Ubiquitous 2014 Hair & Health Trade Show Recap

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Its a week later and I'm still buzzing with excitement from attending the first annual Ubiquitous Hair Show held last weekend at the beautiful Omni Hotel in DC! Where I acutally had the honor of being a guest blogger! 

Let me just tell you this was not your everyday hair show. It was like a hair show, concert, life class, cosmetology school and shopping extravaganza all in one! The event was complete with celebrity guest Chrisette Michele and Chante Moore, as well as celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble star of LA Hair and has style the queen Beyonce herself honey and Afrobella the godmother of natural hair blogging was even there!!!

I mean really, right now just thinking about it gets me pumped all over again! Those of you from the DMV or if your one of my followers on Instagram @ThePrettyGirlsGuide I'm sure you already know the amazingness that I'm talking about because I pretty much flooded my timeline for two days straight with all things Ubiquitous and you guys know I NEVER flood timelines soooooo clearly I was impressed.  

Now for those of you who didn't get a chance to go to the Ubiquitous Hair Show don't you worry your pretty little curly heads, because thats what I'm here for! You're about to get a recap so good your going to feel like you were right next to me the whole time =)


-Day 1-

This years Ubiquitous Hair & Health Trade Show (unbelievably) was actually the first one ever held! Just walking into the event you would have never thought that though. It was AMAZINGLY organized from ticket sales to sign in tables and vendor space to workshop area even security and volunteers. Everyone was on their A game, all of the event volunteers were VERY helpful and knowledgeable about what was going on where in the show and could direct you to where you wanted to be and if you had any other questions...just check out your handy dandy program and things were lined up and laid out for you like your clothes on the first day of school!

Vendor line up and location

Complete schedule of workshops, performances and panels 
As an attendee it felt as if the show went on without one hiccup and if there was one you would never be the wiser. 

The show was overflowing with some of the biggest names in natural hair care such as Shea Moisture, Jane Carter and ORS and the the African American beauty industry, Milani and Ambi and more! The workshops and panels were hosted by some amazingly talented bloggers who I'm sure some of you know and love like Afrobella and Naptural Nicole, hairstylist, business women and Dr's.

Speaking of Naptural Nicole =) Here we are being total geeks with our blogger passes when we ran into each other on day 1!!

Oh and of course the show was filled with curly, upon curly upon curly! I mean there were so many different types of textures lengths and styles, it was almost hard to even focus on what was even going on at the show. Every time I turned around I saw beautiful natural hair or a style that I wanted to try.

There were even ladies getting styled as I walked through the show!!! Thats right live styling on site! All you had to do was walk up to one of the booths and you could be transformed from blah to TADA!! And it didn't even matter if you were natural, relaxed or transitioning. Between ORS, Design Essentials and Luster they had everyone covered!

Curls Unleashed stylist were showing off 
Bantu Knot game was serious at the curls unleaded booth

Finished product 
While Design Essentials kept curlies on point with a curl former tutorial 

I still have not gotten the hang of it -__- 

All you need for some magic 
I feel like all of the DMV had to have heard about this show because...just the sheer amount of people that were there was almost overwhelming men women young and old everywhere you went there were tons of people. The hallways were filled with excited chatter about the next workshop, what new products they just scored at an amazing discount or the upcoming performances. All of the attendees were so happy! I loved it!

Ladies getting their shop on!
Attendees watching a demonstration 
Day one of the show for me was pretty relaxed. I really got to walk around and take everything in, I got a chance to sit in on a few workshops & panels. One being the Design Essentials "Curls & Conversation meets straight talk" featuring my buddy and fellow Baltimore blogger NapturalNicole where things go oh so real! 

Panel of speakers 

Check out the clip below 

I mean things got serious!! The topic of relaxed vs natural and how women choose to care for their hair came up and lets just say people have some pretty strong opinions and they definitely stand behind them. But I loved it because thats how honest conversation comes about, my opinion on the matter? Relaxed or natural do you! At the end of the day its just hair and as long as yours is healthy and your happy thats no ones business but your own honey! Theres a lot of separation in the natural hair community when their shouldn't be we should be focusing on uplifting not tearing down.

*jumps off soap box*

Anywho, while of course while I was there my main focus was product!! I have to admit I'm a bit of a product junkie, every time something new comes out if it seems reasonable I pretty much run to grab it off the shelf so having that many brands that I LOVE in one room had me on full on junkie mode!! I was all over the place looking to see what was new from each brand and also checking to see if there were just things that I had never seen in my stores before. Because let me tell you Baltimore is FAMOUS for not having product that everyone else seems too lol.

By far Shea Moisture had the largest selection of products at the Ubiquitous Hair Show which I was super excited about! I had been itching to try their hair color system since it came out but was never able to come across all the colors at one store.

But at the show Shea Moisture was definitely packing the big guns!! I feel like they had almost every product in their line there!! I got to take a look at all the colors and even get some expert advice from the vendors as to how to go about actually coloring my hair with their product =)

Can we say color change come fall?!

I also got to smell and check out a few more lines I had never seen.

ORS and Ambi were also killing me with all the product choices!!!

After being burnt out from all the workshops product junkie overload I had not even realized that it was almost time for saturdays main event!!!


I literally think I was picking up a bottle at one of the booths and heard her voice over the speaker and was like 0_0. Not two seconds later did I take off running but of course the crowd had already formed.

I stood and swayed as she sang and even belted out a few lyrics myself (you don't want to hear that ever). She was AMAZING such a voice and such a stage presence she had everyone in awe. Not to long after the performance I received a text saying it was time for my interview with Chrisette 0_0.

THATS RIGHT LITTLE OL ME! I think I forgot to mention that being a guest blogger got me MAD perks at the Ubiquitous show celebrity interviews, product sneak peaks and behind the scenes greatness =) 

But I was so not ready for Chrisette, however the show must go on! 

When I sat down for my interview she looked me right in my face, put her hands on top of mine and said "whats your name....no but on the internet what do you do on youtube I know you" 0_0 

I DIED!!! I DIED!! I DIED! Chrisette Michele.....knew who I was!!!! She then admitted to being a heavy youtube junkie, she said she often just curls up in bed with her laptop and watches videos all night and that she remembers me from my Myregularasslife videos and said "oh yea your all over the internet"

After being completely caught off guard and going completely blank about what I wanted to ask her, I somehow regained my composure and we chatted briefly about her personal style, the Ubiquitous hair show and the empowerment of women.

Check out the interview below

I must say that that was definitely the highlight of my day. I all but melted to the ground once I walked out of the door, but that was only day one...day two was still to come!!!

Were you at the Ubiquitous Hair & Health Trade Show? Let me know what you thought below!!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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