OOTD: Pretty In Print

Monday, April 7, 2014

To say it was gorgeous outside a couple of days ago would be an understatement. Spring was finally in FULL EFFECT.

So while Mother Nature was not being bi-polar I took full advantage of her good graces and had a mini ootd photo shoot =)

Now y'all may not know this but I'm not even close to being big on print, Im actually a very simple girl when it come to fashion.

My style is somewhere along the lines of "laid back chic" unless the situation demands other wise or I'm feeling particularly girly (the feeling comes and goes on a wim) lol. But honestly if you gave me some cute heels and something black (even a sack lol) I would probably wrap a belt around it and be out of the door. 

I absolutely must be comfortable, my favorite color for clothes to be is black and I like the ease when deciding on an outfit. 

Print however gives me none of those things lol. I get anxious when contemplating if one print matches the other too much or too little or if it even "goes". Trying to figure out which half of my body to put the print on....is like trying to figure out a quadratic equation...if print X covers boobs will boobs disappear conversely if print Y covers booty will booty look like Melyssa Fords....or nah?


It all just too much to consider....until this outfit, I had just picked up these pants from the thrift store and had been itching to wear them. When boyfriend face said get dressed we are going to the park to hang out and take pictures. I jumped at the chance to wear them. 

They are loose, relaxed and super easy to move in so I knew I would have no issues walking as for the rest of the outfit it kind of just fell together. I knew it was hot so I wanted to wear a top where I wouldn't be sweating if we happened to be out long and then I thought.....I should bring a jacket just in case (cuz like I said...bipolar weather).


just like that mixing prints was easy

I didn't even realize I had done it until I came out of our room and boyfriend face said "awwww look at you mixing prints and being fashionable" LOL

Of course as soon as we got to the park I wanted to take pictures for this OOTD since he had pumped up my head and made me feel like I put together something special lmao

Outfit Details: 
Pants// Thrifted// 3.99
Crop Top// Forever 21// 5.98 (or however they end their prices lol)
Scarf// Beauty Supply Store// 3.00 (don't sleep on your local beauty supply store lol)
Shoes// Just fab// 39.95 (no longer available) 
Army Jacket// Urban Outfitters// 19.99 
Shoes// None// Let them toes breathe =)

So if any of you girls are afraid of print like me, or get overwhelmed at just the thought of it....apparently all we need to do is think a little less and sometimes the perfect things fall together. 

I feel like that should be a mantra for life too and not just fashion =)

Be sure to check out my other new post on couponing if you have not already and in the comments below let me know some other things you would like to see on the blog!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 

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