Skinny does not mean healthy: Lifestyle change day 1

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For the past three months or so I've been unhappy with my weight, shape and general fitness really unhappy. I look at myself in the mirror while I'm getting dressed and notice every little bump, bulge and un-tone area that my clothes don't glide over. 

Things that used to fit are getting snug in places they didn't used to be and jackets from last year pinch in creases where there used to be room and there is no one to blame but myself.  Since the holidays I have completely let my good eating habits go. I have started eating more junk, drinking soda and even eating a little fast food and I defiantly haven't  been working out to combat that.

Literally the face I got every time I talked about needing to work out

I so desperately wanted to talk to someone about it, find a workout buddy or at least some sort of support system to help hold me accountable for working out or what I was eating ect. However, whenever I try to talk to someone about it or bring it up in conversation people always say "Girl your skinny what are you talking about" or "your already in shape I want to look like you"

When the fact is it's not all about being skinny.

Everyone has this idea that being skinny means that your healthy and that being "over weight" means you are out of shape when that's not always true. I'm 25 years old and I get out of breath while I'm walking up and down the stairs, have no stamina and I'm weak...literally holding grocery bags gets tiring lol. I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of people who are "overweight" that are in better shape physically and health wise than I am.

and so does fitness! Skinny does not = fit

However I wasn't always like this, in high school and early college I was super athletic and always in shape. I ran on my schools track team, a soccer goal keeper and I was a cheerleader, every season I had a sport to play practice to go to and workouts to do. I only drank propell, water and ate balanced meals I was dedicated and even if I strayed from the norm and ate fast food, it wouldn't effect me. Between a super fast metabolism and non stop activity my body was always fit and always tone.

I want to get back to that, I want my tone body and most importantly my health.

So starting today I'm going to make a lifestyle change and with the help and support of my girls as we keep each other accountable for staying on track I'm sure we will all be successful :)

I would love to look like the women in the picture above. That to me is a fit and healthy body, it is tone and still has curves and a shape, by no means do I want to be a stick. I want to look and feel like a woman and still be healthy.

I'm 5'5 and 147lbs now, I would love to get down to 140lbs-135lbs which is my old weight but the numbers on the scale doesn't mean as much to me as over all physical health. I want to be fit and have better eating habits.

An in shape/fit body (no matter the shape) is sexy and healthier and I want to be that. Not just for the looks but for the health benefits, the last thing I'm trying to do is die young or become prone to chronic des eases that plague the black community.

Too often do we over look our own health when that should be our top priority.

So I ask that those of you who follow my blog and Instagram join in this lifestyle change challenge with me, I'll be posting updates, tips and ideas on how to begin your journey to healthy living and eating on here and in Instagram.

Look forward to seeing workout routines, fitness challenges, meal ideas and weight updates :) on Instagram I'll be posting weekly challenges under the hashtag #prettygirlsgetfit and #prettygirlsguide so if you take part in the challenges be sure to hashtag them and mention me @regularasslife so I can check in on your progress and help keep you motivated :)

I'm super excited to do this and to be doing it together with my followers lets all help each other be the best us we can be!

Until next time, 
XO Deannao


  1. Love it.. I'll be looking out for tips!
    I've changed my eating habits a little, so I can share with you:
    I'm cutting out wheat from my diet, so rice is at an all time minimum, I'm eating wheat free pasta and bread, making smoothies from scratch, drinking water (well, this is already enstilled in me) so I guess drinking more water, eating more fish, (like salmon, and sea bass)
    So I dunno if you want to adopt one of those things? Smoothies from scratch definitely clears up your skin though!

  2. I'm pretty small ...but I have a really big tummy and when I tell people my tummy is big and I need to work out....they look at me like I'm crazy and people just assume cause I'm skinny everywhere else that my tummy is toned and flat ...I really want to try eating healthier but I really don't know where to start and I want to exercise too but I'm scared I'll end up even looking more shapeless(cause I hav no curves)....whatsoever

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