Shop with Me: My Nordstrom & DSW Clearance Finds (shopping = therapy)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last week was a really stressful week for me, I had so many things going on personally and then on top of all of that I had a family emergency that had me running around town like a mad woman. Literally as soon as I was done one thing I had to do I would hop in my car and drive as fast as I could to the other side of town to be able to do what I needed to do for my family.

 By the time Friday came I felt so empty, like I had nothing left to give. I was tired, emotionally drained my gas tank was on E (like me lol) and I was completely out of sorts. Overall I just felt down in the dumps, I really needed some me time and something to cheer me up.

So....*shrugs* I went shopping.

I mean clearly thats the logical thing to do right? There are 3 things in this world that makes a girl feel better. Wine, diamonds and new shoes! Since I wasn't in a drinking mood and I defiantly don't have a diamonds it was lol. Plus I actually needed a pair since I recently had to purge a bunch from my closet due to my feet deciding that at 25 they wanted to grow a half size *insert aggravated side eye here*

I had originally planned to go to DSW which is my all time favorite shoe shopping destination however I had just finished a job interview (thats right I don't actually have a day job and probably shouldn't be spending money but like I said...this was desperately needed and I mean...clearly moments like this is what savings accounts are for)

 Anyway like I was saying I had just finished my interview and knew there was a Nordstrom Rack near by and that they were having their "Clear the rack" event where you get an extra 25% off red line items. Y'all know I love a sale and I personally had never been to one of those events so I figured I would try my luck there first.

It was about 3:00 when I walked into The Rack and I honestly thought I would have the place to myself. I figured it was friday people were either still at or just getting off from work so I would have plenty of time to browse. 

Completely wrong...

I wouldn't say it was completely packed but there were enough women in there to make you feel decently pressured to pick up anything that you thought may look cute on and was a red tag, because if you didn't the next woman would. I quickly changed my mind about browsing and grabbed a cart because I had no intention on missing out on a good deal. Most women of course were huddled around the red line racks which made it a tad difficult to actually shop them, I was constantly bumping into or hovering over another woman. Not really my thing so after about 30 minuets I gave up on clothes and went to shoes which was actually what I was there for anyway.

The shoe section was much more calm (believe it or not) I was actually able to take my time and look through each aisle and get what I wanted rather than speed shop. I was on the hunt for a deal and they had a lot....and I mean ALOT of good deals! I saw Jeffery Campbells for as low as 60.00 with an additional 25% off and Steve Madden and Micheal Kors for 30.00 and under just to name a few. Before I knew it my cart was stacked....literally.

And then it was decision time. But first.....let me take a selfie LOL

Legitimately 30 seconds after I took this selfie the lady in the bathroom with me took a poop -__- Im sorry this may be TMI and it may be completely weird but I have a huge phobia of pooping in public bathrooms for this exact reason LOL someone is ALWAYS there.


The one bad thing about shopping alone is not having anyone to bounce ideas and opinions off of. Im not the type of girl to keep bugging the lady in the dressing room next to me asking her every opinion on every item, sooooooo I decided to bug you guys LOL. I hopped on Instagram and took a pic of everything I tried on and flooded your timelines asking for a yes or no on my picks.

Little did you guys know I actually took all of your opinions into account and really used them to make my decision on what items I would purchases. I actually really like getting you guys involved, its fun and really a lot of help when I'm in a pinch for time and can't make a decision. You guys are defiantly honest and point out things that even I didn't notice about items that turn what I thought was a hit....into a complete miss.

After I made my purchase at Nordstrom I couldn't help but to wonder had I missed out at all at DSW, since one was pretty close I decided to run in about 45 minuets before they closed for some speed shopping. 

Hello little man that was not supposed to be in my picture =)

Turns out there were a few things there that grabbed my attention and again I took to Instagram to have you guys weigh in, luckily you guys were still glued to your phones and had more opinions for me. 

Do you see how the shoe Gods are just shining down on the shoes?!

Now the only thing that I haven't done is actually show you guys what I wound up getting from the tons of pictures you rated lol. So I figure its time to show you my haul =) For those of you who missed my instagram fashion show ill recap what I tried on and the little positives and negatives of each piece and of course ill say if it was a keeper or not!


I saw these shoes in the box and I was convinced they were old lady shoes, however their color alone made me pop them in my cart to give them a try. Flash forward to try on time and I'm so glad I did. These look amazing on and you guys loved them 25 yes's from IG and 88 likes and these babies had to come home with me! 

Final Decision: KEEPER
Designer: Michael Antonio 
Price: 39.00 clearance with an extra 25% off
I Paid: 29.00 

Super bonus was that these were a either a haute look or sole society return so they were the only ones in the store! One woman's return is another woman's come up

When I originally picked these up I thought they were super cute and right up my ally, the reason behind that was probably because the shoes I wore into the store looked just like them (notice the nude flats to my right). I have a terrible habit of buying shoes that look just like the ones I already have. You guys had mixed emotions on them 7 yes's 4 no's and only 56 likes so I assumed you were not crazy over them. I did not get these but now looking at them again I think I have buyers remorse...I may have to go back.

Final Decision: LEAVE EM
Price: 20.00

These were two shoes from the same brand, I wish I would have written down the name =( I actually liked both pairs even though I hate the color red with a burning passion. The issue with these shoes however was, I couldn't decide if I actually needed either pair. Even looking at the picture now I can't decide. You guys thought I should either get both or go with the black....I however was not sold so I didn't get either. Again....looking back on it I think I'm having buyers remorse.....shit.

Final Decision: LEAVE EM
Price: 39.00 

HOLD THE PHONE STOP THE PRESS......I saw these and died like three deaths. There is no way that any of you would know this but I have been searching for shoes like these since like last fall. Every time I had come across them they cost way to much for a poor quality shoe or don't have my size. So when I saw these in a 9 you know I snatched them off the shelf. 9 of you said yes 1 of you said no and 87 of you liked these. Honestly I couldn't have cared less if y'all would have told me these were the ugliest shoes you had ever seen they were coming home with me. BAM! Now I will say I'm still not sold on the zebra print back because thats just not my thing but I wanted these shoes and Ill live lol.

Final Decision: KEEPER
Designer: Steve Madden 
Price: 49.97 clearance with an extra 25% off
I Paid: 37.48 

Truth be told, I don't even know why I pick up dresses like this. I have no ones garden party to attend or anyones formal dinner to make a appearance at. I actually think I pick them out because they make me feel grown up and maybe just maybe if i get enough someone will invite me to some grown up formal party lol. This dress got 5 no's, 7 yes's and 41 likes but I just was not over the moon about it. I though if I got the job I interviewed for I could wear it to work but it was a bit to snug in all the wrong places so I decided to leave it. 

 Final Decision: LEAVE IT
Price: 25.00

If you know me you know I live for a jogger, harem or drop crotch pant. I could honestly live in them so when I saw these I fell in love. Im not big on print....or color for that matter which I mentioned in a previous blog lol I could actually live in black and white for the rest of my life and be fine with it. But these were calling my name. These pants got yes's all across the board and were always going to be a yes in my book so home they came =) Oh and the price made them a yes before anything LOL

Final Decision: KEEPER
Designer: Lily White  
Price: 8.00 clearance with an extra 25% off
I Paid: 6.00 

This skirt was cute enough but it really wasn't anything amazing about it. Even though 62 of you liked it and most of you said yes I knew it would just sit in my closet unworn and no matter how great a deal wasted closet space is a no no.

Final Decision: LEAVE IT 
Price: 7.00

I have to admit....I liked this on the hanger. Like I really liked it...I felt like it had the possibility to be great. Y'all however were like....hell no take that mumu off miss. This cover up only got 1 yes.....ONE. Y'all broke my heart with this one, but after standing in the dressing room for a good 15 minuets pacing back and forth I finally decided that y'all may have been right.

Final Decision: LEAVE IT 
Price: 15.00

Nope....Nope NOPE! They look ok from the front but they were too small as you can probably tell and from the side they looked like who shot john and why. These were not even good enough to have y'all vote on them!

Like the ones above these shoes didn't even make it to the voting stage.....I just.....idk Looks like a bad 80's movie to me. 


These babies are another shoe that I have been desperately searching high and low for. As soon as I saw these I was like my eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store, they really are the perfect shoe. You can dress them up and down and wear them from season to season these shoes really have a slim to no chance of going out of style. I see them with dresses and jeans and sure you can already guess that these were a KEEP EM. These got 38 likes and all yes's I'm glad we agreed.

 Final Decision: KEEPER
Designer: Michael Antonio 
Price: 69.94 clearance with an extra 50% off
I Paid: 34.97

I tried these on on a whim, I have seen so many Instagram boutiques selling shoes like these and buckets full upon buckets full of Instagram super stars wearing them. Because of this I have secretly lusted for them, every time I see them on IG I drool just a little bit. So when I had the chance to put them on I got sooooo excited. 6 yes's 4 no's and 55 likes later...I left them in the store, because after honestly thinking it through, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing these....ever. These shoes are absolutely ridiculous, like really....once I put them on I actually laughed at myself. I looked like a hooker in training -___-

 Final Decision: LEAVE IT...BURN EM
Price: 49.00 

Last item I tried on was this cute little purse. The color of course was the first thing that caught my eye, I'm really trying to branch out from the black and white trend I'm on (looks at outfit I'm wearing lol) its about to be summer and I need more color in my wardrobe. I also need to stop carrying bags that are larger than me *points to huge sack on the floor behind me* I knew this bag was cute but because its completely out of my comfort zone I needed a second opinion. With all yes's and 65 likes the choice was clear. Home it came =)

 Final Decision: KEEPER
Designer: Kelly & Katie
Price: 29.94 clearance with an extra 50% off
I Paid:17.97

Im so glad I went shopping it really did lift my spirits and getting to interact with you guys helped a lot too. I may have to use you guys as my fashion consultants more often! As for shopping Nordstroms "Clear The Rack" sale. I will say its defiantly worth it, your never really going to get deals like this anywhere else. They were well stocked with a huge selection and everything was well organized. From on the floor to the dressing room it was spotless, there were no huge piles of go backs, no clothes tossed everywhere it was super clean! And every time I went back to the shoe section there were new shoes out from employees doing go backs =). All of which is a far cry from what I have experienced in the past with other Nordstrom Racks here in Maryland *side eye*. For this shopping trip I was at the Columbia Maryland location, for all those from the Maryland area who want to visit a Nordstrom Rack and are looking for a great shopping experience and amazing deals, I highly recommend this location!!  

Everyone who worked there was very helpful when it came to knowing about brands, finding items and just giving great customer service. Another positive was no long lines at check out, normally with blow out sales like this you can always expect slow and long lines but because Nordstrom has implemented the mobile checkout almost every Nordstrom worker can ring you up in the store as long as your paying with your card. WINNING....because I HATE lines!

All in all what started off as a horrible week ended on a positive note with 3 new pairs of shoes, ill say thats defiantly a turn around for the better =) In the comments below let me know what some of your favorite discount stores are to shop for new shoes and let me know if you like the shoes I picked!

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna

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