10 Fall Beauty Favorites & Beauty Routine Changes

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hey Loves!!

As we transition into cooler months our beauty routines tend to change. Our skin needs a little more hydration, the shades of makeup we use on an everyday basis begin to deepen and even the polish colors we choose to put on our nails switch up.

With that being said I wanted to share with you how my beauty routine has changed a bit for the fall and some of the products I am currently using and loving as the weather cools down.

I hope you all enjoy!

1. Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream

I am suuuuuuper in love with the ultra Shea body cream line from Bath & Body works. I started using the line about 2 weeks ago after I caught it on a great sale and of course I had coupons as well. It retails for 12.50 a bottle I think and is well worth the money. Its a super thick creamy lotion...i would almost call it a body butter that is infused with Aloe Butter, Cocoa Butter and Shea butter and leaves your skin feeling super moisturized. 

It really protects against the drying effects of harsh fall and winter winds. I tend to apply the body cream once in the morning and I really dont feel like I need to again until much later in the day. Currently my favorite scent is the Cashmere glow shown above but they have a ton of different scents so you can find your own fave.

Hurry and pick up your own HERE they are currently on sale for 8.00!!  

2. MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation with SPF 15

I had been toying with the idea of changing up my foundation for a while now but wanted to wait until the right time. Luckily for me my Face and Body foundation ran out just as the weather was changing so it made the transition easy. I like to go for light coverage foundation in the summer and now I am LOVING this fuller coverage foundation for the fall. 

To me it seems a little "thick" and definitely takes a little more work to blend but that's because i'm so used to face and body which is pretty much water. Once blended it go's on smooth and does not feel heavy or caked on and provides a great base and the perfect amount of coverage. I would recommend this to any ladies that are looking to kick things up a notch in the area of coverage without feeling as though they are wearing a mask. I also like that it contains SPF 15 some people do not realize that your skin needs sun protection even in the winter. 

Find your color and purchase your own HERE

3. Wet & Wild Lipstick "Wine Room"

If you follow me on Instagram you know I have been obsessing over Wet N Wild lipsticks lately. I even did a full post on my fave colors for fall which you can find HERE. So i'm pretty sure you knew I would be talking about at least one of them in this post.

And that lucky lipstick is "Wine Room". I cant even tell you how much I adore this lipstick it really is my go to for any daytime situation. Its long lasting, smooth, hydrating and just all around fab.

If you have not given Wet N Wild matte lipsticks a try you are missing out.

4. The Balm Blush & Eyeshadow "Hot Mama"

This blush has honestly been a staple in my make up routine for what feels like forever (2 years +). It will always be a go to for me,  its peachy tone with a hint of sparkle really brightens up your face. For fall however I like to pair it with a contour color under it to bring its tonal qualities into a more "fall appropriate" color.

Before applying I use an angle brush and my contour color of choice (currently "Harmony" by MAC) and sweep it across my cheeks, I then follow up with The Balm's "Hot Mama" over and blend the two. It give me a peachy glow with some fall deepness added it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Pick up Hot Mama HERE

5. E.L.F Eyebrow Kit

Biggest question I get about my beauty routine is "what do you use for your brows?" I wish I could say I use some super fancy magical product but I really don't. I use E.l.f's eyebrow kit. Which really goes to show sometimes it has nothing to do with how much money you spend on a product. Its all about how good it works.

As you can see I work the hell out of this kit LOL! I use both sides of the kit to create the perfect cream to help fill in my brows. I will be recording a brow tutorial soon since people seem to love mine so much. 

You can pick up your own brow kit at Target for like 3 dollars.

6. Wet N Wild Brow and Eye Pencil "Mink Brown"

Part two to the duo that keeps my "brows on fleek" as ya'll like to say on Instagram is this Wet N Wild brow pencil. Again showing that it aint "all about the money" (T.I voice) when it comes to good products. I'm sure this pencil cost me .99 cents at the drug store and it is the perfect match to my brow color.

I use this to line my brows before I fill them in but, you will get the full idea once I do the tutorial =)

7. Gelish Gel Nail Polish "Sexy Chocolate" 

I cant take full credit for finding out about this amazing color for fall. All that glory goes to my nail tech lol. I couldn't decide what color I wanted and she suggested this. 

You all know I am an avid fan of the Gelish line and its pretty much the only gel polish that works for me, so you know when she suggested a color that was gelish and looked this bomb I was all for it. 

The color id a deep golden brown with hints of sparkle in it, what I love most about the color tho is how it shimmers and changes color in different lighting. Sometimes it looks more gold, other times more brown but it ALWAYS looks amazing.

8. MAC Studio Moisture Cream

When I picked up my foundation at MAC they had a little bin by the counter that had trial and travel size products in it, I had seen the Studio Moisture Cream before but never thought twice about getting it. However since I was trying a new heavier foundation I wanted to make sure my skin was properly hydrated underneath.

Alot of women dont know but if you skin is not hydrated correctly when you go to put on make up that can have effects on how smoothly your make up goes on. If your skin is dehydrated it could try to suck up any moisture in the products your putting on your skin causing it to crease or dry out and just look icky, just as having skin that is too oily can cause products to have a hard time staying on or in place.

This little cream has done wonders and im really liking how it keep my skin hydrated without making it feel oily or gunky and I have not had any skin reactions to it =) 

Find your own HERE

 9. Apiffany's Beauty Lemon Mint Lip Balm

I talked about this lip balm from Apiffany's Beauty the other day on my instagram. It was sent to me along with a bath bomb and some all natural soap for review. So far I am...yup you guessed it IN LOVE with this lip balm. Not only the smell of it (it smells more lemon like than mint for those of you who are not a fan of mint) but how smooth it goes on and how it keeps my lips hydrated and prepped for lipstick application. Especially matte lipstick which is pretty much all I wear.

Get your lips together by grabbing your own lip balm HERE

10. Gaisie Body Essentials Cupuacu Curling Custard

Last but not least,  I recently started using the curling custard from the Gaisie Body Essentials, I used it after I washed my hair as a twisting agent for my leave out that I had two strand twisted while I was braiding down the rest of my hair in preparation to put in my Haute Kinky Hair Clip ins.

I like it so far I use it once every other day on my leave out currently just to keep it hydrated since it is out and facing the elements. There will be a more in depth review coming soon =)

Grab some Gaisie Body Essentials products HERE

Do any of you lovely switch up the products you use on your skin an face during the fall months? Are some of these products the same products you use during the fall months? Let me know below! Also I hope this helps anyone searching for fall and winter products =)

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. I will definitely try that Wet n Wild lipstick. I have been looking for a bold color like that for the longest. I love your hair by the way! You're beautiful!! <@maxikate17>

  2. I was interested on a lot of those items already. Especially the MAC foundation and the Wet n Wild Matte lipstick. Now I know. I have some great Christmas ideas now as well! Thanks!!

  3. Great post! Wet n wild lippies are my favorite! Love your blog! @Ashaceecee

  4. Omg you use elf eyebrow kit too I've always wanted to try it!! My insta name is @sarahkahsay I love how all your stuff are so affordable and how your so good with your money and saving money :)