Barbies New Shape: Out With The Old In With The Real

Thursday, January 28, 2016

 Finally a real representation of women in all of our beautiful colors, shapes and sizes have burst onto the scene in a BIG way.
57 years in the making but they are finally on to something!

 Today Mattel, the makers of Barbie announced that the iconic doll first released in 1959 has been revamped to be inclusive and relatable to women all across the world in their Fashionista Dolls line.

 This new Barbie line of Barbies features curvy, tall and petite dolls with a wider range of hairstyles, skin complexion's and implied ethnicities.
 I only wish my generation would have had this.
Cuz i'm telling you as an awkward little light skin girl with an overly athletic frame *insert side eye*  I would've loved to see a little more of me in the dolls I played with growing up. 



 Top five things I'm most impressed with about the doll from pictures alone?

1.  That they didn't just "go curvy":  I like that they didn't stop at the curvy shape but included tall and short dolls as well.  This brings a message of embracing all body types and differences =) 
Kudos to Mattel!
2.  Skintone :  Although this may not be new I have not purchased a Barbie in ages. However  strolling down the toy aisle for my niece and goddaughter I shy away from dolls because they never look like them. My niece who is biracial (white and black) and my goddaughter who is also bi racial (spanish and black) with these new skin tones I feel much better about a possible purchase and my niece and goddaughter will get to see what they see in the mirror represented in their toys. (7 new skin tones in this line)


3.  Attention to detail: While glancing through the pictures I scrolled across a Barbie with  distinctively "black"  features and I almost screamed ....(my cube mates at work would not have liked that) I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
4.   The flat foot: Introduce last year but something I still find amazing. Barbies shoe game is now limitless if you were not hip now you know, give that woman a bigger closet!

5.  It's happening: This is more personal than anything but I love that it's happening between the shortage of diversity in fashion, TV and Lord don't get me started on the Oscars...the fact that Mattel a major toymaker has stepped up and taken the time to make this change is huge and heartwarming. They are really changing not only the standards for the future but the lives, personalities and self-esteem of young girls who will grow into the woman who runs this country.

 Some (privileged) may not see how impactful this is and some (little girls) may not yet understand how this will forever change them but I as a grown woman can see the magnitude of this and will gladly sing its praises.

 For those of you ready to snatch these off-the-shelf for your little princess you'll have to wait. They will not be available in stores until March 1 but you can grab them online starting today check out the Barbie website HERE for details.

 What do you think of the new Fashionista Barbie are you loving it is it too little too late?
Until Next Time,
XO DeAnna

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