The Hunt: Target Nate Berkus Home Decor Clearance & Shopping Tips

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I have to admit its been forever since i've spent more than a few minuets in Target picking up the essentials. 

Lately I've been on the go so much that my usual clearance shopping and couponing have pretty much gone out the window, but yesterday as I strolled down the aisle to get water a beautiful red clearance sticker caught my eye.

It was a Nate Berkus vase (JACKPOT) and we all know that one red sticker leads to another. The next thing I knew I had a cart full of home decor clearance and just like that, I was back on the clearance hunting bandwagon!

Let the fun begin I LOVE when Nate Berkus items go on clearance. 

One- because he has great designs I mean honestly you can style your whole entire home with his piece's they are different enough not to have a whole room look matchy matchy yet cohesive enough to be paired together.

  Two- to be very honest, his line in Target is ridiculously over priced. Point Blank Period!

So with that being said, lets get into the clearance and get to furnishing your home this fall for the low low!


1) Nate Berkus Vase 
DPCI: 065-04-0533
Originally $24.99  Now $12.48

2) Nate Berkus Pillow 
DPCI: 065-04-0565
Originally $24.99  Now $12.48

3) Nate Berkus Stool 
DPCI: 056-04-0543
Originally $69.99  Now $34.48

4) Nate Berkus Decretive Aloe Plant 
DPCI: 065-04-0559
Originally $17.99  Now $8.98

5) Nate Berkus Basket
DPCI: 065-04-0516
Originally $29.99  Now $14.98

6) Nate Berkus Mirror 
DPCI: 065-04-0544
Originally $29.99  Now $19.98

7) Cabinet With Hooks 
DPCI: 074-09-1005
Originally $34.99  Now $24.48

8) Room Essentials Pendant Light 
DPCI: 074-06-2429
Originally $39.99  Now $19.98

9) Threshold End Table 
DPCI: 249-16-1687
Originally $79.99  Now $55.98
(I would wait for this to drop)

10) Bar Stools 
DPCI: 249-01-0154
Originally $94.99  Now $47.48

11) Threshold Bar Cart 
DPCI: 249-04-0389
Originally $129.99  Now $90.89
(I would wait for this to drop if it has not already)

13) Kinder Mat 
DPCI: 081-04-3921
Originally $9.99  Now $2.89
(For all the daycare providers or moms)

These were just a few of the quick finds I was able to spot on my last trip. Keep an eye out for my next clearance post that should have bedding, chairs, wall decor etc. 

Clearance Tips:

-Clearance prices at Target typically drop every 2 weeks and can range anywhere from 30%-90% off of the original price.

-Scan everything! Prices are always dropping and Target rarely keeps up with their markdowns.

-If there is something that you love but are not willing to pay the current price, there is always an option of "hiding" the item. Where do you hid them you ask? Just think of all the places people NEVER shop in the store and you'll find your answer =)

Until Next Time,XO Deanna


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