Summer Style Series: Waiting For The Weekend

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey loves!

I Know I have been gone for about a month or so *clutches pearls* but I do have a pretty good explanation for my sudden disappearance from the blog...I GOT A JOB!!! Lol thats right your favorite blogger is now a real live working girl *insert side eye here*. 

So I took the past four weeks off to get back in the groove of the whole 9-5 deal and now that I am more acclimated to waking up before noon and budgeting my time I feel like I'm finally ready to hop back on the S.S Blogging Ship.

 Working in a 9-5 for me means business causal wear EVERYDAY I go to work and even though I have been mixing things up a bit with my work wardrobe come wednesday I'm seriously "Waiting For The Weekend" so I can finally wear regular clothes!!

That want for fashion freedom is exactly what inspired todays blog post, I dream about what I'm going to get to wear on the weekend so much that I figured hey, why not put together a little look book of my upcoming weekend looks =)

Ill try to do this Summer Style Series once a week with different types of looks geared towards different events or activities. Hopefully you all will like it and maybe pull some inspiration from the looks I have put together for your own weekend festivities!

Outfit #1 Flower Power

Can I just start by saying...THIS DRESS IS EVERYTHING!
I really don't know what it is with me and floral print this summer?! In the past you would have had to kill me first to get me in anything floral print, but I mean I guess I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone this season because I have been all about the flowers. 

This cute little dress is from H&M and I actually wore it a few weeks back to a friends baby shower. Its absolutely perfect aside from being a tad short...I was constantly grabbing at the sides when a brisk wind came but if your going to be inside or in a non breezy area and need something thats classy but not to over dressed floral print dresses are the way to go! 

This particular dress has a hi-lo detail but instead of being front to back its side to side, meaning the left and right sides of the dress are higher than the front and back which I thought was super cute.

I kept this look super causal with my Sam and Libby sandals from Target but if your looking to kick it up a notch throw on some nude or blush colored heels and trust me all eyes will be on you!

Dress $49.95 HERE
Shoes $18.74 HERE

Outfit #2 The Tribe Has Spoken

This outfit here can work for all types of weekend activities. You could wear this on a casual daytime date, hanging out around town with friends or you could even wear it just to go run some errands at Target. I personally have done all three,  of course my favorite being running errands at Target LOL even if your not doing much of anything on the weekend there is no reason to not look fashionable while doing nothing. 

This is a great alternative to grabbing sweats and a t-shirt to go out of the house in. All the pieces are super comfortable and they are in style. The tribal print pants hit the ground on me just covering my toes which works incase I don't have a fresh pedicure =) and the tank is slouchy but chic and manages to give some shape to the outfit.

Im love the colors in these pants! They are honestly my go to item....when in doubt...PUT ON THE PANTS they make me look great with no effort and I get tons of compliments every time I wear them. Of course they are from Target as well as the sandals and the tank is from Urban Outfitters =)

Tank 29.00 HERE
Pants 19.99 HERE
Shoes 14.99 HERE

Outfit #3 No Romping Around

Yes Yes YES! To this cute little playsuit I found in H&M a few weeks back. The store I was shopping at was going out of business so I snagged it for extra 50% off its regular price (I'm always sale shopping lol). Playsuits/Rompers are not normally my cup of tea, only because they never seem to fit me correctly. I think it has something to do with my waist to hip ratio and the fact that my upper body does not exactly match my lower, so having something that is one size that is supposed to fit your entire body never quite works out. That fact becomes even more real when its a playsuit thats lower half is shorts and not pants.

However at 50% off I had to at least give it a try and I'm glad I did because it actually worked out. The shorts turned out to be longer than expected when standing up and the top although I got a medium was loose fitting but not too baggy around the chest, I actually think it was supposed to be loose fitting. The cinched waist helped pull the look off and the looseness of the top hung over the waist line and almost gives it a two piece feel.

The only complaint I have about this specific playsuit is that it rides up in the back making it VERY short...but hey that may just be due to my big ol booty LOL! Aside from that this is a GREAT piece, the lace detail on the back makes it super sweet and the cut out (not pictured) give it a hint of sex appeal. Playsuits like this are great for a causal date, a dinner date or even a night out with the girls it really depends on your mood and the shoes!

Playsuit 29.95 HERE
Shoes $18.74 HERE 

I hope I inspired you ladies for this upcoming weekend! Im super happy that for once all the items I'm featuring in a blog post are still available online and in store annnnnnnd with it being monday you have time to place an order or run out to your local store and grab these pieces for your weekend festivities!

Let me know in the comments below if you like the outfits in this Summer Style Series and also if you like post like this. As always don't forget to follow me on instagram @ThePrettyGirlsGuide and comment like and share the blog with all your friends!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna  

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