PrettyGirlsLiveFit: My First Day On The Brittne Babe 21 Day Challenge

Monday, April 4, 2016

 Today was my first official day on the 21 day challenge.

 I have to admit going to the challenge I was actually kind of nervous most of all because I wasn't able to properly prep before hand to set myself up for success.  Even though I clearly knew about the challenge I feel like I was, as with most things procrastinating and before I knew it the evening had snuck up on me. I didn't have time to really cook for the next day or do any other preparations like getting in the right mindset.

But either way Monday was coming...
Check out my thoughts on how my first day went and changes I'm already seeing below

 As usual I got up a little late Monday morning which really sucks when you didn't prep the night before. Even tough I was pressed for time I was able to scrounge together my meal for breakfast and a little something for lunch so that the day wasn't a complete fail.

 Although my job does offer healthy options for breakfast and lunch I didn't think I could be trusted to make the best decisions and also leaving it up to them to prepare the food doesn't guarantee that I'm really getting the best version of healthy foods. I can't know how much salt is added in the food or the sugar levels in the snacks etc. I'm really trying to teach myself it's best to cook your food on your own.


For breakfast I had  three hard-boiled eggs which comes out to about 18g of protein, two pieces of toast lightly buttered and I wound up picking up a cup of fruit at work because I wanted the balance...and well you can't mess up fruit lol.


I brought pretzel crips along for my mid day snack which actually fulfilled my little craving I got before lunch.


My lunch consisted of 4oz  of tuna which I mixed with a little bit of pepper, mustard, mayonnaise and relish and I also had a side of broccoli.


 Dinner was actually super relaxed I had 4 ounces of salmon which I cooked in the oven with salt, pepper and olive oil and I also had brown rice. I didn't exactly measure out how much I had but it wasn't too much.


 I was actually really surprised how well I did throughout the day I didn't break from my meal plan and the only things that were not included on the list above that I had were two graham crackers when I got home and two Reesie's cups during the day (they were the mini ones though).

What I did find the most interesting was that I was never hungry! Normally when I go to work I get a bacon egg and cheese on a croissant with butter and jelly for breakfast and later for lunch I will have a huge chicken wrap with lettuce avocado pepper jack cheese and cucumbers, topped with mayonnaise and chipotle mayo, along with a side of chips.

 But even with all that food throughout the day or by time I get home I'm still hungry! (crazy I know)

 I was also far less tired and sluggish then I normally am. Like I really got home and was actually motivated to get things done and there was no difference in the amount of sleep that I normally get....the only difference was food!

That really just lets me know that there is something vastly different between the daily nutritional values in heavily processed foods vs the nutrition that is in the foods that you get that need little to nothing done to them.

 So overall i'm super please with how my first day went and i'm excited to see how the rest of this 21 day challenge changes my mood, my body, my health and my eating habits.

 Are any of you doing a 21 or 30 day challenge or maybe just embarking on a fitness journey of your own?  If you are I would love to follow your progress and support don't forget to Hashtag your fitness post on Instagram with #PrettyGirlsLiveFit so I can see them!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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