Oops I Did It Again: Clear The Rack Haul

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This past weekend was that time again, CLEAR THE RACK!!!

I think the Nordstrom Clear The Rack sale has quickly become one of my all time favorite in store events. Its great for everyone but especially my coupoing girls who love designer things on...well a couponers budget LOL. I posted about my AMAZING first time experience with the Clear The Rack sale at The Racks Columbia location here in Maryland about a month ago. I was completely blown away by Columbia's shoe selection (because y'all know I'm all about the shoes), prices, organization and AMAZING hospitality. That location has defiantly become #1 in my heart! So if your here in Maryland be sure to check them out! 

Before I continue with my post since I'm speaking specifically about Columbia Rack I want to give a special shout out to their manager TJ! He's a doll! Like really he's a super awesome guy, with a caring, bubbly personality and is clearly a reflection as to why that store is so great!

Once TJ had tweeted and told me that Clear The Rack was about to be on again (yes, the store manager tweeted me, I'm serious about my sales lol) I took a few trips to The Rack to do some scouting. I definitely suggest this to anyone who wants to shop Clear The Rack or any sale for that matter, a few days before it starts go check out what their selection is like. This way you can see if there are any must have items that you need to buy so you won't risk them not being there during the sale and just cut your losses on the extra 25% off. Or return and rebuy during the sale lol but you didn't hear that from me! Also you need to see what things you can stand to leave and wait until the actual sale or put on hold if you go the day before. 

Oh and most importantly.....to see if there is anything on sale that you even want! I mean why even get all excited and get there only to find nothing at the store you went to, you could have saved time and went to another store.

Remember sale shopping is not for the faint of heart or the lazy shopper LOL!


This time around I had my eyes peeled for high end designer shoes after hearing rumors of someone scoring Christian Louboutin for a penny.....YES A PENNY! Of course while shopping I had no luck in the penny category but it was fun to hunt and all my searching did lead me to a lot of shoes with potential! 

First off were these Sam Edelman pumps, perfect to take me from the office (because I have a job now lol) to happy hour. They were super comfortable and just flashy enough for me. I really liked the gold detail because I'm a gold kinda girl lol. 
After the extra 25% off these were 

I fell in love with these Steve Madden wedges on my first day of scouting however they were NOT on clearance so not really on my radar...however I told myself to keep an eye on them just in case. I love love loved the caged detail and I live for the comfort of a wedge.

Sorry for the out of focus pic, these cute little flats are by a brand called Me. They were super comfortable black jelly flats with a bow detail. I really liked them however the jury was out as to if they made my feet look too fat.
After the extra 25% these would have been about 15-20 bucks.
The two pairs of shoes pictured above almost forced me into a complete mental break down *note to self STOP shopping the Clear The Rack sale alone* it honestly took me about 30 minuets to decide between the two and I'm still not sure I made the right choice *cringes*

Although these were not the only shoes I tried on, if I honestly pictured every pair that was up for consideration....well lets just say this would be a terribly long blog post. Out of about 15 pairs of shoes total 3 made the cut!


This time around the shoes that made the final cut really served me little to no functional purpose....well no that's not completely true...two pairs I could argue are for work purposes but it really comes down to when you fall in love with a shoe there is NO turning back!

These lovely shoes are by a brand called Liliana.  Not super familiar with the brand however for heels with a small platform they were comfortable and I was really into with this almost vintage and classic look that they had due to the caged detail, the Steve Maddens that these were up against definitely screamed party shoe where as these could be used for work or play. I actually wore them today paired with a black dress for work and plan to wear them this weekend paired with shorts.

Clearance Price 27.00 - 6.75 (25%) = 20.25

My next pick up were these colorful Dr. Martens. Now normally I'm not one to go for a floral print...like at all. But something about these were just calling out to me, I had picked them up two times before when I went to do my scouting and actually put them on hold because I was that interested.

These were a complete unnecessary necessity for me, sounds silly I know but hear me out...I only have one other pair of Dr Martens and since summer started I have been itching to add another pair to my collection (boots in the summer who knew). It's just something about them that says "wear me with shorts to festivals and you will look cool" and since I plan on going to some festivals at the end of summer...these had to come home with me.


Retail $129.00 Rack Price $54.97 these were not on clearance. 

Last but certainly not least on my shoe conquest....


Yes this had to be the biggest picture on the page lol
Dear sweet baby Jesus!!
Yes....those are Manolo Blahnik's and yes I am now the proud owner of these beautiful BEAUTIFUL works of art.

There is absolutely no way to even begin to put into words how I felt when I saw these beauties staring at me from the shelf. We will completely ignore the fact that 1) I had to have walked past them at least 10 times without actually noticing them and 2) That I almost knocked over a woman as I lunged to grab them off the shelf before anyone else saw what I was seeing.

Every since I was a little baby shoe lover I have dreamed of owning Manolo's personally I would blame Carrie Bradshaw, I can vividly remember watching Sex In The City just wondering when the day would come that I could have my own. 

They became my standard for the perfect shoe. I was surprised to slide them on and find out that they felt just like butter. Even though the toe is super pointy, I still feel as though I have a comfortable amount of space. I will admit that I wish the heel was an inch higher, but one could argue that If it was the shoe would loose its classy sex appeal and come off a bit...cheap.


Clearly one of the major reasons I took the leap and purchased them.

Retail 735.00 Rack Price 229.97- 57.49 (25%) = 172.48

I never knew a shoe could bring you so much joy LMAO

They are definitely my quintessential "you've made it" shoe...you know like shoes you get when you have become a woman, you know what you what, what your place in the world is and your taking charge....while looking super chic and fashionable. 

I may not have hit all those marks in my life but at this price...eh, I can grow into em lol

Some girls dream of red bottoms....I just dream of Manolos <3

All in all I am ecstatic about all my pieces. If you are not shopping the Clear The Rack sale at your local Nordstrom Rack you are absolutely without a doubt missing out on some well hidden gems. Next go around you better get your booty in there, your feet and pockets will thank you...well they will thank me first and then you j/k lol.

If you did shop the Clear The Rack sale be sure to at me on instagram @theprettygirlsguide if you took pics of what you got I would love to see.

Until Next Time
XO, Deanna


  1. You may want to edit all the "defiantly" and make them "definitely" maybe??
    But other than that great post!

  2. I used to work with TJ and yes, he is awesome!!!