We broke up: 6 Valuable Lessons I learned From "Losing Love"

Yup...thats right, we broke up.

I mean you could have guessed it, all the normal breakup signs were there.

There have been no Bae updates, he's not on my Snapchat anymore, I haven't posted him on The Gram and he damn sure hasn't been on the blog. Hell I haven't even been on the blog and its partially due to the breakup.

To be very honest...I took it all pretty hard, I'm the type who puts everything into a relationship. I can become so clouded by the whole thing that if things go left...when I'm sitting here thinking things are going right (literally I didn't even see it coming) it hits me like a Mac truck...and I'm not talking about one that holds Makeup or Laptops which would have been so much better -___-

However after one very "honest" phone call and a come to Jesus moment with my bestie my devastated outlook on the ending of our relationship has been flipped and I'm in a much better place.

For once...I feel like I'm able to see the lesson's to be learned from our
 ending and how it all leads to a new beginning.


And that what I'm here to share with you...the 6 lessons I learned from losing love.


5 Tips On How To Be Confident Featuring Dove Dry Spray

Contrary to popular belief I haven't always been this super confident person.

Its actually quite the opposite.

 Growing up everyone else made it look easy to be cool and confident while I was the goofy girl who didn't quite have it all together. I was a nerd, I was in the band, I was a tomboy...which of course led to me getting made fun of by all the neighborhood kids. 

I'll spare you the pictures, but just imagine braces, oversized jeans, baseball socks and jerseys...I was pretty much a mess.

Confidence was something I had to learn and I'm still learning but there are 5 tips that have helped me  make my way to a more confident me. 

6 Ways To Beat Your Panic Attacks While Flying

Theres no worse feeling then wanting to do something really bad, but being horribly afraid that you won't ever be able to do it.

Thats exactly how I felt about traveling abroad...

While cost was a factor, my biggest fear was that I would not be able to last though the plane ride to my destination without having a panic attack and completely losing my shit thousands of feet in the air with no escape.

But at the same time, I didn't want to let that fear hold me back.


You're Not Going To Be Able To Say No To Any Of MAC's 2016 Holiday Collection

Just when I thought MAC had stopped playing with my emotions and coming for my pockets this year with all the the must have collections they've launched. From Taraji, to Selena (which will be relaunching in January in case you missed it) to Star Trek, to Liptensity and Mariah.

They did it again.

My little makeup loving heart just can't take it MAC released the promotional photos for their Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection and well....

*Insert Jaw Drop*


Pretty Girl Travels: 10 Things You Must Experience In Paris & The Things You Can Skip

As a first time international tourist Paris can be an overwhelming city to try and concur. Its the city of love, the city of museums and the city of a million things to do....so where the heck do you start?

Well, on my recent trip to Paris I did the leg work (literally there was a shit ton of walking) and hand picked some must do's while visiting Paris. I also mapped out a few things you can skip to save some coins (cuz you know how I do) and most importantly save you some time so you can have more freedom to do what you want.

Ill also throw in a few pro tips that I learned while I was there that will make your trip run a little smoother. 

So....lets get it!


The 6 MAC Liptensity Shades You'll Be Dying To Rock This Fall (Full Review & Swatches)

If there is one thing that I absolutely love rocking during the fall and winter seasons...


I feel like its the perfect way to add a pop to your face when people are least expecting it. While everyone else is focused on finding the perfect boots, i'm focused on the perfect lipstick. 

But this fall I won't have any worries because MAC has changed the game up with their new Liptensity collection launching tomorrow September 20th.

Pretty Girl Curls: How To Style A Tapered Cut On 4C Hair

So if you have been following me on Instagram, it comes as no surprise to you that all the long locks of mine are gone gone gone...and guess what?

I couldn't be happier!

The most popular question I have gotten lately other than "what made you cut it" is "omg how do you how do you style your hair, your curls are so defined"


The Hunt: Target Nate Berkus Home Decor Clearance & Shopping Tips

I have to admit its been forever since i've spent more than a few minuets in Target picking up the essentials. 

Lately I've been on the go so much that my usual clearance shopping and couponing have pretty much gone out the window, but yesterday as I strolled down the aisle to get water a beautiful red clearance sticker caught my eye.

It was a Nate Berkus vase (JACKPOT) and we all know that one red sticker leads to another. The next thing I knew I had a cart full of home decor clearance and just like that, I was back on the clearance hunting bandwagon!

Pretty Girl Styles: Thigh High Boots and Pomegranate Lemonade Two Of My Favorite Things

Have you ever heard the saying that the right pair of shoes can change a girls life?

Well I'm pretty sure these boots have taken me to a new level.

Clearly channeling my inner Rihanna.


Sudio Headphones Review: The Answer To The iPhone 7's No Headphone Jack

Ya'll may not know this but...I...LOVE...MUSIC!

Give me some ol school (I can't believe I'm old enough to say that) Kanye, a little James Blake,  Beyonce, throw in some Drake, a few cuts from *insert any ratchet rappers name here* for the turn up and maybe even some Nora Jones then i'm set.

Unless it's a particularly hard day then I'm going to need you to turn on The Read's podcast and stay out of my way.

My point is, being able to have limitless access to quality audio at all times is important to me.

Which is why when Sudio Sweden asked me to try out their wireless headphones I was more than happy to give them a whirl, especially with my upcoming 10 hour flight, yeah ill be needing those. 


Pretty Girl Travels: 6 Tips On How To Travel Abroad For Cheap!

In exactly 15 days (depending on when your reading this) ill be thousands of miles in the air on my way to Paris, France for a week long vacation with Bae!!

I have soooooo many emotions about the upcoming trip.

Im nervous about the long flight, wondering if am I crazy for going out of the country with Bae this soon (that will be another blog post) and most of all I'm amazed that I can even afford this trip.

  Like seriously, round trip airfare alone can cost you up to 2 stacks. Especially if your talking about Paris and having that kind of disposable income has never been in the cards for me, so traveling abroad was out of the question...

But thats all in the past for me and hopefully for you too thanks to this post and some good tips that I want to share to help everyone travel the world on almost any budget!


Pretty Girl Styles: Distressed and Delicate

With the addition of my new hair I've started feeling a little more funky and daring with my style choices and its had me wanting to mix things up a bit.

So when I got invited to Sunday brunch, instead of reaching for the typical girly dress or fashion forward trousers...I decided to pair a few opposites together and see what happened.

End result? I was either going to show up looking like an under dressed bum or the most stylish person in the room...


My Daily Skin Care Routine & The 6 Products You Need To Get Glowing Skin

I know for many people, summer can do a number on your skin. From sunburn peeling to skin irritation and pimples due to sweat and dirt build up. It can be hard to keep that beautiful face of yours silky smooth and glowing.

Now with the seasons about to change (whenever the weather decides to lean in my favor lol) your skin is about to be thrown for another loop.

With all the changes I figured I'd share my skin care routine with you to help get your skin back in gear from all that summer has done and prep it for fall to avoid any other...lack luster reactions.

After the jump you'll find my 6 go to products that I think every woman should have in her skin care arsenal along with a bonus tip on how to really boost you skins heath so you'll be glowing right into fall!


Pretty Girl Styles: Train Tracks & Floppy Hats

The second I purchased those fringe booties I knew summer 16 was over for me and although it may still be teetering on 90 degrees outside for most of us are thinking...


No pumpkin spice lattes for me yet but sweaters, hats, boots...yes please.


Battling Anxiety And How To Over Come Panic Attacks

10 years ago almost down to the day I was robbed at gun point with a group of friends after my homecoming concert in my freshman year of college (hell of a way to start a post I know).

The robbers made away with cell phones, purses, money, car keys etc but luckily we were unharmed physically. 

We didn't tell many people about it and I personally tried to brush the traumatic event under the rug and go about my daily life not knowing how badly I had been effected by the whole incident. 

To this day I can still remember the whole scenario so vividly as if it happened last night, I remember what I was wearing, how the gun was pointed directly at my abdomen, being frisked to make sure I wasn't hiding anything and even what the men said to us.

I thought I was going to be able to move past it all, but that one event was the catalyst that sparked my 10 year battle with Panic and Anxiety Disorder, PTSD and my struggle to find ways to overcome both without medicine.

Pretty Girl Styles: How To Wear A Maxi Dress A Work

In no specific order my top 4 fears are gorillas, spiders, thunderstorms and...boats.

But about a week ago thanks to some pretty cool interns that I've grown to love this summer, I bit the bullet and faced my fear of boats by taking a ride on The Spirt Of Baltimore.

Note: The smile above was forced...I was shaking like a leaf.

7 Things You Should Be Doing To Beat The Heat

Even though its almost time to head back to school or face the reality that your PTO and time at the beach may be winding down.

 The heat of Summer heat has shown no signs of letting up and although I may be dreaming about pumpkins, football and Chai (Oh My!). This 90 plus degree weather is forcing me to actively think about effective ways not to melt during the day.

So after racking my brain and doing research on things that work IN REAL LIFE to cool you down I've put together this list to share with you all.

Here's to hoping these quick tips work for you and worst comes to worst your matte finishing spray is BOMB AF!


The Hunt: How To Furnish Your Entire Patio For Under $80.00 At Target!

Nothing says Summer time like spending time outdoors. 

Just imagine it. 

Feet up, breeze blowing, sipping on a sangria with not a care in the world =)
 That was me two days ago on my brand new patio set from Target.

I was able to furnish my while patio for a smooth $80.00 and I'm going to show you how to do the same thing!!


NYX COSMETICS HAUL: Whats Really Worth Your Money?

I won't say I went crazy at the NYX Pentagon City Grand Opening...but I will say that I picked up a bit more than I bargained for.

To be honest I only went in for a new eyeshadow base and a grey lipstick...but clearly my self control missed that memo.

However not all that glitters is not gold...

Find out all the deets on the products I snagged at the opening including which ones I loved and kept and which ones I hated that had to go back to the store! 

Plus suggestions on which products I think are really your dollars.

NYX Cosmetics Pentagon City Grand Opening: Review

The wait is finally over for the DMV!

NYX Cosmetics 12th storefront has opened inside the Fashion Center at Pentagon City!

I had heard rumors of the store opening for a while but hadn't had the chance to get to Pentagon City until the second day of the opening. Check out pictures of the store layout, my thoughts on the opening and what I loved below!

The Hunt: Target Clearance Electronics, Home Goods & Storage Oh My!

If you haven't figured it out yet, Target clearance hunting is my JAM!

I get a rush of adrenaline every time I find a great piece of unmarked clearance or an amazing deal on something i've been eyeing.

The only thing that makes me more excited than that is being able to share all these deals with so many of my followers that otherwise would have time to search for them on their own.

I LOVE passing deals along & with that, lets get into this weeks finds filled with electronics, bedding, home goods, and summer items.

And don't forget to look out for the next installment of The Hunt in 2 weeks!


The Perfect Summer Time Vampy Make Up Look

I have not quite figured out why but I live for a dark lip!

Fall, Winter, Spring Summer...I don't care about the season! While most people are reaching for nude and flirty pink's for their lips and eyes I'm still holding on to my deep tones. 

But...this love of dark tones doesn't go without a struggle. When summer time hits I've always struggled on how to make dark vampy makeup work without looking out of season.

But I think I've finally got it. Check out what I used to achieve this vampy daytime summer look below!

Sex, Dating & Body Counts: Why My Number Doesn't Matter To Me Anymore

Somewhere along the line when I was dating I came up with this idea that I would be married before I had sex with a certain number of men. I didn't exactly know where that thought came from or why I had come to this conclusion that my number of sexual partners was so important but it was.

As I dated more,  every time the conversation of being intimate with my partner came up I had a mini panic attack. I would frantically begin the count in my head, recapping everyone I had had sex with. Making sure I was still far enough away from "my number" just in case he wasn't "the one".

You know....ensuring that I still had enough wiggle room.


It's Lit: 11 Festivals and Events You Need To Be At This Summer

Although Mother Nature continues to play games with the weather as well as our emotions, that isn't keeping me from dreaming of the making this summer the ultimate turn up.

I've handpicked 11 festivals and events that YOU need to be a this summer...come hell or high water.

Check out the list after the Jump.

He's No The One: Five Signs You're In A Situationship

Love...we are all looking for it.

While some of us won't give up the relentless pursuit of never ending happiness, other who think they have found that happiness are actually...just settling.

I know it can be hard to wait until true love decides to plop its self on you door step buuuuuuuut that doesn't mean that building a "Situationship" with some random dude isn't the answer Sway!

Because at the end of the day you aint gonna be happy settling with Mr.Right now and poooor little Mr.Right now is just going to wind up hurt. 

So...how do you know if you really love him or if your in a Situationship? Put on your big girl panties and check the 5 sure signs that this...ain't the real thing below.

The Hunt: How I Got $100 Bedding For Cheap and Other Target Clearance 4/7/2016

By now, you all know that I'm pretty good at finding Target deals.  Like I pretty much have red tag radar. But because I know that finding the best clearance deals can be tedious and keeping track of what goes to clearance and when isn't for everyone.

I do my best to share the deals I find with my fellow clearance lovers.

So, below you will find this weeks top Target clearance deals.

Ill try to keep this up, maybe weekly or bi-weekly to keep y'all styling for the low low =)

PrettyGirlsLiveFit: My First Day On The Brittne Babe 21 Day Challenge

 Today was my first official day on the 21 day challenge.

 I have to admit going to the challenge I was actually kind of nervous most of all because I wasn't able to properly prep before hand to set myself up for success.  Even though I clearly knew about the challenge I feel like I was, as with most things procrastinating and before I knew it the evening had snuck up on me. I didn't have time to really cook for the next day or do any other preparations like getting in the right mindset.

But either way Monday was coming...
Check out my thoughts on how my first day went and changes I'm already seeing below

PrettyGirlsLiveFit: Healthy Living Is A Choice Im Starting The Brittne Babe 21 Day Challenge

 For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that I have been talking about BrittneBabe's 21 day challenge and how I was going to attempt to take it head on starting April 4th!
 At first it was a joke between a friend and I, she was talking about how we were going to do the challenge and get our booties right and tight for summer. However the more I thought about it the more I realize that this actually probably shouldn't be a joke.

Couponing 101: How I Got My $200 Schwinn Clear Creak Hybrid Bike for $58 & Other Target Clearance Bikes


When I tell y'all I have been doing nothing but thinking about getting a new bike since this weather up and decided to act right...chile.

But bikes cost TOO damn much and there was no way I was going to spend upwards of $300.00 on a quality bike (people got bills you know)

So I fought the urge to splurge and the Coupon Gods rewarded my "patience" with a plethora of clearance bikes just in time for spring and I cashed in and you can too!



Why Is Our Black Hair Such A Problem To You?

So what happens when people who should be busy educating our children are more worried about how those same children wear their hair?

Those kids get suspended...

Yup thats right...two kids got suspended over their hair and I got so mad that I made a video about it

Sometimes I really wish the stories I hear about the things that we go through as people of color or people with natural hair were just a joke. But then i think even if it was a joke it wouldn't be funny.

Find out more about the incidents below.


7 Ways To Jump Start Your Fitness

 Ok so "New Year New Me" is officially TWO FULL months ago and lets be honest that list of New Years resolutions you made are nowhere to be found.

How do I know? Simple...I can't find mine either.

What's even worse is that I know exactly what my major resolution was. It was to get in shape....and i've sucked all of January and February at trying to stick to it.

My idea of the perfect body...@bundleofbrittany
Theres been excuse after excuse, I was just getting over the holidays, I had just finished moving, I had to find a gym to join ....

 The list could go on...but as I continued to come up with excuses on why I couldn't or wasn't working out. I realize that nothing will change until I did, so for March I decided to buckle down and really start working on getting healthy and I wanted to share the seven ways i'm jumpstarting my fitness with you! 


Love On Top: Valentine's Day OOTD

Truth be told I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's day...or the color red but when in Rome.


4C Hair Chronicles: 3 Ways You Can Use Your Q-Redew On 4C Hair

 A while back I wrote a blog post about how I shower steam my hair and although I still love shower steaming for a quick curl pick me up in the morning I have since gotten a Q-Redew hair steamer.

 And i promise you my 4C hair has done everything short of jumping off of my head and doing a praise dance at this amazing hair steamer.

 Since my methods for steaming have changed, I wanted to update you on 3 ways I use my Q-Redew that you can add into your natural hair regimen as well as a short review on the steamer.

5 Items You Need In Your Make Up Bag From Sephora Reccomended By A Pro MUA

 Last week I got a chance to chat it up with make up slayer and face beater Jamaya Moore while she was on one of her most recent live make up tutorials that she broadcast on Facebook. As she was talking about products I got to pick her brain about the top five must-have's from Sephora.


 Because let's be honest we all love Sephora but not their prices and if I can narrow a shopping list down to five must-have's we can all save our pockets from a little pain.

All She Wants For Valentines Day Is...The Clueless Guys Guide

Do you know what your Bae wants for Valentine's Day?

Teddy bears are cute and flowers are nice...but what is she really looking forward to?

I promise you the answer is not in your pants...but it is on this blog!

How To Get Purex For Only .99 Cents! 1/28-2/6

You all seem to love when I pull a good coupon deal out of my hat and this deal right here...will probably have you praising the heavens.

Especially if your a mom with ALOT of laundry to do!

We all know that buying any household goods especially toilet paper and laundry detergent can be a pain in your butt and definitely a pain in your pocket but this week (while you still have a chance) and all next week (if you have a Shop Rite in your area) I'm going to show you how to get Purex laundry detergent for as low as .99 cents a bottle.

And we ain't talking trial size bih!

Barbies New Shape: Out With The Old In With The Real

 Finally a real representation of women in all of our beautiful colors, shapes and sizes have burst onto the scene in a BIG way.
57 years in the making but they are finally on to something!

Why You Should Never Throw Away Those Unused Natural Hair Products

Why? WHY?!?!?!

 Because you never know when that hair product in the bottom of your hair box might be the diamond in the rough that you never knew you had!
That very thing happed to me this weekend with a product from a brand that well...lol keep reading.
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