He's No The One: Five Signs You're In A Situationship

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Love...we are all looking for it.

While some of us won't give up the relentless pursuit of never ending happiness, other who think they have found that happiness are actually...just settling.

I know it can be hard to wait until true love decides to plop its self on you door step buuuuuuuut that doesn't mean that building a "Situationship" with some random dude isn't the answer Sway!

Because at the end of the day you aint gonna be happy settling with Mr.Right now and poooor little Mr.Right now is just going to wind up hurt. 

So...how do you know if you really love him or if your in a Situationship? Put on your big girl panties and check the 5 sure signs that this...ain't the real thing below.

1) You use them for emotional support

Sounds good right...but in this case theres no real connection. They're pretty much just an emotional place holder. Someone that will listen to you talk and that you can feel comfortable expressing yourself to. However when it comes to listening to them, you find yourself thinking about anything but what their saying...like what your making for lunch tomorrow or how that damn nail tech messed up your manicure.

 You hang up the phone feeling comforted but still empty.

2) You two are always on the move, but not going anywhere 

The two if you are comfortable being together in almost any scenario, however there is NO plan for the future. No serious talk of commitment and little to no expectations of that ever happening on your end. Whenever they bring up getting serious you smoothly change the topic or simply say something like...

"we're having fun...just going with the flow"

Be honest, you don't want to flow anywhere with them.

3) Single or nah?

You can technically do whatever you want however due to implied relationship standards you're unable to talk to people freely.

That means absolutely NO Netflix and chill with anyone else and that text to that dude who's number you got...isn't that technically cheating on your boyfriend non boyfriend.

Bring on the feelings of being trapped and resentment.

4) Your missing milestones

As most relationships progress they hit certain milestones. You discuss deep topics and learn more than surface level facts about your partner. You meet each others friends and family, but in your case you don't even want to meet their friends.

It's like a don't ask don't tell situation you don't ask to meet their people and you hope they don't tell you they want you to lol.

5) You're not in love

Lets just face it you would never go to the ends of the earth for this person. 

While you do care for them there's no genuine want to go above and beyond. If they were to walk away tomorrow sure you would feel a little something but when its all said and done...admit it you would be relieved.

And...thats that.

If any of these signs have you rethinking your "bae" trust me, you're better as friends and I know theres a quote that says love is friendship set on fire...but this just needs to be extinguished.

So do the right thing...put them out of their misery before someone really gets hurt.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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