How To Shower Steam Your Hair & Steam Benefits

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hey Loves!

So its starting to get cold outside which means the weather is about to start reeking havoc on our happy little natural curls. The cold and harsh elements of fall and winter can really damage and dry out our hair if we don't take extra good care of it and take the necessary steps to retain moisture and protect our tresses.

Of course the easiest way to protect your hair through the winter months would be protective styling...and I'm pretty sure ill get there as sooooooon as I stop being lazy LOL! No honestly I tend to do all my hairstyles myself and have either been too lazy or busy to put in a protective in the mean time to retain moisture I've be working on some at home steaming methods.

If you have been following me on my Instagram @Theprettygirlsguide you know I have been talking about shower steaming my hair for the past few weeks and how I love the effects it has on my hair. Its pretty much become a staple in my hair routine now, at least once a week you can find me in the shower, cap off letting FiFi soak up all the glory that is the steam.

Now a few of you had questions as to if shower steaming messed up my style and to be very honest, my hair is 4C so it tends to cling to styles that I do, twist outs last FOREVER for me granted they may change shape a little...but most pics you see of me on instagram are the same twist out from weeks ago. So does steaming really alter my twist outs...for me? No could it possibly for others...possibly its really trial and error depending on hair type. But if your super worried I would say try shower steaming at the end of your twist out/styles life cycle.

Now for the big question...


1. Steam helps add moisture to your hair. When I get out of the shower Fifi feels so juicy and full of life. I just love tugging at her a little and seeing the bounce in the curls, its like she is completely revived to her happy moisturized state and she tends to stay that way for the rest of the day even without any extra help.

2. Better product absorption (thats a word right? lol) steaming your hair lifts your cuticle (yes your hair has a cuticle) and allows products to penetrate your hairs better than any other time. Once your hair is steamed take advantage of the state your hair is in. You can add a few spritzes of water and seal in some oils as well.

3. Bye Bye Breakage adding moisture to your hair is always a plus, it enhances your hairs elasticity and helps prevent breakage and damage. Steaming of of course adds moisture so it aids in warding off dry brittle hair and breakage. As I stated in point two seal in some off that goodness to further enhance steamings effects.

4. Enhance your curls, like I said when I steam my hair my style does not go away, it enhances my curls and kicks things up a notch it also gives me a bit more height and volume which of course is always a positive.


There are a few different ways you can steam your hair, personally I have only shower steamed but feel free to test out and try any of the methods below =)

Method one:

 Straight Shower Steam
Super simple in a hurry (which I always am) way to steam your hair. All you need is a steamy shower and your hair. Hop in the shower as you normally would, I suggest doing this in the morning because well everyone needs to be clean in the morning lol plus then ppl will actually get to see your amazing steamed hair. Leave your shower cap off and shower as normal...let your hair be it will soak up the steam naturally. Im normally done in the shower in 15 mins, I get out dry off and fluff FiFi with a little added oil and I'm on my way she's super juicy and perky for the rest of the day and beyond.

Method two: 

Plastic Cap Shower Steam
One way to step up the shower steam is to this add a plastic cap to your head while your in the shower. This will concentrate all the steam to your curls and help trap the heat of not only the steam but also your body, think deep conditioner treatment without the conditioner. Now this may be something more for my ladies with the TWA....personally adding a plastic cap for me seem like a recipe for squished curls and possibly running my twist out. However if you just have a was and go going on feel free to experiment =)

Method 3: 

Sit & Wait Steam lol
Lastly we have the sit and wait steam lol, and I call it that because well....this takes a while and is more like a spa steam treatment for your hair. I clearly do not have the time....buuuuut someone may. NOTE: This method should be used only if you give no effs about your style...actually you may as well wash your hair...yes thats it wash your hair first lol.

After washing condition your hair as usual, throw on a plastic cap and a small towel. Run water over the towel and pop it in the microwave to get it all warm and toasty.  After its done baking and not super hot to the touch wrap it around your conditioned and plastic capped head.

Then on top of all that put a plastic bag or huge cap on lol....yes extensive I know then find your closest hooded dryer and sit.....and wait.....for like an hour (i would make it like 20 mins)

After its all said and done...rinse your hair with cold water (yes cold) this seals your cuticle and locks in all that work you just did (the steam...the deep treatment...the waiting lol) and walah!! MAGIC!! lol your curls shall be soft, luscious and juicy =)

Well ladies.....I hope this answers all your questions you have about steaming and gives you enough info so you can try it out yourself. I really do love steaming and recommend it however just don't over do it...everything in moderation right? And I love the fact that you can do it for free in the comfort of your own shower....however if you fancy huh...and want to shell out all the dough cheese on a pro steamer....go right ahead...send me one too while your a it =)

If you try steaming, or have done it before let me know how you like it in the comments below and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask below or hit me up on IG

Until next time,
XO Deanna


  1. Great post love! I guess I was steaming my hair this whole time since I never shower with a shower cap! When I do this however, I notice that my style (depending on what it is), does change a little and take a shape of it's own.

    I might try the second method next time I shower but I'll do it on old hair just in case it does change shape.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Victoria Sallie

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