Style Inspiration: 10 Great Protective Styles For Winter

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How are you protecting your hair?

Protective styling season is here ladies and if you have not already started planning what protective styles your fro will be rocking for the next few months I am here to help with some super cute protective style ideas and inspiration that I myself have rocked or I have seen other along amazing naturals rocking while I've been out and about.

For all my new naturals, or those who may be a little unsure as to exactly what protective styling is, no worries. I got you covered.

Protective Styling:

Protective styling is when hair is styled so that the ends are completely "tucked away". The ends of our hair are the most fragile and oldest part of our tresses there for most prone to damage when loose and exposed to the elements weather, clothing, hands, etc. All things that can effect the health and strength of your hair. Protective styling is used to retain moisture, length and promote healthy hair growth while also being low maintenance and fashionable.

I really love protective styling for the winter because it gives me a chance to give my hair a break from constant styling and also keeps my hair super protected from the freezing weather we can get here in Maryland. Cold dry air can be super damaging to hair and can take already damaged and dry hair over the edge.

A protective styles can be as simple or as extravagant as the curly heart desires the main focus is that the hair is protected overall. I hope that the styles below inspire you to try protective styling this winter and keep those strands protected!

1. Weave

My number darn 1 protective style for like ever! I love me some gosh darn weaves. Its just easy for me and I love being able to use heat and not having to worry about a thing but getting up and going. But I mean thats just me...completely personal opinion. Fact however would be that weaves are a great way to grow out your hair if your transitioning or just trying to get over that awkward length hump...IF you take good care of the hair under it. Any time you get a weave its important to have a good stylist who knows what they are doing and not to wear it too long without letting your hair/scalp breathe then reinstalling. Watch out for tension and glue ins done wrong (I don't really support glue ins tho this was one). Weaves are full protective styles your hair is completely protected. Depending on how you install yours you also have access to your scalp to care for it which I love.

2. Havana/Marly Twist


Loved this style over the summer but it also carries into the winter as a protective style. This style is super laid back and completely low maintenance. The style involves wrapping Marly hair around your own hair and creating a two strand twist. This is great for adding length to your own hair and even fullness. Be carful not to twist to tight, you would not want to cause damage and be sure to have well moisturized hair prior to installing this style as Marly hair can be drying.

Yes I was living that bun life!

3. Braided/Twisted Updo

There are soooooo many versions of the braided up do, it can be done with added hair or without. With buns on top or cute twist, the options are really endless when it comes to this style, heck it can even be a flat twisted up do! When I first went natural I lived and died by these styles, this was one of my favorites that I did myself and rocked in New York last year.

Check out your local stylist for this style they always do amazing braid or twist designs. This is a super low maintenace style and is office appropriate and great for moms who need to keep their hair out of the way of little ones.

4. Crochet Braids

I feel like crochet braids are the most slept on protective style EVAH and thats such a shame because its amazing!! With crochet braids you can basically have any style (heat or not) you want. Your hair is braided down flat (cornrows) and then fake hair (synthetic or human) is hooked around your braids and styled. The fact that the hair is simply hooked around your braids cuts down on the tension that can be caused by sew ins and allows you to still get to your ecap to oil and take care of it. 

In the pictures her hair is braided down and Jamaican braid hair was crocheted in and rodded. If your in Baltimore her stylist is @unapologeticllytee84

5. Wigs

This little lady right here loves her wigs, I definitely enjoy my shorter wigs a little more just because personally I think they are more fun but any wig length is cool with me. Wigs are great way to protect your curls during the winter. You can braid down your hair under it and wear the wig all day but also have access to your scalp and hair at night to make sure things are moisturized. This also completely protects your hair from all elements because it is completely covered.

6. Two Strand/Flat Twist

The two strand twist or the flat twist is a curly favorite. Why? Because its the basis of like every style we do ever lol so we are super comfortable with it, we know how to do it ourselves and its an easy go to. Plus when you take out your protective style....BAM you have a bomb twist or braid out. As a protective style make sure you keep your hair hydrated but not over saturated with product to avoid build up.

7. Box Braids

Probably one of the most long running popular protective styles before protective styling was even a thing is the box braid's only to be beaten out by the cornrow lol. Box braids are a go to year round for naturals. I love them in the summer but probably more in the winter because listen linda lol all that hair in the summer is too much! So man ways to rock these...big and chunky, super skinny, with color , long or short do you boo! It all looks good and keeps that hair protected as long as its done right, avoid braids that are too tight and kept in too long for optimum hair health.

8. Wrap Life

What can I say? When in doubt...wrap it up lol (in all cases ladies). But no really this is the easiest way to protect your hair on the go in the winter months. If you don't have the time to do a protective style wrap that baby on up! Make sure however that you either use a scarf that is silk, or you use a thin bonnet under cotton scarves to protect your hair from the harsh fabric. This can also be used to cover up hair that is being deep conditioned on a supermarket or target run lol!

9. Faux Locs

Faux Locs are an amazing protective style and great for those who may be interested in locs but want to test the waters before making the big commitment. The style's look itself is super versatile texture wise, they can be created with Marly hair, Kanekalon hair or yarn. I think my favorite is the Marly hair, it gives the most natural look out of all three. Pre warning the style can be heavy (a lot of hair is used) and I personally suggest making sure your hair is in good shape prior to this style and is well hydrated, all three types of material can be drying on the hair.
*I may try this next year*

10. Clip In Extensions 

My most recent protective style was using my Haute Kinky Hair clip ins that I made. Clip ins are great for adding fullness to your hair but can also be used as a protective style if you braid down a majority of your hair and have the leave out protected or tucked away.

Having hair that blends so well like the Haute Kinky Hair makes it supper easy to do a roll tuck pin style with the clip ins and completely protect all of your hair. Please don't forget to check out my review of my Haute Kinky Hair extensions HERE

Well loves, thats is! Be inspired to protective style, keep those tresses hydrated all winter long by trying a few of these. As always continue to be amazed and the endless options that natural hair has and be creative with your style protective or not.

Let me know if you have tried any of these protective style or if you will be trying any in the comments below. Which is your favorite?

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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