Date Night Dinner Creations (recipe)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Have you ever wanted to absolutely wow the special guy or girl in your life with an amazing home cooked dinner?

But the only thing that was stopping you was the actual cooking part??

Trust me we have all been there, no matter if your newly dating and not the best cook soooo you tend to shy away from cooking for your boo. Or you've been dating for a few years and no matter how much you try you always get stuck in a rut when it comes to cooking dinner. 

"Will it be tacos or spaghetti tonight hun?" 

Well fear not pretty girls. Im here to save your dinner plates!

Everyone knows the way to a mans heart is through his tummy, so today I have a super quick and tasty recipe that will have him wanting to make you a keeper (even if you secretly can't cook lol, I won't tell) or singing your praises for not making spaghetti...AGAIN

Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Chicken
(sorry vegetarians I got you next time)

Todays recipe involves two of my favorite things.....cheese and bacon something you can always use more of =) I really like this recipe because it comes off so fancy but is actually really simple. I also love it because you can really make it your own, add in different flavors, use more of something pretty much go crazy with it because this is a fail proof really can't mess it up.

Total time: Prep 20 min. Bake 35 min.
Makes: 2-4 servings (each breast yields one serving depending)

What You Need:

2-4 Chicken Breast (each breast makes 3 wraps)
Thick Cut Bacon 
Half of a yellow onion
Mexican cheese
All purpose seasoning
Other seasonings to your liking

**Optional alternative to spinach and cheese would be a spreadable cream cheese mix with chive or possibly artichoke ect.


1) Wash and chop 3 handfuls (yes handfuls ) of spinach into small pieces. If using frozen spinach microwave to defrost and then drain and set aside in a bowl. If you are not a fan of spinach you can replace this with any leafy green. You could also choose to use a spreadable cream cheese mix mentioned above.

2) Dice half of a yellow onion or as much as you would like and add it to the spinach. You want your spinach to onion ratio to be about 2 to 1,  if you would like to use more than a half an onion make sure you also use more spinach...unless of course you don't like spinach lol. 

3) If you have not opted to use the cream cheese mix, add cheese to spinach and onion and mix together. You can eye ball this if you like a lot of cheese use a lot, if not don't. =)

4) Wash chicken breast and slice horizontally into three equal sections. If your sections seem too thick, you can flatten the chicken some.

*At this point you can preheat the oven at 400 degrees*

5) Season chicken and add spinach, onion and cheese mixture evenly to each chicken section. When I season chicken I always poke holes in the chicken with my knife before I do to make sure some of the seasoning gets into the chicken =)

6) From the thinnest end to the thickest begin rolling up the chicken. Once you have completed the roll secure with a toothpick and roll another.

7) Take strips of bacon and wrap around chicken roll, starting with one end of the bacon on top of the roll and wrapping around from there. You can use the toothpick to hold bacon in place if need be.

8) Tear strips of aluminum foil for each roll and place on a baking sheet, curl ends of aluminum foil around roll ups. This helps hold the juices that cook off of the chicken and bacon and will keep everything moist. Do not cover the roll up completely you just want the juices to be held in the little boat you created.

9) Bake uncovered at 400 degrees for 35-40 minutes. 

10) This step is optional, I only did it because I like crispy bacon. After the roll ups are done baking, broil for 5 minutes to crisp bacon. (Make sure you watch this and check every 2 mins so that you will not char the bacon. I only did this for 2 mins and was fine with the results.

Then your done!!

Serve with broccoli and white or brown rice and pair that with a nice moscato wine with fresh pear slices in it and BAM color him impressed, full and happy. There is no way he won't be asking for seconds.

If you try out this recipe be sure to take pictures and share it with me on instagram @Theprettygirlsguide and use the hashtags #prettygirlscooktoo and #prettygirlsguide with the pic!

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you guys would like more recipes from me =)

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna 

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