How I got my $600.00 Cannon Rebel T3i for $234.00 & Other Target Electronics Clearance

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Lol, no but really thats the type of moment I had this past friday at Target.  When I got this Canon Rebel T3i for only 234.00!! 


I have been off my couponing game for a while as far as household needs and food and such, like literally I have been paying retail for that kind of stuff and its been killing me. However...I have been keeping my eye on a few things that I actually need for work/blogging purposes such as cameras, laptop accessories etc.

Since I have been couponing for almost a year now I've started to figure out how markdowns work. Its simple when a season is nearing an end, or its time for new models to be released stores slowly begin to mark "old" or "out of season" items down. Normally 10% than 20% some stores will jump to 30% or 50% quickly and depending on the item and the stores traffic it may hit 90% off and you cash in if your store still has stock left. I uses this to my advantage at the summer and christmas all the time.

About 2 month ago while I was in Target I noticed a few cameras (nothing I was interested in tho) were marked down maybe 15% I decided to keep my eye on the section.

I started thinking and realized that we are quickly approaching Black Friday the biggest sale day for electronic and also the time of year when electronic brands come out with newer models to their product. Soooooo I knew if electronic markdowns were anything like other seasonal or older model items a decent amount of those cameras were going to be dropping in price drastically over the next couple of months.

Flash forward to my Target trip last Thursday I walked down the electronic aisle and low and behold my patience had paid off. 


The Canon Rebel T3 originally 449.00 was marked down to 211.48 

The Canon Rebel T3i originally 599. 99 was marked down to 399.00

Along with the canon power shot (sorry didn't catch the price)

Both huge in the electronic world especially for cameras!!

I was ready to drop my money on the Canon Rebel T3 that when I typed in the item code at the price checker was coming up Item not found....and all my couponers know that 9 times out of 10 that means additional savings!!! AAAAAAAND since I was going to take the display thats an extra 10% off!! I just knew I was getting out of there with a canon for 150.00 or under.

I was hype....however what followed was the most long....drawn out debacle of my life. By far worst Target experience EVER and a customer service nightmare. That night alone I was at Target for 3 hours!! No only did it take 30+ mins for someone to come help me with the cameras, but no one could find the lens to the T3 or the box or really anything and no top of all that no one knew how to get it off. After 3 hours of trying to get the camera unhooked the store about to close the manager on shift told me the bad news. 

They could not find the rest of the parts for the Canon T3, and that they could not sell it to me because it should not have been on the floor and they can't get it unhooked anyway. 


Not acceptable you know I was too shakes away from calling corporate. For all my trouble however she offered me the Canon T3i at the same price....i'm no fool I said yes and that I would be back friday when the guy who could unhook it would be there.

Friday comes I call, ask them to unhook it and said I would be there to pick it up. I show camera is still not unhooked it takes another 30 mins for someone to help me and I'm then informed the person who can unhook it is in an hour long meeting....not only that but the price will be 282.00 not 211.00. The girls was talking about matching the discount not the price.....pissed with the whole situation, the fact that I would now have to wait another hour + to get my camera, that employees were being hella rude to me and that I would not get the extra 10% off for it being a display camera since they were matching the discount I went to find a manager. I explained my situation that this was day 2 of this ordeal and damn near hour 5 she kindly apologized, got my camera unhooked and gave me the 53% savings and the extra 10% for it being a display.

Was the ordeal worth it to I happy I got my camera for the price I did....yes.

Im sure all of you will not have as much trouble as I did. That Target in my area is just shitty and poorly managed. I honestly wish I would have went to another one and just found the T3 for 211.00 and gotten my extra 10% off and went about my biz.

But thats neither here nor there.

How can you get the Canon T3i or T3 for an amazing price?! Just go to your local Target and ask for the one one that is on display!!! This will get you the extra 10% off the already clearances price!!

I have checked 3 Targets in my area and at all three both were marked down to the same prices!!!

If you try to get the T3 and your at a good Target and it comes up item not found they may ask you what is a fair price or give you the last lowest selling price for it. Or you can just take the display and get it for a total of 63% off making it between 167.00 and 190.00 depending on if they take the 10% off the original price or the current price!!

If they state that the camera is salvaged because its coming up item not found and they claim they will not sell it to you, even though the camera is still on the floor. I would ask if they will give you the T3i for the same discount price, it never hurts to ask and you may get lucky and they will say yes. I know for my cali folk y'all will probably hit the jackpot with this because of your laws of having to honor prices or something like that lol.

If you try to get the T3i for the same price as me and your Target does not offer it to you at the same discount price because they "can't" sell you the T3 unless you want to go thru hell and high water like me you will get it for a total of 43% off again making it between 342.00 and 360.00 depending on if they take the 10% off the original price or the current price!!


ALSO while you are there check out a lot more of the electronic clearance!!!
Phone cases, Video game accessories, iPad accessories, other cameras and more all 30% off or more!! 
Ill snap some pix while I'm there today and add them to the post!

As always I hope this helps

Until next time,
XO Deanna


  1. This was a really great post!!! I am going to share this with my clients and friends that need a camera's!

  2. Love this post! Been thinking about buying a camera for some time now! Hope my Target has this deal.


  3. Ok.. Can I just say that I'm SUPER jealous of you right now?! I've been looking for a decent priced T3i for what feels like FOREVER.

    Sorry that you went through your ordeal but at least you got a great camera for a decent price. I'm going to try to head to target asap.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Victoria Sallie