4C Hair Chronicles: 3 Ways You Can Use Your Q-Redew On 4C Hair

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

 A while back I wrote a blog post about how I shower steam my hair and although I still love shower steaming for a quick curl pick me up in the morning I have since gotten a Q-Redew hair steamer.

 And i promise you my 4C hair has done everything short of jumping off of my head and doing a praise dance at this amazing hair steamer.

 Since my methods for steaming have changed, I wanted to update you on 3 ways I use my Q-Redew that you can add into your natural hair regimen as well as a short review on the steamer.
 First things first for those of you who did not read my previous blog, is new to their natural hair journey or are just unfamiliar with steaming I'm sure you are thinking...

"Deanna steaming? I'm not a wrinkled shirt...what are you talking about?!" 

 Hair steaming is exactly what it sounds like. When you steam your hair you're basically adding moisture to your hair through steam. You can steam your hair in the shower which was what my previous blog post was about or you could use a hand held hair steaming tool like the Q-Redew.

Why Should You Steam? 

 Chiiiiile if no more dry hair and reducing breakage ain't enough for you don't even read the rest of this blog post because I don't know...you're just crazy.  But if either of those things sound remotely interesting to you check out the three ways that I use the Q-Redew below.

3 Ways To Use My Q Redew

1. Using It As A Moisturizing Aid

 As I stated above the Q-Redew and steaming in general helps infuse moisture into your curls.  When dry hair is hit with the warm steam the heat helps lift the cuticles and makes the moisture from the steam actually penetrate the hair.  So with one or two passes you can say bye-bye to your brittle and dry hair. When I'm steaming my hair for the specific reason of adding moisture I also apply oils right after I steam. Having the cuticle lifted and open helps your hair absorb the oils and of course you can follow up with your favorite cream styler to complete your L.O.C method (using the steamer is your liquid). 

2. Aids In Stretching Hair 

 As naturals we all know that as the days go on with any style your hair is bound to shrink.  My curl friends with more tightly coiled textures know that those glory days of stretched hair are even more short-lived...

So what do you do with a shrunken twist out?

Personally I hate over manipulating my hair and re-twist every night is tiring. So when Fifi start to get unruly and shrink back up I grab my Q-Redew. By using the steamer in short burst the steam allows your hair to stretch without disturbing the pattern that your twist out or braid out has created. It will instantly refresh your style and gives you back your length.

3. Detangling & Prepping 

 I cannot tell you how many times the Q-Redew has saved me from having to do an early washday!  With 4C hair sometimes hairstyles can go left even when you want them to go right and instead of an amazing style you might have a tangled mess.

Or there are those times when you're just completely over the style that you have been rocking a couple of weeks.

 Instead of needing to start over completely by washing, detangling and re-styling my hair I pull out my Q-Redew and begin to detangle. It's prongs allow you to separate the hair and the moisture it adds allows your curls to loosen and become manageable. 

  In less than a quarter of the time it would take you to do a whole washday you have the detangled, moisturize and have prepped hair ready for a new style. 

 So What Do I Think Of The Q-Redew?

 It's a necessity, especially if you have a tightly coiled texture, you like to mix up your style, your hair gets dry easily, you want to add manageability to your washday...I mean I can keep going! 

 I love that the Q-Redew do is easy to use, easy to keep clean and isn't super bulky like one of those overhead steamers. You can use this when you travel and it's easy to store. 

 One thing that I don't like about it is that you have to refill the water tank often because its small. So if you have a lot of thick hair like me. But it's understandable that when you're dealing with the sleek design they're going to have to be compromises. 

 Also every so often there is a pause in the flow of steam because the water needs to circulate it's not a big deal and in the Q-Redew pamphlet explains how to fix it if it happens.  

 However on a scale of 1 to 5 curls the Q-Redew gets
4.5 curls!

Below is the Q-Redew website if you have not already picked up yours I would definitely make the investment.

 If you purchase yours before February 14th and use the code Hinthint you will save 15% off your Q-Redew!

Q-Redew Website

 Let me know in the comments below if you have a cure do or if you steam your hair 

  Until next time XO Deanna