Relax Its Just Ass: Vacation Swimsuit OOTD (With Links)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Relax...its just ass right?

I'm sure 99% of you were shocked last Friday when my cakes graced your Instagram news feed. For the most part you all have know me to be the semi conservative (Ayesha Curry type) blogger who never shows much more than an ankle on the gram.

Originally my PG13 social media pages started because I got hell on my old Youtube account for being "too vulgar" when it came to what I said and talked about. Then when I started becoming a little more popular on Instagram, I kept my covered up style because I didn't want to be one of those "Instagram girls" that got "famous" for selling sex.

Also...lowkey, im super shy. 

Either way normally you would be hard pressed to find a picture of me showing ANYTHING, much less a cake.

So when I realized I was about to go on vacation in 80+ degree weather on a beach for 4 days, thoughts of covering or not posting pictures were in the front of my mind...

But...after careful consideration I decided "FUCK IT".

 How was I not going to post pictures on vacation?

Plus I had found the Perfect swimsuit made by black owned company (praise hands) Riot Swim who  understands the bodies of women of color and I looked amazing in my ya'll was gonna see these cakes. 

Not to mention I had found BOMB ASS SUNGLASSES TO MATCH?!

Oh yea, IT WAS LIT! 

Interested in my purchasing sunglasses like mine? 
Click the picture of the glasses above and you'll be taken right to them. They have 16 different colors to choose from =D 

If your looking for a similar bathing suit to mine and you want to support a great black owned company check out Riot's other two suits like the one i have on  HERE and HERE 

Moral Of The Story

The last thing I or any woman should be worried about is someone else's opinion.

I know its super easy to get wrapped up in what other people think and to get labeled a thot or a thirst trap...especially on social media. But women shouldn't be ashamed or afraid of expressing themselves or showing our bodies in whatever way we feel comfortable.

Its honestly sad that people have so many opinions about what the next person is doing...

And that side comments can have a girl (even me) wondering "am I going to be judged for this?" and second something as simple as wearing a bathing suit on vacation and posting it on Instagram.

Or make a girl that may be "over weight" who wants to wear a belly shirt reconsider her choice because of what others may say behind her back.

I said all this to what the fuck you want. Wear what the fuck you want. Post what they fuck you want, because they are going to have something to say either way.


Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. Great advice! I always appreciate how straightforward you are. I would never guess that you're shy. You look amazing! Love the suit, shades and your hair.

  2. I lowkey saw your ex like your swimsuit post lol........I know he want you back girl. Like why wouldn't he? You're fine AF :)

  3. You're dope af. I followed you on ig back in 2015 as "J.Krown" and it was couple of times we had some good dialogue. (don't have account anymore) I like this blog as well as the "body count" one. I liked you more when I found out about the "myregularasslife" page. Even though you say you got hate for the language that's when your intellect shined. Your commentary was uncomfortably raw, sincere, honest, and funny.

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