What to wear: Coachella style guide

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you have heard all the buzz about this weekends kick off to the festival of all festivals (drum roll) Coachella which is pretty much the closest our generation will ever get to the epicness that was woodsotck.

Now most attending get excited about the artist line up with weekend 1 (yes there are two) boasting artist such as A$ap Ferg, Flatbush Zombies, Lana Del Ray, Nas, Pharrell and OutKast (cries) and weekend 2 showcasing Chance The Rapper, Flosstradamus, Solange...and let me just mention again OUTKAST (CRIES)

But even with acts like those performing Coachella has become synonymous with fashion. As much as people gush about being able to experience so many of their favorite bands and artist live in one weekend. Almost just as much excitement is put into what to wear once you're there.

Festival fashion has become HUGE there are whole blogs detected to it, pintrest boards, hell its its own wardrobe category!

Wondering what Festival fashion is?

Think 70's flower child, hippy chic....pretty much anything you could catch in someones tbt of Woodstock on instagram lol actually I'm pretty sure my most recent Ootd that you can see Here would work perfectly if I just threw on a flower crown =)

For those of you who are lucky enough to be attending Coachella this year and need a little last minute outfit inspiration below you will find a break down of some of this years hottest Festival fashions styles.

Aaaaaaand for everyone else who is unfortunately like me and won't be attending Coachella *insert side eye here* no worries you can still use these pictures for inspiration Festivals fashion isn't for Coachella alone and is pretty much a staple in any outdoor concert or festival you go to in spring and summer and luckily for us some of the trends suitable for Festival fashion are also Spring 2014 trends

The Crop Top

I hope you all have not been slacking in battle of the bulge because crop tops are here to stay this spring and are a staple in Festival fashion so make sure you toss a ton of these in your bag for Coachella


Show a little without bearing it all. Sheer panels, Sheer trim, Sheer accents sheer everything!! Its  this years sexy barely there way to flirt. 

Milk Maid Braids

Quickly becoming one of the hottest trends of this spring and super appropriate for festival fashion. Is a low key style that still looks beautiful, you can rock it messy or neat either way you'll be sure to look on trend and best of all its functional it actually keeps you hair out of your face.


Is there anything more Woodsotck inspired than fringe? Super plus its totally Coachella appropriate and in for spring 2014 so bug your mom to see if she still has her old 70's fringe purse if she does pack it for your trip...that will save you time at the thrift store or dollars at the mall =)

Florals/Flower crowns

This should come as no surprise, I'm sure as long as flowers bloom in spring florals will always be in. Wear it in print or wear it on your head both are acceptable when sporting Festival fashion and rocking the latest styles this spring.

Cut off shorts

Do I even really need to say anything about these? Its clear...cut offs are here to stay.

Full skirts

It may seem like a bit much for those under 35 or too I Love Lucy for Festival fashion but when styled correctly full skirts are super on trend for spring 2014 and for outdoor festivals. Try it with a crop top or bralette and a pair of shades and trust me you'll fit right in.

Lace & Ruffles & Crochet oh my... 

A tad too girly for me but the fun and flirty of lace and ruffles fit right in with Festival fashion. No matter if its full lace or just detail and trim this is also a staple of Festival fashion.
Now ladies I don't want you breaking the bank to revamp your wardrobe into the perfect collection of Festival fashion pieces your already spending an arm and a leg on ticket cost and travel lol. And even if your just trying to add a few pieces to spice up your closet with some Spring 2014 trends, always remember to check your local thrift stores THEY ARE A GOLD MINE. 
Dont forget these style that are hot now were once hot in the past and you can most likely score some of the above mentioned trends at half the price of stores in the mall.
Save your coins ladies! Vintage is where its at =)
Let me know below what Festival fashion trends you will be sporting this spring and don't forget to tag your Festival fashion ootd pictures on instagram with #Prettygirlsguide #Regularasslife so I can check them out!
Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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