Couponing 101: Target 5 off 15 scenarios with overage

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey loves I hope all of you have had an amazing weekend because I know I did =)

This past weekend I was KILLING it at Target which you already know if you follow me on my Instagram HERE *cough follow me  cough* LMAO! That's actually what this post is all about. I am going to help you ladies and fellas kill Target this week like I killed them this weekend with one simple (or not so simple lol) deal!

Now if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't feel bad, I'm here to bring you up to speed. Currently Target has a mobile and printed coupon out where you can save $5 off of a $15 purchase of personal care items, the coupon can be found in this week circular or by texting the word "care" to 827-438, please be mindful that Target will only send you the mobile coupon once so if you need more get your friends to text the number and send you the link (thats what I did before the coupon was available in stores) The Mobile Coupon went live on Thursday and the paper coupon came out one Saturday however this coupon is good until this coming Saturday so you still have plenty of time to get in on the deal.

That one little coupon and a couple of packs of razors were the keys to my rampage on Target all weekend, when stacked with other coupons, sales and gift the card deals that Target has running right now you can stand to make a lot of overage that you can used to get things you need/want or even snag amazing moneymaker deals with your overage and not pay anything out of pocket!! It all depends on how you spin it, but the possibilities are endless!

  Unfortunately a lot of people seem to be confused as to how to go about getting the overage or getting moneymaker deals out of using this coupon. I've seen a lot of people on  Instagram and Facebook completely lost and also not using moneymaker and overage gainer scenarios to their fullest potential so I wanted to let you in on what I've been doing all weekend.

 The scenario that I've been following was found on Instagram by amazing couponer named @kimiiqs she is my go to couponer when I need amazing scenarios, she always has the best breakdowns for all stores and I strongly suggest you follow her ASAP!


The original model that I was following the look like this

As you can see this scenario involves venus razors, this was the ONLY scenario I found throughout my hunt that gives you a huge amount of overage, which was exactly what I was looking for because I personally am running low on Target gift cards and wanted to purchase things I actually NEEDED without spending money out of pocket or wasting GC that I will use later to get more GC.

When using other peoples scenarios it is VERY important to look at what they have mapped out for you and change the deal according to the coupons YOU have and the prices that are in YOUR stores. If you have the exact same prices and exact same coupons listed you can get the same outcome rarely works out that way due to regional prices and coupons.

Once I saw this scenario I quickly started texting friends to get more copies of the Target mobile coupon, checked to make sure I had the coupons mentioned and went to target to price check the items.

Looking through my coupons I realized that I did not have the exact coupons used, and of some of the ones I did I had limited amounts therefore I knew the more I did the deal the more I would have to make edits to the scenario. Never be afraid to change a scenario, just make sure you ALWAYS double check your math.

Here are the three Scenarios I used based off of @kimiiqs model that worked for me. Please take what she has laid out and my edits and make them work for you! 


NOTE: Walmart has both sets of razors I will mention below for 1.04 cheaper once you have completed your transaction go to customer service and price match Walmart and get 1.04 cents back for every razor you got. This again will increase your savings =)

NOTE:  For all scenarios to get to or above my 45.00 total I used the small Nivea ($1.92) as a filler if your Target takes expired q's use that & 2/1Q if not find another filler. Also your total must reach 45.00 to use 3 of the Target coupons, if not it will beep.

DISCLAIMER: All scenarios are based off of the venus B2g1 coupon auto deducting 14.99 without that happening the overage for the scenario will not work. I have detailed notes below about auto deducting and how to produce a better chance of that happening.

Scenario One

This is based directly off of @Kimiiqs model with minor edits, I was only able to do this once because I ran out of the Target Q. I also realized that we had a 3/1 venus coupon that we could use to sweeten the deal =)

Buy 6 venus simply razor @5.99 =35.94
Buy 4 venus satin care @2.24= 44.90
Buy travel size filler at least $0.10=45 
- 3 $5/$15 Target Q= 30.00
- 4 $2 off wyb razor + shave gel Target Q= $22.00
-5% Carwheel= $20.90
-4 $1/$1 venus satin care(my region got 1/1 instead of .55/1)= $16.90
-4 $3/1 venus razor= $4.90
-2 B2G1 venus razor auto deduct 14.99= -25.08 IN OVERAGE!!!

Yes you read that right 25.00 in overage and an extra 6.24 back once you price match with Walmart!! 

This is my haul from this first transaction

If you follow me on instagram you will see that I said I paid 15.00 in gc for this, which I did. This however was before i realized we had the 3/1 razor q that could be used and the 1/1 shave gel q that could be used.

 I used the two pairs of shoes to eat up my overage the shoes together were 28.48 (Bogo 50%, I had a 5.00 coupon that made them 23.48 I had about 11.00 in overage which left me to pay 13.48 plus tax so about 15.00. Once got home and realized I had those other two coupons I went back to Target and got 16.00 back making my OOP nothing with a 1.00 mm =) I never price matched this original deal but if you did that would be another 6.24 like I stated above =)

Scenario Two

When I got to another Target on Saturday things were a little more difficult for me, I only had 2 Target $2 off wyb razor + shave gel left so I had to change the scenario, also that Target didn't have 6 Simply razors so again another change.

Buy 2 venus simply razor @5.99 =$11.98
Buy 4 venus embrace razor @ 6.99 =$39.94
Buy 2 venus satin care @2.24 =$44.42
Buy travel size filler at least $0.58 =$45.00
- 3 $5/$15 Target Q =$30.00
- 2 $2 off wyb razor + shave gel Target Q =$26.00
-5% Carwheel= $25.18
-4 $1/$1 venus satin care(my region got 1/1 instead of .55/1)= $21.18
-4 $3/1 venus razor= $9.18
-2 B2G1 venus razor auto deduct 14.99= -20.80 IN OVERAGE!!!

For this deal I got 2 sets of plastic forks, 2 shirts for my boyfriend, 2 bags of chips, a cell phone screen protector and a cell phone case. After eating up overage my cost was 11.49 and then I got 6.24 back from price matching making my oop only 5.25

Scenario Three

One time I did the razor deal the store was completely out of the 5.99 razors so I had to use the 6.99 razors all by themselves =( and I continued to use Nivea as my filler.

Buy 6 venus embrace razor @ 6.99 =$41.94
Buy 2 Nivea small bottles @ 1.92 =$45.78
- 3 $5/$15 Target Q =$30.78
-2 2/2 Nivea Q =$26.78
-4 $3/1 venus razor= $14.78
-2 B2G1 venus razor auto deduct 14.99= -15.20 IN OVERAGE!!!

I believe scenario 3 is when I decided to buy my patio chairs at 11.40 each (after the 40% off) making my oop 7.60 plus tax. Of course I then went and price matched the razors and got 6.24 back making my actual OOP 1.36

This Haul picture is a mixture between my second and third times doing the razor deal, missing are 2 razors that I had already given away and my 2 patio chars that I got using overage and at 40% off on Saturday. There was a one day only cartwheel available for 40% off all patio furniture.

I later returned the blue striped shirt because my boyfriend didn't like it and got 8.00 back and also the cellphone case to the far left and got 7.00 back because I didn't like it =/  this is what happens when you don't have plans for your overage LMAO you make impulse buys. 

However it worked out because I got 15.00 back and used that to buy a patio table for 13.00 (yes thats the 40% off price) that I had not thought about getting earlier which still left me in the positive =)

Oh and this is my lovely patio furniture!!!!!

Over the course of this weekend I did the razor deal four times this weekend and wound up being able to get snacks for the week, clothes for my boyfriend, shoes, patio furniture and cell phone cases. This was the most amazing overage deal that I have had at Target!

As always if you have gift cards use them they are your best tool for saving money on top of saving money on top of saving money lol.

Side notes on overage and auto deduct

I want to mention when doing deals that provide you with overage at Target you must ALWAYS have something to eat up all of the overage. Target will not give any money back. If there is nothing to eat the overage they will zero out your total and all your work will be a complete waste. When I do deals like this I often get things that I want but don't necessarily want to pay for for myself, gifts for other people or things that I just want to try out, I mean worst comes to worst ill return it right lol.

Also don't be afraid to go over what you have in overage by a little, sometimes I will purposely go over just to not bring alarm to a complete zero dollar total and have an antsy cashier call over a manager who then looks at the coupons and notice that an auto deducted coupon took off too much and again kill my whole scenario that I worked on.

Think about it this way would you rather pay 4 or 5 bucks for 100+ worth of items or get your scenario ruined. Your choice.

Now on to auto deducting,  I mentioned earlier that these scenarios rely on the fact that the B2G1 Venus coupon auto deducts. Which can be a big thing to some people. I personally had NO....ZERO and ZILCH issues with my coupons getting auto deducted this time around.

I know some people say that their Target always keys in the price ect, easy fix....go to a different Target. Lets be serious Targets are everywhere, I used to have this similar issue with bogo coupons the it seemed like no matter the cashier I used at the Target I went to they keyed in the price. I stopped going to that Target and my problem was solved. Once you find a Target or Targets that auto deduct ALWAYS go to those when you have a deal like the one above because 9 times out of 10 your coupons will get auto deducted.

I have since noticed at the other 4 Targets that I frequent in my area that sometimes its really the luck of the draw. One time at a Target I did a deal and the cashier auto deducted my coupons of course I was ecstatic. However I had forgotten to get some candy with a few bogo coupons I had left over, thoughtlessly grab a few and got in another line, the register I went to that time (in the same trip) automatically only took off the price of one candy. I have yet to test this out for sure but it seems with low priced bogo coupons the computer does the actual price deduct on its own however if its over 3.99 it seems to need the cashier to push it through (auto deduct) or assign the price.

Which leads me to my most important points on auto deducting, picking a cashier and what days you shop. The best days to shop if you want your coupons to auto deduct are evenings(3-7pm) Fridays or midday (12pm-4pm ) on weekend if you are not super familiar with the cashiers or the Target you are going to. This lands in you in the busiest time for cashiers and they are in a hurry to get people in and out of the store and this is also just before shift change (5pm) so the cashiers who are working most likely have been there all morning and are just ready to get their shift over and go home so if the Target does not auto deduct already, the cashier may just push things through if you present them with a stack of coupons lol.

Further more I tend to put my coupons that need auto deducting in the middle of a stack and hand them to a cashier one by one this ensures that some coupons will just go through and when the auto deducting coupon comes about the cashier more than likely will just push it through because the others went through.

When an auto deducting coupon is scanned, the screen actually tells the cashier something like "are you sure this was in the purchase" it always is however it just gets the cashier to look at the coupon to see they need to assign a value. From that point on they either push it through and you get the full amount or they pull up a price adjusting screen. Very rarely does the price adjusting screen pop up on its own.

More often than not auto deducting will come down to your cashier. I make it a point (because I'm always shopping in Target) to make friends with cashiers, I mean they are going to see me all the time anyway LOL. Couponers are stereotyped into being mean and annoying so I always try to make a cashiers experience with me pleasant, I never argue or fight and issues I have are taken up with customer service. I always make jokes and just have fun with the transaction. Most of my favorite cashiers are ones that I have a good convos with, we trade fashion advice, jokes and are friendly these are also the ones that tend to auto deduct my coupons. They are used to me they know I don't ever give coupons on items that don't belong I don't commit any fraud or start any issues so they push my coupons through.

There is a method of "scouting" cashiers, people tend to go to younger guys or girls and older women. I have had more luck in general with younger guys and girls, for me older women are a hit or miss because some are just grumpy and read every coupon while the others are rooting you on as your total drops. I look for cashiers who look laid back and calm, sometimes I look for newbies or ones that look like they are ready to get off from work lol. However I have had the most success with cashiers who looked happy and friendly, they were engaging with customers and talking to those in their line. I built relationships with them on normal trips and when it comes time to use an auto deducting coupon on a deal I have never had any issues.

I love my 3 fave cashiers even though they may not even know it <3    

Anywho...let me know how you kill Target this week guys! Im wishing you all the best of luck!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


  1. i have a question there r 2 different venus $3/1 coupons. there is one in the 5/18 redplum right above the satin care q am i able to use both in the same transaction when buying 6 say 4 of one and 2 of the other