You're Not Going To Be Able To Say No To Any Of MAC's 2016 Holiday Collection

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just when I thought MAC had stopped playing with my emotions and coming for my pockets this year with all the the must have collections they've launched. From Taraji, to Selena (which will be relaunching in January in case you missed it) to Star Trek, to Liptensity and Mariah.

They did it again.

My little makeup loving heart just can't take it MAC released the promotional photos for their Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection and well....

*Insert Jaw Drop*


Normally i'm the type of shopper that can practice some level of restraint when a hot new product or trend hits the scene but no....there is literally NOTHING I don't want. 

Just take my money...give it all to me now and you can bury me a happy woman.

Personally i'm a sucker for beautiful packaging and 9 time out of 10 most of the reason I buy exclusive collections is just for the packing. The Nutcracker Sweet a little different because not only is the packaging to die for so are the products.

Inspired by all things sugary product names will have your sweet tooth aching and packaging will send you into a candy cane dreamland. 

The designs, gorgeous. The product, gorgeous. The options for beat faces, endless.

You will be able to get your hands on all the candy coated goodness on October 20th when the collection goes live online and October 27th it will be in stores.

The gag is, for this collection not all items that will be online will be in store and vice versa so you will need to do a little hunting for this collection.

The collection itself includes, three Nutcracker Sweet Eyeshadow Compacts that will have your eyes wrapped in candy-coated fantasy no matter your makeup style. 

Nutcracker Sweet Brush Kits, I mean the ability to create a whole wonderland of looks will be at your finger tips and the best part is that they are travel size! So even on the go, you can have a sweet beat.

There are lip kits (no Kylie lol), limited edition colors Nutcracker Sweet Mineralized powders and more, but I can honestly show you better than I can tell you so....i'll just let you fall in love the way I did.

Lets Hear It For The Lips

There will never not be a day that I do not Stan for MAC lipsticks, they were my first love when I originally got into make up and they have not lost their spot in m heart yet. The Nutcracker Sweet collection boast 5 beautiful new limited edition colors. 

Flame boyish

Kingdom Of Sweets

Leap Of Delight

Saucy Little Darling

So Good For You

The Eyes Have It

There are three eyeshadow palettes in the collection as I mentioned before. Each palette contains a dual ended brush, nine shadows, a mirror and all come perfectly packaged in a hard case. Im obsessing over the cool palette for fall.

Retail Price: $39.50

Limited Edition Cool Palette 

Limited Edition Smokey Palette

Limited Edition Warm Palette

Lets Get Cheeky

A good cheek color with the right contour and highlight will have your face on fleek. I'm super excited to get my hands on these face compacts and the Magic Dust Powders look absolutely beautiful.

Limited Edition Peach Face Compact

Tutu- Whitish Pink Pearl
At Dusk- Warm Rose
Retail: $35.50

Limited Edition Copper Face Compact

Whisper of Gilt- Pale Gold Shimmer
Pleasure Model- Peachy Brown
Retail: $35.50

Magic Dust Powder

Yum Yum Yum- Soft Pink with Gold Pearl
Retail: $28.00

Magic Dust Powder

Sweet Vision - Peach with Gold Pearl
Retail: $28.00

Lets Brush Up

Everybody needs a good brush set and with these four sets you can't go wrong. Get your contour on, take those eyes to the next level, line those lips. These sets are perfect for everyone!  Specialty brushes for flawless application.

Limited Edition Basic Brush Set

190- Foundation Brush
129- Powder/Blush Brush
213- Fluff Brush
209- Eye Liner Brush
316- Lip Brush

Retail: $52.00

Limited Edition Contour Brush Kit

168- Large Angled Contour Brush
193- Angled foundation Brush
221- Mini Tapered Blending Brush
212- Flat Definer Brush
204- Lash Brush
Retail: $52.50

Limited Edition Essential Brush Kit

167- Face Blender Brush
217- Blending Brush
266- Small Angle Brush
Retail: $35.00

Limited Edition Mineralized Brush Kit

188- Small Duo Fiber Brush
159- Duo Fiber Blush Brush
298- Duo Fibre Eyeshadow Brush
283/286- Duo Fiber Small Eyeshadow/Tapered Blending Brush

Retail: $52.50


If you're not big on full eyeshadow palette's MAC will also be releasing six individual Magic Dust Eyeshadows. Pair them together or use them by themselves to add some pop to your holiday beat. Im loving these dessert colored shadows and their packaging.

Retail: $23.00

Forward March


Pretty Dainty 


Dance Flowers Dance

Dark Lullaby

The line also includes eye liners, pigments, mini nail polish kits, mini lip kits and mini full face kits.

There should literally be NOTHING that keeps you from this collection...aside from it selling out as soon as it drops. 

There really is something in the collection for everyone from the novice makeup fanatic to the most season professional everyone will be able to really sink their teeth into something.

At the Top of My must haves list are all the lipsticks, the Magic Dust Face Powders and the Face compacts.

What are your favorites in the collection? Anything you can't live without? 
Let me know in the comments below 

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. The lipsticks and eye shadows are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. You're not going to be able to say no to any of MAC's 2016 holiday collection. First see my collection and after that i decide when i come on your time4writing review page to see your collection. Hope you tell me all about your collection pages which you can see.