTIFUL!

All of her curls were so defined, her fro had a perfect shape and the colors were amazing. I just had to get a picture. As it turns out she is actually a fellow blogger so be sure to check out her instagram and follow her natural hair journey.

Oh and try not to develop fro envy lol

Fab Fashionista 

Instagram: @Elleboog__

Ok can you spot the theme that I have going with the fashionistas yet? Clearly its the three C's Color, Comfort and Chic and she was displaying all 3 so you know I had to get her picture!

I ran into this cutie over by the food trucks while trying to grab a drink and cool down, at first I wasn't going to approach her because I didn't want to be a complete creep as she was in line and talking with her friends...but I couldn't leave with out getting a few shot of her outfit! 

I was a big fan of her oversized button up, and what I believe to be a vintage purse. She was defiantly bring spring to Broccoli City Fest!

She was doing everything right with this super cute statement necklace!

Ladies take note! As you prep your closet for spring make sure you have some smaller cute purses like this. Dont get me wrong I love my over size bags that can fit everything and then some into it but when your hitting bar-b-q's, festivals and little lunch dates with your girls...ditch the huge bags they are just going to get in the way. Grab your little purse and only take the essentials, I mean your there to have fun not unpack your barney bag lol

Curly Cutie

Instagram: @Taraaura

Ok favorite thing about this curly cutie was the shape of her fro! It looked super edgy and of course I was jealous yet again because my hair just refuses to do anything like this. It really is amazing all the different shapes, sizes and textures natural hair comes in and all the amazing things we can do with it.  No matter how many of us go natural no two will ever be the same!

Her fro fit her style perfectly she just as her hair seemed wild free and well....edgy. The back was cut a little shorter than the front and the color went perfectly with her skin tone. 

Curly Cutie

Instagram: @stylishgirlfit

Last but not least was this curly cutie, I ran into her as she was coming off of the field where they were holding workout sessions. She was more than happy to stop and take a few pictures. 

Although she had just finished working out her twist out was still alive and well showing much definition. Of course I was a big fan of her hair because whenever I actually wear my hair out this is normally what mine looks like so I felt like we were kindred spirits lol. However I was clearly living vicariously through her length tho...I can only imagine what it looks like stretched.

*Sigh* One day ill get there lol

Isn't it just the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? I can always appreciate a defined twist out can't you?

You know what....I think I might start doing this a little more often when I go out to events.  I mean I really like being able to feature people who are dressed amazingly and all of the curly cuties plus I have such a great time talking with all of you!

So if you see on my Instagram that I'm going to be somewhere and your going too make your you look you best because you just may be featured on the blog! 

Which reminds me this weekend Baltimore ill be at the Harbor East FashionEasta event which you can find out more about here and ill also be stopping by Boulevard of Chic! If you see me defiantly say hi =)

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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