I woke up like this...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey ladies...and maybe some gents (no worries I'm not here to judge lol) 

About a week ago I found myself singing Beyonces "Flawless" as I was driving to coupon (yes I'm still couponing) *sings* "I woke up like this....Flawless....I woke up like this.....Flawless..." as I pulled into the parking lot of the first store I flipped down my sun visor to check myself out before I go out of my car. 

And there I was face full of make up singing "I woke up like this" *insert side eye here*


I woke up like this? Really, I'm going to the grocery store in a full face of make up, granted this would not be my only stop for the day but still all I would be doing was shopping yet I had enough blush, foundation, mascara, concealer and shadow painted on my face for me and the chick in the next car over.

Carefully checking my light and angles lol
And I couldn't help but to ask myself why?

Full face with a filter....there is almost always a filter
Why when I was just going out shopping was it so necessary to apply make up. I was sitting there moments ago professing I woke up like this when truth be told most days I set aside at least an hour alone to do my make up and very rarely do I feel anything close to flawless.


Most women if they are anything like me don't feel pretty until the makeup is put on and even with make up flawless is still a stretch because once we are out and about in the world we see face after face of women who seem to have it more together than we do and who's makeup is 10 times better than ours.

But have you ever wondered if that girl that you see as "perfect" and "amazing" feels just like you?

I only ask because I feel like that happens sometimes with you guys and me on Instagram. I have noticed recently when I post pictures many of you comment and compliment me on how perfect my makeup is or how "flawless" my skin looks. Some of you even tell me that you hate your own skin and wish you had "perfect" skin like mine. Which breaks my heart.

The truth of the matter is everything is not as perfect as it seems.

And I wanted to make sure that you guys knew that, what you see on Instagram (with me, other beauty/fashion bloggers, MUA and models) are very carefully selected pictures. The cream of the crop if you will lol. These pictures are taken after we are done up, in just the right lighting with just the right angle and just the right smile. Then we slap a few filters on it and post it for your Instagram viewing pleasure. 

If I sat here and actually counted all the pictures I have in my phone that didn't make it to Instagram because one of my eyes looked bigger than the other or the lighting was off or a filter couldn't even save it....well...that would explain why I have no space in my 16gb iPhone *side eye*

As much as I would love to take credit for the glamor shots you guys see on IG, or the "perfect skin" you have come to love, I can't and I don't. All that was brought to you by filters and the letters M.A.C. 

Honestly, I'm just like every one of you. I struggle with breaks out, dark under eye circles and un-even skin tone. 

 I don't always feel pretty and very rarely enjoy my morning face, but I wanted to embrace it.

 So yesterday on Instagram I posted this collage of myself after just waking up. I had no wig, no makeup....not even any lip balm *gasp* luckily my lips were not crusty LMAO

No make up, no filter. Dark circles, uneven skin tone and breakouts coming in

I wanted to show that under all the make up and filters and angles....NO ONE IS PERFECT.

But you shouldn't be ashamed of your imperfections, they don't make you any less of an amazingly beautiful person.  No matter if you have dark circles under your eyes that makes it seem like you have not slept in years or a huge noes (like me lol) 

Everyone should be able to feel confident in the skin that they are in. You have to love yourself first...because if you don't no amount of make up or compliments will make you feel better...feeling better starts from within.

So each day I challenge you to love the way you woke up, and to feel flawless with your naked skin and if any of you are brave enough (which I hope you all are) post a picture of yourself on Instagram with no make up and tag it  #barefacebeauty & #prettygirlsguide I would love to see all my beauties out there being proud of the skin they are in!

Never be afraid to say "I woke up like this"

Side bar ladies: By no means am I trying to hate on make up or those who wear it. If you want to wear some make up to cover up what you don't like so be it. No matter if its pimples or freckles. Or even if you want to wear it just because you like it. Who cares!? Find what works best for you and do it! Trust me I won't stop wearing make up either lol. 

Just remember the most important thing is that you love yourself, flaws and all.
(Hmmm thats another Beyonce song huh?)

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


  1. Umm girl.. WHAT BREAKOUTS? I don't see a pimple to your face. lol!

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