Falling For Plaid Ootd: How to transition summer styles to fall (including makeup and hair)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hey loves!!

In honor of bipolar weather that changes out of nowhere I wanted to bring this quick little ootd to you guys that will hopefully give you all some inspiration on how to transition summer clothing into fall so you don't have to go splurge on a full new wardrobe...just yet lol.

So if your anything like me you were completely unprepared for the sudden change in temperature that happened this week on the east coast. I had not even began to switch my closets over and BOOM the cool weather was here.

And because I was not spending my one day off battling my closet I had to make due with what was easily accessible to me and make the best of it =)

It was in the low 70's here yesterday and when you go from blazing hotness to that, low 70's feels like freezing! I was legitimately almost ready to throw on a coat but I resisted and decided to layer up instead.

Outfit Details:
Flannel - Thrifted - 7.80 - Similar Here
Tank - Forever 21 - 3.90 - Here
Shorts - Urban Outfitters- 19.00 on clearance check your stores - Similar Here
Boots - DSW- 49.00- Similar Here and Here
Stockings- DKNY- ?
Socks - Marshalls - 8.00

Layering is the EASIEST way to transition summer pieces into fall. Have a tank? Throw a cardigan over it. Want to wear shorts...grab the knee highs and boots. When it really gets cool I would suggest adding a scarf to this look and maybe a beenie. Cold legs double up the socks. Its all a matter of layering, you can do this with dresses, shorts, leggings EVERYTHING! Layers are your friend!

As you can see my outfit was super laid back and cozy. My fave pieces from the look were my flannel that if you follow me on Instagram you know  I recently got from 2nd Avenue Thrift here in Columbia Maryland. And my super duper cozy and warm socks from last fall that I got at DSW.

TIP: When searching for any "new" pieces for my wardrobe that are in style now I always like to check thrift stores first. Normally these things have already been around the block once in the style world and are just coming back in style again and the things that you would pay 45.00+ dollars for in Urban Outfitters can be found in your local thrift store for less than a third of the price like this flannel.

So definitely venture into your local thrift stores this fall and stock up on things like flannels, oversized sweat shirts, hockey jerseys and more!! An added bonus will be that your items will ACTUALLY be vintage and most likely have designs everyone wont be wearing. For example vintage college sweatshirts with designs or logs they no longer make #exclusive lol. Trust me you and your pockets will thank me later *wink* 

I added a little girly pop to my look by throwing on some feminine midi rings that I got about a week ago from H&M which you can find similar ones HERE and HERE. It only cost me 4.50 for like a set of 8 so you know I was all over that.

I also went with a fresh face of make up. Just a little Face And Body foundation by Mac, Glamoflauge concealer by Hard Candy,  Power Lip in Creamy Cafe by Milani and a little of  The Balm Cosmetics blush in Hot Mama swept across the cheeks. For my lashes I used Revlon Lash Potion and my brows were filled in using NYX brow pencil and ELF Brow Kit in Medium which is my one and only love.

My hair....because I know ill get questions is an old twist out and I used Jane Carter Restore Moisture Mist  and the Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Cream to stretch it. Ill have a post on how I stretch my hair later this week.

I hope this post has given you some outfit inspiration as the weather cools down! and of course if you try out this look or something similar as always hashtag it on instagram with #prettygirlsguide and tag me in your pix so I can see!


What are some items that you dont pack away when summer is over but instead carry them over into fall??

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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