The Hunt: Target, Walgreens & Toys R Us 7/12/14

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey All!

This week...well the past couple of weeks actually I have not been doing much couponing. I swear like I have not even gotten a paper. I just have not had the motivation to do it. I definitely miss getting stuff for free but I don't miss the clipping AT ALL.

Even though I have taken a break from more traditional couponing. I have been looking out for misprint deals and checking a lot of clearance prices. I think what happened was my brain got tired of "regular couponing" now clearance finds are all the rage for me. 

Since I have found a few pretty nice deals I decided to post them on them here on the blog. All of these have been found with in the last 48 hours so there is plenty of time for you to check your local stores and get in on the deals. Some things are unmarked others are CLEARLY tagged so just be ready to run out or search once you finish reading. 

I think i'll continue to post my clearance finds under the title "The Hunt" and ill tag it on the blog so you can easily find all the post like it. Now I'm not sure if this will be a weekly thing so just keep an eye out and happy hunting!


Ok so I know this week everyone is going crazy over the Tide Oxi deal at Target which if you don't know the break down or what I'm talking about I've got you covered =) 
check out the pic below 

I was not interested in that deal what so ever but since everyone else was that gave me plenty of time to scope out clearance without the worry of anyone snagging my deals lol. I swear couponers have a one track mind so when there is a good deal going on that everyones running for except for you...take that time to clean up on other things.

First thing first is seasonal items. Most of Targets outdoor furniture and anything to do with grilling and patio is up to 70% off in stores or more and all the Targets I have checked in my area are awkwardly enough still well stocked.

This Patio set was originally 139.00 and was on clearance for 69.50 the last time I checked and YES the whole set including the umbrella! 

Also on clearance in the patio section I saw the items pictured below at 70% off clearance, but forgot to snap a pics lol

There is definitely more than what I have pictured on clearance. When I say the whole outdoor section is pretty much clearance I'm sooooo not kidding. It just depends on what your store has in stock.

You can also find Char Broil table top grills for around 4.00, lawn accessories and more for up to 70% off! I love that summer isn't even really close to being over but you can rack up on full patio sets for next to nothing and enjoy them for at least 2.5 more months!

There is also a decent amount of other things throughout Target on clearance 

Digital audio monitor regular price 39.99 clearance 19.98 Sku 030040710

Double breast pump regular price 99.99 clearance 69.98 Sku 030051669

As you can see this was not found by me but I figured I would add it into the post. Target also had a lot of Avent bottles on clearance. 
Regular price 199.99 clearance price 99.98 SKU 030051050

A lot of picture frames this style were marked down. There were assorted sizes and prices, they were regularly between 15.00 and 20.00 and the clearance prices were between 3.00-6.00
Sku 074151295
Sku 074151718

Dyson Ball Vacuum Regularly 399.99 clearance 199.98 Sku 072070346 now this is clearly not the home depot penny item but for a Dyson....I assume this is a good price LOL I don't vacuum.

The items below I already posted about on my instagram @Theprettygirlsguide I figure I would add them on this post just in case some of you are not following me. However if your not you really should be I post deals on there the second I see them if they are hot deals, some may make it to the blog some may not.

It seemed as if most of the Sally Hansen was on clearance and for a pretty sweet price considering we got $1.00 off coupons not to long ago. That would make this set of 3 polishes only 2.50!!!

You can't beat these prices! 1.86 with our coupon!

Love this color 3.46 with our coupon and NO these are not the only colors on clearance it seems like their whole summer collection is marked down!

Event the Sally Hansen nail tools were marked down!

So all in all I feel like Target has some great clearance finds this week! I didn't even venture into clothing or electronics...although I hear Nicole Miller phone cases are dirt cheap right now =) go to your local Target and see what they have waiting for you and if you take pix please tag me in them on instagram! I love seeing your finds!


I stopped in wags only for a few seconds to do some exchanges but I looked around a bit in the cosmetics area and found these deals.

There are a lot of color tattoo products marked down all types of colors. Personally I have not used this product but a lot of people like it. The only reason I didn't purchase any was because I was unsure if I had coupons at home so I held off.

Another great find were these Maybelline lipsticks not only are they marked down to 3.79 but *gasp* what is that I spy?? A bogo 50% off tag under it!!! YES! This deal just go super sweet =)


The last place I went to clearance hunt was at Toys R Us,  now I have known for a few days they were having this huge BLAST sale where you get an additional 70-90% off of already clearances out merchandise. I had had absolutely NO interest in the sale because...well....I don't have any kids lol and pretty much have no business even stepping foot into a Toys R Us.

That was until yesterday when people started posting that they were getting bikes for like 30 bucks!!!

I have wanted a damn bike since Christmas but couldn't bring myself to shell out the 200+ dollars for a Schwinn. So seeing any bike go for only 30?! I had to investigate!

This was the initial post that got me to go to Toys R Us. I fell in love with the blue bike at the bottom only to find out that it was not actually on clearance, the person who's picture this is had gotten a special deal due to missing parts. 

Never the less I had to go look. Multiple bikes by mongoose are ringing up between 30-35.00 most popular is the tate style, but I suggest just grabbing the little price tags and scanning all that you are interested in, because none of them are marked as clearance.

Durring my search I came across this cute little bike. Its a Hello Kitty beach cruiser, I had not seen anyone post about it but something told me to scan it anyway.
This bike retails for 149.00 and is on unmarked clearance for 29.99!!!

I passed on it and got another one instead. Even though it is cute I'm 26 and I CAN NOT be seen riding around on a Hello Kitty bike!

As with most unmarked clearance its best to just go your local store have pictures of what other people have gotten and look for yourself calling ahead can be the difference between you getting an item and the workers at the store taking it off the shelves for themselves.

There is also a TON of other clearance at Toys R Us/ Babies R Us take some time tomorrow to go look around your bound to find something from baby toys to video games to bikes!

Thats all I have for this week I hope I have helped my fellow clearances shoppers out there. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'm here to help =)

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 

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