October Favorites: Fall Tv Shows Edition (faves & thoughts)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hey everyone so I hope I'm not the only one who's completely obsessed with this year's fall Tv show programming.

I think this might be the first time in years where I am actually sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for TV shows to come on at night. It's almost a flashback to when I was a little kid and TGIF is on except for I don't have to wait for Friday anymore it could be Thursday it could be Sunday it could be Monday. I get my shows all week and there are just so many good ones right now after I come home from work i'm a couch potato .... Like honestly if you gave me a choice between going out and watching How To Get Away With Murder and I'd be inside all night.

If you follow me on Instagram you already seen part of this conversation but I couldn't just leave it there Instagram limits how much you can say and I really needed to talk about all my favorite shows and I definitely wanted to share them with you guys to see if we have the same interests plus I forgot a couple on Instagram.

So here are my fave fall TV shows and what I think about them.

1. Scandal

I have to admit when I first heard about scandal I was like I am not watching this I am tired of shows that glorify a side chick and I was having no parts of it. So for two long seasons a.k.a. what felt like forever I avoided all things Olivia Pope...but then..they got me. Honestly I got worn down from all the talk and one night when there was absolutely nothing to watch on TV I gave in and was like let me just watch oooooone episode and Jesus be with me I binge watched every season.

And it's about so much more than Olivia Pope being a hoe...I mean don't get me wrong she still a hoe! BUT I am now connected and invested in these characters and their lives! Huck is definitely my favorite and I am SO SO pissed that Harrison had to die but I mean how would they really have carried out his character anyway...his story line was kind of dying. Oh and  I literally cannot wait to see what's going to happen with Olivia and Jake now that Mr President has grown some balls and daddy Pope has put this bug in Olivias ear UGH. CANT WAIT!

2. Once upon a time

As soon as I heard about that show I knew I was going to be hooked I mean I am a hard-core Disney fan and anytime you let me indulge in and relive my childhood memories of pretending to be a princess you got me.

However, I'm actually super surprised that Once Upon A Time was able to create such a dynamic characters and the keep a sound story line when mixing so many fairytales together. At first I honestly thought they were going to run the show into the ground by giving all these people connections but it really just makes the show that much better and it allows for so many twists and turns that you just never know what's coming next.

Oh and two words: Captain Hook

 This season however I'm a little bit worried because they added in Frozen and not that i'm a Frozen hater or anything I just I don't really think it deserves to be in the show yet... like it's too new and i'm not sold on it. They have been dragging out what happend to Elsa's sister for too long just to loop everything back to Emma and I really just liked that they were staying with classic fairytales but we'll see how he gets carried out. I'm more so really happy and really sad at the same time for Regina I was so happy she was not a villain anymore and finally happy but...they just won't let that woman live lol.

3. Sleepy hollow

First let me tell you I am so NOT a fan of scary things like I can't even sit through the Halloween episode of Martin without looking over my shoulder that's how much of a punk I am but Sleepy Hollow has gotten me to binge watch every episode.

I will admit sometimes I am still sitting there looking over my shoulder making sure a demon isn't coming after me but this show is amazing I think it's because Ichabod Crane reminds me a lot of Captian Jack Sparrow and if you understand my love for Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook for that matter you get how a man crush can get me to sit thought anything scary lol. It's just those type of characters...and that accent I can't I can't say no.

I'm also very impressed by this new actress who is in the show I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about her the first season I felt like she was kind of starting off dry but she has really come into her own and I hope she gets more roles. Over all I love how twisted and dark the show is while still having a lot of comedic sense about its a really good juxtaposition and I love it!

4. Law and order SVU

This is a show that didn't make it on my list on Instagram only because I absolutely forgot about it which makes it seem like I don't really love it BUT I DO! I have seen every episode of Law & Order SVU from season one until now I am a hard-core fan. Honestly I'm just so happy that it's not off the air lol.

They've lost a lot of good characters, Stabler,  Dr. Wong and Cragen but they've somehow managed to integrate these new characters into these new seasons without taking away from the show or the dynamic you love about it.

I'm super interested to see how the rest of the season plays out just because it's been a little touch and go but I really think they're trying to find their footing especially with Olivia now having a kid and all these other factors that kind of change things. Luckily its not any less interesting..yet it's just I wonder where they're going to go with this season.

I can say one thing for sure, last season had me on my toes I loved loved loved the on going back-and-forth with that serial killer he was creeping me the hell out and you know what when I saw him on Orange Is The New Black he STILL creeped me out lol but I'm glad that they killed him off because I couldn't of taken much more of him.

5. Black-ish

This was one show that I can't even believe made it on my list from the first advertisements I saw I said I wouldn't like it. I personally don't like Anthony Anderson as an actor however Tracy Ellis Ross is the bomb.com so I figured cut my losses give it one chance.

And it completely bombed it's first chance I absolutely hated the first episode. I thought it was corny, I thought it was lame, I thought it was poorly put together and I couldn't really connect with it...the new Cosbys my butt!!

It really almost didn't make it to round two and the only reason it did was because a friend of mine said give it till the second episode and of course the second episode was so much better than the first I'm still hot and cold about it but after the third and fourth episodes being consistent I feel like I can give the whole season a fair shot.

What I do like about the show of course is Tracy Ellis Ross and I also like the kids the kids are what really makes the show interesting. I love the way the writers made them all into like mini grown ups especially the twins, however I don't know how long im going to be able to take the fact that they made both of the boys characters come off kind of dumb...again we shall see.

6. The mysteries of Laura

This show was absolute wild card and I actually have no idea how I stumbled upon it. I think it was because I was watching something on Hulu and forgot to hit stop in this automatically played next.

But it must have been fate because I absolutely love Debra Messing! I have loved her since she was on Will and Grace and have really been missing that kind of like quirky funny asshole type woman character. I love that she's playing a cop and I love that she's divorced from her husband and he's in the workplace with her it just bring so many funny elements and the fact that her partner is super hot just makes it nice to watch right? Lol

Now how the rest of the show is going to play out is actually a little bit interesting to me because unlike normal cop shows this doesn't really have an underlying back story every individual episode kind of seems unrelated to the next except for the fact that her and her husband are divorced and no one else on the show seems to have a real back story....so it's definitely not your typical show where things seem to run together so we'll see how it goes but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

Because I actually do like it.

7. How to get away with murder

When I tell you guys this show blindsided me...like I did not see this coming at all I was not ready Jesus take the wheel Viola Davis is absolutely amazing in her role she plays such a strong woman and then you see her sensitivity it's such a good give and take, not too often do you see women play such extremes in a show...its normally one sided she kind of gives me a little Olivia Pope in that sense.

I actually started watching the show on a complete whim I had no hopes for it whatsoever but after the first episode I knew that this was going to be one of my top shows I mean it it's hard for show to get me to look forward to seeing the next episode but this show all off of the first episode had me wanting more.

It's so crazy that this is only season one its like jam packed and full with action, scandal and mystery! I cant wait to see how the characters are going to unfold especially with last weeks episode....the wallpaper on the wall!!!! OH THE BETRAYAL!! And who  in the hell killed this girl was a her husband I still cant put my finger on it its like everyone has motive! Ugh I dont know but we will find out though!

That pretty much raps it up for my fave show I honestly cant believe I have 7!? I normally have the attention span of a flea, some may drop off as the season continues but a few are def here to stay!

Do you have any favorite shows this fall? Are you loving any of my favorites?!
Let me know below!! I love hearing what you guys think!

Until next time,
XO Deanna

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