Pretty Girl Curls: How To Style A Tapered Cut On 4C Hair

Sunday, September 18, 2016

So if you have been following me on Instagram, it comes as no surprise to you that all the long locks of mine are gone gone gone...and guess what?

I couldn't be happier!

The most popular question I have gotten lately other than "what made you cut it" is "omg how do you how do you style your hair, your curls are so defined"

To be honest I'm still working on perfecting my styling method. When my hair was longer I lived for a twist out and didn't use very many products. Now that my hair is shorter it does require more attention product wise so I'm always ready to try something new. 

However, because of the length my time to wash and style has been cut down dramatically and my results are far better than before.

Can you believe this hairstyle was about 2 weeks old, two whole weeks and you can still see like each and every little ringlet!

God is real y'all.

In my new video below I show you the products I use to wash my hair and prep it for styling as well as the products I currently use to style and how I get my curls so defined.

The method I use for this is great for ladies with 4C hair as you can see but will also work with other textures. 

Also please check out the IMPORTANT notes at the bottom of this blog post about the products I used and the styling method I use that couldn't fit in the video.


Uncle Funkys Daughter Curly Magic:

I really do love this product, it helps your curls pop and does not weigh down your hair. My biggest annoyance with the product is that it can leave little gel clumps in your hair if you use "too much" of the product. 

This is one of the things that I have always hated about most gels on curly hair. I never seem to have this issue with creams only gel, little...gel balls stuck in my hair after drying.

Deva Curl Volumizing Styling Foam:

I really have no complains about this product, what I'm really looking forward to is trying it on its own maybe for a rod set or while doing finger coils. Currently I'm only using it to help set and combat the stickiness of the gel.


When styling your hair like I did in the video there are two very important things to remember. One is that you have your hair completely saturated with water. This helps the product really uh...."activate" your curls and let you souuuuuuuuul glow (if you get that reference please comment below and make me feel less old lol). The second thing you really need to keep in mind is...wait, I forgot the second thing..shit.

Oh well, thats it. I hope you all enjoyed the video and if you have any questions leave them below!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


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