All She Wants For Valentines Day Is...The Clueless Guys Guide

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Do you know what your Bae wants for Valentine's Day?

Teddy bears are cute and flowers are nice...but what is she really looking forward to?

I promise you the answer is not in your pants...but it is on this blog!

I know guys can be a little clueless when it comes to shopping for Valentines day, birthdays, anniversaries...well pretty much anything. And trust me the standard gifts wont be getting you any Valentines day booty, there must be more thought than stopping at the Grocery store V-day section on the way home.

So I figured I'd help you guys (or girls) out with 5 cute and not so traditional gifts from the online retailer Spring that Bae would love to open on Valentines addition to the teddy bears and flowers!

Because lets be honest, we want those too. *shrugs* what can I say tradition dies hard.

 Oh and don't forget the chocolate we DEFINITELY want the chocolate!

Top Picks From

1. Luxury Tin Candle Set


Ok...your girlfriend may not want these.
I do. Please send them my way lol!
But no really, when in doubt get her candles, we love them and never have enough. Don't believe me?
Open the cabinet under your girlfriends sink I promise you it will look like she owns her own Bath and Body Works Candle Factory.

2. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch


It's a Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.
Enough said...shes probably asked for this a million times already anyway, it's time to break down and get the watch.
Before you need to get a new girlfriend.


3. Warby Parker Topper in Crystal


I'm not sure if I need to say anything other than Warby Parker for it to make sense as to why you should be copping these like....yesterday. These glasses are the perfect blend of sporty, chic and practical. Any fashion savvy lady would love them and if you don't have your own pair, you should cop some to match her fly.
Not the same pair though, that's not cute...this isn't high school bruh.

4. Lux Cashmere Gloves


This is easy. It's cold out, but Bae does not want to look like the abominable snowman so what's the solution? The perfect cashmere gloves, that will not only keep her hands toasty but on certified fleek status!

5. Loop Scarf


Bishs LOVE scarves! It's a proven fact...i'm serious Google that shit! I mean who wouldn't? They are cozy as hell, they keep you warm and anytime your outfit is questionable throwing on a scar makes you instantly 10 times cuter.
This beauty right will become her prized winter passion for sure. 

6. Love Case


Now a phone case may seem like a silly gift...but think about it. What's always in your girls hand?! Right her phone! So anything that you can get her favorite accessory look cuter is going to be a total win.

7. Lace Trim Bra


No girl can resist the power of a bralette! I don't know what comes over us, but we just love them. If her eyes don't light up with little hearts in them when she opens this...her heart is surely made of coal and you need to re-evaluate this relationship.
Did you take notes?!
Ok, good so now its time to...ready, set, shop! Because I know you have not started shopping yet lol. Shoot me an email after V-Day and let me know if you got lucky *winks*. What Beyoncé say? Bae gonna be trying to take u to Red Lobster!
Until Next Time,
XO DeAnna

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  1. Valentine's day is coming again, think she wants the same this year as well ? lol. Bdw a gift, a card and some cute valentine's day sayings for wife can make her day.