NYX Cosmetics Pentagon City Grand Opening: Review

Monday, June 27, 2016

The wait is finally over for the DMV!

NYX Cosmetics 12th storefront has opened inside the Fashion Center at Pentagon City!

I had heard rumors of the store opening for a while but hadn't had the chance to get to Pentagon City until the second day of the opening. Check out pictures of the store layout, my thoughts on the opening and what I loved below!

In case you missed it the NYX Grand Opening event was AMAZING complete with a photo booth, giveaways, treats and cookies, on the spot makeovers, scratch off coupons (I lucked into a free mini lipstick), a free make up train case with a $75.00 dollar purchase and a lot more!

It was a MAD HOUSE in there....and there were so many excited shoppers that it was slightly overwhelming. 

But the store looked amazing and the workers did a great job at keeping stock replenished for customers.

 However since the store is on the smaller side it made it hard to shop and kept the checkout lines long. Even with security there regulating how many people were let in at a time...things were still turnt.

 The energy in the store defiantly created a buzz in the halls of Pentagon City. It seemed like even passers by who otherwise may not have come in quickly hopped in line just to see what all the fuss was about. 

I really appreciate how organized the store is, each corner is separated by category, face, eyes and then lips getting a full wall to itself because NYX clearly holds it down in the lip category. 

There were so many options I could have stayed in there for hours alone just picking the perfect shade.

Which I think I found.... this ombre lip duo pencil is EVERYTHING. 
What do you guys think?

I couldn't get enough of the store, it was great to finally get a chance to see a full range of NYX product line. Most of us are used to seeing just a few shadows and lipstick here and there in Target or  our local beauty supply store.

But this is product overload!

 All of their cosmetics, brushes and accessories are at your finger tips and the best part...you can TRY THEM ALL!

No I lied, the best part is their prices, at less then half the cost of MAC'S lipsticks feel free to double up on a few things =)

Can we say beauty on a budget?!

After about an hour in the store and a couple hundred swatches later like the ones above of NYX'S "Eye Lingerie" shadow line (which I now love), I was ready to check out.

I made it out with 8 products and a free mini make up train case. 

Check out my follow up blog  HERE were I let you know my thought on the items I picked up and my personal suggestions on what I think like are must haves if you're going to stop by the store.

I hear there are plans of opening a few more stores on the east and west coast and then NYX will be taking on the mid west and overseas! 

So if there is not an NYX store in your area currently don't worry....they're coming!

I want to say a big thank you to all of the amazing people that work in the Pentagon City NYX store for all there help with picking products and another  thank you to Pentagon City for bringing NYX to the DMV!

Do you love NYX cosmetics? Let me know what your favorite NYX product is in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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