NYX COSMETICS HAUL: Whats Really Worth Your Money?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I won't say I went crazy at the NYX Pentagon City Grand Opening...but I will say that I picked up a bit more than I bargained for.

To be honest I only went in for a new eyeshadow base and a grey lipstick...but clearly my self control missed that memo.

However not all that glitters is not gold...

Find out all the deets on the products I snagged at the opening including which ones I loved and kept and which ones I hated that had to go back to the store! 

Plus suggestions on which products I think are really your dollars.

Some girls say diamonds are their best friends...my best friend is make up (lets be clear diamonds are my boyfriend lol) I personally can't walk into any place that sells makeup without picking up something. 

So when the NYX store had their opening...with all their products...GIRL. 

With the wall to wall selection an the prices that make you feel good about your purchase, I didn't stand a chance. 

I walked out with 8 products, but only 3 remain standing. Lets see who made the cut.


 *Note- All Names are clickable direct links to products

Zen Orchid Matte Lipstick

Price: $6.00
Rating: 3 out of 5 

My Opinion: At this point in my life if it isn't a matte it takes some serious convincing to get me to like it. With that being said, this lippy left me wanting more.  While it was a super smooth and silky matte that went on easy it didn't prove to be long lasting or super opaque. Two rings that are MUST HAVES for me.

But the color is AMAZING!

I think with a good lip liner used as a solid base this is a perfect summer lippy and you can't beat that price. 

Fortune Cookie Butter Gloss

Price: $5.00
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 

My Opinion: I only gave this a 2.5 because of the color I got, while I think Fortune Cookie is an amazing color. It does not work well with my skin tone alone. I was really looking for a stand alone nude gloss and this for me worked better as a layer over a lipstick.  

I do like the creamy texture and they have a huge selection of colors so I can't complain too much. These babies are worth picking up if your looking for a nice gloss with just the right amount of shine =)

Goal Digger Matte Lipstick 

Price: $6.00
Rating: 4 out of 5 

My Opinion: MORE MATTE!! I told y'all I have an obsession and this time I threw in my love for a dark lipstick. This Deep plum color is to die for I gave it a personal rating of a 4 because...well I love a dark lip. 

Over all I think the Matte line is probably a 3.5/4 depending on what color you get. Again if you're looking for a longer lasting staying power make sure you use a good base, the smoothness of these lipsticks can cause some smearing as they do not dry "hard" like my fave Kat Von D. These are less like stains and are true lipsticks.

Budapest Soft Matte Lip Cream

Price: $6.00
Rating: 4 out of 5 

My Opinion: All I have to say is...More Please.

Super smooth, super creamy, good color pay off....yes yes yes. 

Get you some girl, with 34 different colors your sure to find the perfect color for you.


Expresso Eyebrow Gel 

Price: $7.00
Rating: 4 out of 5 

My Opinion: This product is NOT for the novice brow artist. Hell it was almost not for me (I'm so not kidding) this took me about 3-4 applications to get a handle on. Im a chronic product over user and this is soooooo not the product to do that with.

When I tell y'all I was walking around looking like I had gotten my eyebrows freshly tattooed on.


It was a MESS!

But as soon as I got the hang of the correct amount to use and how to properly blend the gel with my brows it has become my new best friend. When using this I feel like my brows are the most precise they have ever been. Its a god sent.

Sweet Cloud Lid Lingerie

 Price: $7.00
Rating: 5 out of 5 


When I tell you i am absolutely in love with this product. You can pair this with any other shadow or wear it on its own. 

I personally love them because they can be worn on their own so in the morning when I'm running late I can smooth on one color, give it a few taps to spread it across my lid and be on my way. Who wouldn't love to have their shadow done in 2 mins!?

They have these eye tints in a range of colors that can be used during the day or night. Currently all the shades have a slight shimmer to them, I can't wait until they come out with matte colors and take this to the next level!

Skin Tone Eye Shadow Base

Price: $7.00
Rating: 5 out of 5 

My Opinion: This has been my go to eye shadow base since high school, every so often I have ventured off into more high end bases but always find my way right back to NYX.

This base has never let me down, it rarely creases, last all day and is clearly budget friendly.

Once you try this I promise you will NEVER trust another. If you're looking for a great neutral that will work with all shadows go with the skin tone. If you're looking to work with bright colors with high pigments, the white base is for you.

Final Thoughts

I think if your looking for staple and quality products that will not disappoint, you should stick to NYX eye make up. If your the type of person who likes to switch things up daily and you're more focused on getting the best bang for your buck, you'll love the large selection you'll find in the NYX lip section. 

Either way you can't go wrong.

From the products above I wound up returning most of my lip products and re-uped on more eye products. It all depends on your personal preference, however its safe to say that I am now super pleased with my final choices and use them daily.

One product I MUST go back and get is the Peaches and Cream Ombre Lip Duo pictured above which I fell in love with.

Its smooth and has ALL DAY staying power and I recommend it for everybody.

Let me know if you try any of these products or if you have your own favorite NYX products you think I should try! I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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