The Hunt: Target Clearance Finds 09/25/2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hey lovelies!

As most of you know this past weekend I scored BIG at Target when I go my Canon Rebel T3i camera on clearance for $234.00 after discounts!!! I was super excited that a decent number of you were also able to score clearance Canon cameras after reading my post.

If you didn't see my post about it on Instagram or my blog post explaining just how I got it and how you can possibly snag your own check it out HERE.

But you know i couldn't stop there right..

After scoring such a great deal on the Canon I was inspired to go back to Target and see what other deals I could dig up. Below you will see some of the other great clearance items I hunted down in the electronics and home department =) 

I even took a few home for myself!! Enjoy!

I started my hunt in the electronics department...following up on my hunch with the camera, that because it was getting closer to black friday a lot of electronics & their accessories would be sporting those little red tags I love.

Boy was I right! Walking down the aisles was like christmas morning!!

Normally 99.00 this Logitech iPad cloud keyboard and portfolio case was marked down first to 69.98 to 29.98!! I would have snatched it myself but I have an iPad mini -__-

 I did however run into this Zagg Cover and keyboard that comes with its own back light, perfect for bloggers like me =) 
Originally 99.99 marked down to 69.98. Not quite the price I want to pay so ill give it about another week and it should be down to that a good ol 29.98. 
Note: Any time the clearance price ends in 8 it will be marked down again you just have to give it time.

Next up was a Bose mobile headset. Originally 129.99 mark down to 90.98 I have no use for headphones like this...and they tend not to fit into my tiny ears, but hey if your in the market than this is for you!!

Apparently Target was all about the headphones and keyboards huh? You can snag these cute blue Belkin headphones for the low price of 9.98 normally 19.99!


I thought it was really important to add this picture to the blog not only because getting a Kitchenaid coffee maker for 29.98 is an amazing deal but also to not the importance to SACAN EVERYTHING ON CLEARANCE!! This coffee maker is normally 99.99 clearance price on the box shows 69.98 but it was scanning for 29.98. NEVER TRUST THE TAG!

I didn't show this Oster juicer and blender under the scanner, but I probably should have. Its another one of those "you need to scan everything" lessons. Normally priced for 49.99 the clearance tag reads 34.98 but it was ringing up for 14.98!!!

This Black & Decker toaster oven was the biggest win for me =)
It normally goes for 29.99 however this model (silver face and white back only) was unmarked clearance and ringing up for 8.98....however my box was open so I challenged the price at the register and got it for 6 bucks!! I should have told them I would pay 4.00 -___- hahahaha

I guess coffee makers are all the rage? Lol or maybe not because they were all on sale this Bunn coffee maker normally 109.99 was only 39.99.

Now this was the cutest lil thing ever! I actually wanted to get it but I don't drink coffee or espresso for that matter normally 39.99 marked down to 11.98.

I guess this is good for you people who like to throw football parties or maybe for thanksgiving dinner ohhhhh or even college students they are like little hot plates? No? Idk normally 39.99 now 19.98.

More crock pot goodness lol again not exactly sure how you use them lol but looks like it could come in handy. Maybe send it to mom as a Christmas gift or send it to a friend as a wedding gift lol they will figure it out. Normally 39.99 marked down to 11.98!!!

Welp thats all I have this time around out of all I saw I wound up getting the blender and the toaster oven =)

I encourage everyone to hit up their local Target this weekend and go on a Hunt of your own for some great clearance finds!!

If you pick up any good deals or get any of these items be sure to tag me in your haul pix on Instagram and use the hashtag #prettygirlsguide #prettygirlscoupontoo I would love to see your hauls!! 

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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