Pretty Girl Styles: Distressed and Delicate

Sunday, September 4, 2016

With the addition of my new hair I've started feeling a little more funky and daring with my style choices and its had me wanting to mix things up a bit.

So when I got invited to Sunday brunch, instead of reaching for the typical girly dress or fashion forward trousers...I decided to pair a few opposites together and see what happened.

End result? I was either going to show up looking like an under dressed bum or the most stylish person in the room...

 The verdict?

Bish, you guessed it, most stylish person in the room!

I have to say there is no better felling then having your outfit comes out EXACTLY how you imagined it in your head *insert heart eye emoji*

I love distressed jeans and paring them with this delicate crape material shirt created the perfect contrast of distressed and delicate.

I also threw on some rocker style heels to keep the play on styles going but added light touches like the gold necklace and a peach toned clutch to balance.

Of course the most bomb mix of styles in this outfit was my hair, the cut is super edgy but the color and curls soften the look.

Necklace: // Francesca's Collection // $12.00 // Similar Here & Here
Watch: // Jord Wood Watches // Gratis ($189.00) //  Here
Shoes: // DSW // Circus by Sam Edelman // Sale $24.99 // Similar Here & Here
Jeans: // Gap // $20.00 // Similar Here
Shirt: // H&M // $15.99 // Similar Here
Hair: // Wash and Go // Uncle Funkys Curly Magic // $25.00 // Here

My look down game was strong that day huh? Lol I hope you all try mixing up you style a bit on your next outing!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


  1. Gorgeous and impressive outfit and it is really suiting you with your mesmerizing looks. The dress is really good and the combination you have chosen is matching really perfectly.

  2. Lovely outfit and style!!
    You look pretty :)