Summertime shoe style (haul)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hey loves and happy Friday!
I am super excited to share this post with you guys, wednesday I got a chance to go shopping yes I know shopping again and of course it was at two of my favorite places to snag great deals on shoes  DSW & Target.

This time around I was specifically looking for sandals and flip-flops for summertime because apparently I am completely unprepared and have NONE. I literally looked at my shoe rack and was like what am I going to wear?! It's 90° outside I have a girl not having any shoes hard to believe I know, but it's the truth my selection of sandals and flip-flops were so out of date and totally not my style anymore so I had to go pick up some new ones.

While at both places I got to pick out some amazing shoes at great prices! One of the deals that I got a DSW you guys have already seen if you follow me on Instagram and if you checked out my last outfit of the day post , but for more information , style inspiration and a closer look at all the other great summer shoes I got check out he rest of the post below below

Target Summer Shoe Haul

I initially went into Target for something completely different but got totally sidetracked when I walk past their shoe section and saw that they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale you guys know that I love deals so I was super caught up and had to take part in the awesome deal. Luckily for you guys I'm posting this soon enough that you guys can catch the deal too. Currently until Saturday, June 7 Target will still have their buy one get one 50% off sale on their sandals and summer shoes. To make this deal even better online at you can also print off a $5 off of $25 shoe purchase, so go get that printed out!

These Sam & libby sandals are my absolute favorite pair of sandals I got in my Target haul their super comfortable and have extra padding in the foot bed. I love when sandals have that because walking on completely flat shoes all day hurts the heck out of my feet but just a little bit of padding goes along way and these have that. These also come in black, metallic and snake print so you have a lot of options with these shoes and they honestly can go with everything. They can be dressed up or down because of the patent leather material, which is very important to me. I plan to wear these all summer with maxi dresses and probably shorts. They retail for 24.99 and are definitely worth it little FYI Sam & Libby is also sold at DSW.

I love love love love love these sandals because of the beadwork going across the front I initially thought I just wanted some plain black flip-flops or sandals but when I saw these I was like these are a must have. They are by Massimo supply company the beadwork seems decently secure, I'm not really worried about any of it coming off. They're comfortable as far as flats go, they do have a little bit of padding but definitely not as much as the Sam & Libby sandals but I just like the look of the shoes. The Aztecs feel gives it a little something extra =) These were 19.99 and are definitely a keeper if you buy two like I said one pair will be 50% off

The sandals are also by Massimo supply company and are those every day kick around sandals for summer that everybody needs. I'm not super sure if I'm going to keep these though because they are superflat and actually pretty hard at the bottom so they are not the most comfortable shoes to walk in. If I had to choose between this pair and the pair above it would definitely be the pair above so these might be going back. However I did love the thick strap in the front that's what initially attracted me to them, I'm just not completely sold. These were also 19.99.

DSW Summer Shoe  Haul

Luckily for me DSW is directly across the street from Target in my area so one good shoe shopping experience clearly deserves another I went over there to see if there were any cute shoes on sale. Whenever I go to DSW I go straight to the clearance section because getting a low price and a discount on top of that is always great! And yesterday I defiantly made out like a fat rat ! Both pairs of shoes I got were already on clearance with an extra 50% off of each!  :)

Like I said before if you already checked out my outfit of the day from yesterday you've already heard me Raven about the shoes I absolutely love Jessica Simpson as a shoe designer.

 Her shoes are always functionable and comfortable and these were no different I was super excited to find strappy heels that were comfortable. I can walk in these all day definitely a must-have for summer.

Now I've never tried the Report Signature line but when I saw the shoes I thought they were super cute you can pair these with summer dresses or with jeans or whatever they are the perfect go to shoe for any outfit.

 I opted for brown instead of black because I have so many black shoes I mean  I basically only wear black lo so I felt like I needed to switch it up a bit the T strap add something extra and the cage across toe kind of gives you a sandal feel mixed with a close to flat feel so is the best of both worlds =)

I hope you guys have enjoyed my haul and I hope that I have inspired you with my summer style selections.

What are some of your summer shoe must haves?  Also let me know what you think and if you will be hunting down any of the shoes I snagged.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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