Beautifully Delicious- Cocotique Beauty Box Review

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of receiving a Cocotique beauty subscription box in the mail.

You guys know the basic run down of subscription boxes right? You sign up and each month depending on the plan you select and your preference you receive a cute little box filled with beauty, fashion,food items ect. I believe now there are subscription boxes for almost everything....really goggle it lol =)

But thats a GREAT THING because subscription boxes are an amazing way to try out new products and get your hands on items from creators you may have never heard of before, without the hassle of paying for price or going on a mad hunt from store to store. Its a time saver...I like time savers and who could say no to having a box of surprises show up to your door every month? Its like your birthday!


Company: Cocotique 
Category: Beauty, Hair care, Lifestyle
Cost: Subscribe for $20/month or a sign up for a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month block subscription. It is free to ship and auto renews your monthly subscription, but you can cancel at any time. 
About: ”We are obsessed with bringing you the best in beauty and helping you discover your ultimate beauty arsenal.
The Scoop: For those of you that are unfamiliar with Cocotique, it is a subscription box filled with 5-6 expertly curated beauty and lifestyle samples that you can have delivered to your door for just 20.00 a month. As a pretty cool added surprise each month there is a Cocotique bonus box winner, who not only receives their Cocotique box but also a gift certificate for something extra such as a collection of full size beauty products, clothing, shoes, jewelry or other premium items. LOVE THAT! I mean thats super sweet on their and any also show how much the appreciate their customers. Also on their website Cocotique provides you with the ability to shop full size versions of their past products with special discounts, which is great! You know just in case you find that perfect for you product in one of their boxes and.....of course...they don't sell it anywhere in your town! Lol life tends to happen that way.

The Box:

Honestly I almost didn't want to unwrap it lol I didn't even untie the bow! I really do appreciate how classy and cute Cocotiques little box is! 

Like.....LOOK AT THAT!! I feel like I'm getting invited to the Oscars or something lol.

Did I mention aside from feeling like a fancy pants with my box I really am in love with the fact that subscription boxes just show up at your door, like I honestly have to do nothing what so ever except hit pay now and soon enough little surprises are at my door. for a fraction of the cost...and y'all know I love saving =) 

As soon as I opened the box deliciously yummy smells started to hit my nose which is so fitting because this boxes theme was merging food with beauty,  I sooooo could hardly wait to unwrap it and dig in.

Oh let me not forget to mention this box was designed by Cocotique and celebrity chef Roble Ali who is coming out with his own fragrance (that explains the team up,  all the yummy food like smells and theme lol) Because they really wanted to tie in the food theme they even included a recipe (how cute) and who told them I love french toast?!


Befine Fine Food Skin Care 
Cocotique value: (Prices and sizes vary)
 My value Assesment: 6.00 to 8.00 (for all 6 one time use packets)

Ok so the first thing I pulled out of my box was this little Befine box. Since I had never heard of the line before I was not sure what to expect to see inside of their box. But upon opening I saw that it was a collection of one time use skin care samples from their line. There were scrubs, cleansers, masks moisturizers ect. All the products seem to be packed with vitamins and nutrients for your skin and are paraben free, contain vegetarian proteins and have allergen free fragrances which are huge plusses for a lot of my natural folks. All of the packets contain some type of "food" in them such as coconut, pomegranate, oats ect hens the "fine foods" in their name.  Im super excited to try their cleanser with sugar, mint oats and rice and their daily moisturizer with spf 15 and rosemary, pomegranate and rice. They both sound right up my ally, be sure to follow me on instagram @Regularasslife so you don't miss my thoughts on them =)

Carol's Daughter Macadamia Finishing Shine Spray 
Cocotique Value: $18.00
My value assessment: 18.00

I was happy to see a well known brand name in the box and even more appreciative that it was a full sized item. Carols daughter (although I don't personally use it regularly) is a quality line and darn expensive at that lol. The few times I have used their products was because it was gifted to me by family(thats how you know your family love you...they buy you Carols Daughter. This Finishing spray at 18.00 dollars almost covers what you paid for box lol. The spray boasts that it contains no alcohol, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil or artificial coloring. All lovely things to hear for ladies like myself with natural hair lol honestly its like music to our ears. Unfortunatly, I personally won't be trying this particular product out because it contains an ingredient I'm allergic to, though I'm sure it smells amazing (as most of their products do) and makes your hair look great, I may pop this item into a future give away so be on the look out! 

c. Booth Honey Almond Nurishing Bath and Body wash
Cocotique Value: Full Size 7.00/16oz
My Value Assessment: 2.00/3oz trial

OMG! When I tell you this stuff smells like pure heaven!! CHILE! Yooooooou don't even know! BUT YOU SHOULD! This stuff really makes it smell like you are sitting in a spa being pampered. I remember the first time (and only lmao) I went and had a little spa day my milk and honey bath smelled just like this and I was in LOVE with that smell. The c. Booth body wash is a "nutrient rich wash for all over skin rejuvenation". The honey conditions your skin and absorbs impurities. It is free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and petrolatum (do you see a trend yet? lol) and is made by a company called Freeman Beauty Labs out of California. Unfortunately this will be another product that I can't use due to my allergy but my loss is always your gain as always look out for it in a giveaway =)

Clo-Vee Products Pomegranate and Orange Organic Shea Body Butter
Cocotique Value: Full Size 16.50/4oz
My Value Assessment: Trial Size 3.00 

I have seen the logo and name of this product before but I myself have never tried it. In my box I received a trial size of their body butter i would say somewhere between a 1-1.5oz can. Its quite simple and small enough to fit in your pocket or a clutch. It smells super amazing like some sort of candy or summer treat, just breathing it in makes me want to be out on someones beach tanning instead of in the house looking out my gloomy window lol. The shea butter itself is super smooth and begins to melt immediately as you swirl your finger, its not to greasy and not to thick. Although I tend to like my shea butter whipped I do like this solid. I could see myself keeping this in my purse for emergencies you know....ashy spots between the fingers lol or heels that need a little extra conditioning while wearing sling backs lol. There are only a handful of ingredients in the shea butter all organic of course. I am a little iffy on the price that the brand is selling this at 16.50 to me seems a little high especially when you have to pay for shipping but hey *shrugs* you gotta make them dollars lol

OPI Nail Laquers San Francisco Collection: I Kneed Sour-Dough
Cocotique Value: Full Size 9.00/15ml
My Value Assessment: Full Size 9.00/15ml 

OPI is by far one of my fave nail polish brands and I only buy it when I feel like spoiling myself or its on clearance....because I mean lets be honest 9.00 a polish lol and don't get me started on Butter London lol. So I was super pleased when I fund this little gem at the bottom of my box =) The color is slightly purple slightly brown with a hint of sparkle, it almost reminds me of a deep red wine color of sorts, it defiantly feels like a fall color to me. As always it goes on smooth as butter and 2 coats will get the job done. I like this color and will probably store it away until this coming fall since it is darker but either way I'm very pleased and its just the type of color I would typically go for.


Total box value: $40.00 (by Cocotique and my calculations)
My First Cocotique box was featured a mix of products and was pretty impressive with two full size products, I feel like in general with subscription boxes thats hard to come by. I defiantly like that they mix things up I really do hate getting one type of item (only skin or only hair products) in a box and I loved that they stayed on theme. Everything that I saw did remind me in some way of food, whether it was the smell or the name. Do I think Cocotique is worth it? Yes Priced at 20.00 for a monthly subscription, if they continue to provide items like I revived I do believe you are getting a pretty good bang for your buck!

Although this box can be for atone i feel as though they designed it with the natural girl in mind or those who wish to lead/do lead a pretty natural/organic lifestyle. Some brands you can expect to find in future boxes are Shea Moisture, Curls, and a good hand full of independent and up and coming brands that are defiantly worth a try! You are honestly up for a surprise every time you open one of these babies up.
Overall Star Rating (Product Quality, Value, Uniqueness & Presentation) : 4.5 Stars out of 5
Have any of you ladies every tried Cocotique subscription or may other subscription boxes? Let me know your thoughts on subscription boxes below, or other boxes you would like to see reviewed/featured.

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna



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