7 Products + Secrets That Will Keep Your Skin Clear All Fall-- My Fall Skin Care Secrets

What's everyones favorite thing to post on Instagram?


Call it narcissistic if you want but Instagram is selfie central and one thing's for sure, you cant have a poppin ass selfie if your skin ain't on point (trust me...I know).

You all love to compliment me on how clear my skin is in my selfies and me spilling the beans on how I keep my skin so clear is one of my most requested blog post/video. 

So...after much delay YALL GETTIN THIS WORK TODAY.

 I'm letting yall in on my skin care routine complete with 7 skin care secrets and products to keep your skin poppin and keep you from having to pop them zits.


10 Things That Will Change In Your Late 20's

So its finally happening...i'm accepting the fact that my 20's are almost *gasp* over!!

Like i'm not even talking about getting close to the end of my 20's guys. I'm talking full fledged THIS IS IT. In 9 months i'll be 30, this is not a drill folks the clock is ticking!!

*Sigh* and as with all things, as they come to an end you start to reminisce. For most of my reminiscing wasn't just about how much my life changed in my late 20's, but how much i've changed as a person as well. 

I mean all of a sudden, as if over night my priorities shifted, friends vanished, dislikes became likes. At times things were changing so quickly and drastically that I felt like my world was falling apart...sometimes it was even scary.

So in the spirit of sharing, reminiscing and making sure anyone going through their late 20's struggles doesn't feel like they are completely alone. I figured i'd share some of the most common shifts you go through in your late 20's. I threw some comedy on it too, cuz what's struggle without a little laughter right?


Make It Monday: Fall's Best Southern Fried Apple Recipe

When I was little my great grandmother used to watch me when my mom went to work. One of the things that I remember most about going to her house is how amazing it would smell when I woke up on the morning.

The kitchen would be filled with the smell of warm fried apples. Years later I still have that scent memory engrained in my mind.

Although she never got to teach me how to make them, my mom did and with the fall season knocking on our doors I thought this family tradition of mine would be the perfect recipe to share with you all.

Hopefully you'll try it out and get to enjoy this sweet treat with your family and friends this season.


10 Things You Must Do Before Fall Is Over (Fall Activity Guide)

Ever since I was little Fall has been my favorite season.  I could never put my finger on why, but it but it always felt so magical.

As Ive gotten older I have come to love that along with that magical feeling, Fall is just the perfect season to do EVERYTHING in! From the 23rd of September to the 22nd of December Fall days are waiting to be explored and lived to the fullest.

There is SOOOOOOO much on my todo list for this fall but I have 10 things that are must do's for me this fall and they should be for you too! 


Amazon Prime Day 2017 Shopping Tips You Need To Know

The deals are coming...the deals are coming!!

Ya'll know i'm always down for a good deal and always ready to past those deals on to my lovely followers who want to save some coin as much as I do.

This time around i'm letting you in on what money saving deals Amazon has up there sleeve for all their Prime Members this Tuesday July 11th on their third annual Prime Day!

Find out all the deets, shopping tips and preview some items i'm eyeing with direct links below.


In The Drivers Seat: 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum Review

Two little known facts about me. 

One, I used to race cars in high school and two I used to work in a car dealership.

So it's pretty safe to assume that I might have a slight love for cars. So I was pretty excited a few weeks ago when I got to cruise around DC in a brand new 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum...yea girl platinum.

 I was super hype to test out the Fusion but even more hype because Ford just so happens to be one of my all time favorite car brands. This also means that my expectations of the Fusion were high!


Thrifting 101: 10 Tips on How To Thrift Shop Like A Pro

Thrifting be havin me like...


Lol no joke when I go thrifting and find a good deal I honestly feel like I run the world!
Out my way hoe! I'm fancy for the low low!


Sex After A Break Up: How To Fix Your Broken Pussy

After a break up, trying to get back in the "swing of things" can be an awkward situation to say the least.

While some can "bounce to the next dick" with no issue. Others finding it difficult to move on could be left asking...

"Is my pussy broken?"

See what I did there
Well is it?!


How To Get Rid Of Ants: What Really Works & What Doesn't

If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I almost packed up ALLLLLL my shit and hit the road this weekend.

Why you ask?

Because my apartment had been invaded by ants *cries* and if there is anything I don't do...its bugs.

Not My Ants
But once I thought about the cost of relocation, cooler heads prevailed I decided to fight the good fight and use Google University to help me solve my ant problem.

Only issue with that was 90% of that shit i found on the internet didn't work. So I'm here to save you the time and money on all the ish that won't get those thing out of your house and let you in on the thing that will!


Essence & Ford My City 4 Ways DC Recap

What do you get when you mix food, music, art, fashion and a few good girlfriends?

The Ford and Essence My City 4 Ways Event!
(and a load of black girl magic pictures of course)

Last weekend Essence & Ford hosted the My City 4 Ways Tour in DC as one of the stops on the road to the Essence Festival and it brought out some of the district best tastemakers!

 The really showcased what this city has to offer from music all the way to fashion and if this is any indication as to what the 2017 Essence Festival is going to be like...i'm all for it.

Now when I originally heard about the event I put out a call to all of my DMV followers telling them to head on over to the Longview Gallery in NW because I had a feeling it was going to be good! And of course a week later I'm still raving about the AH-MAY-ZING time I had.

Check out my mini recap with pix and video of the event below!

Pretty Girl Travels: The Ultimate Carry On Packing List

Whenever I start packing for a trip, no matter if its a weekend getaway or a flight half way around the world...

I always wind up forgetting something at home -__-

Then when I get to my destination and start unpacking I'm like "what the what Deanna?! How did you forget that?!"

When I went to Paris it was my allergy medicine, when I went to San Juan it was my toothpaste.  Without fail its always something! 

So...how do you stop yourself from becoming so forgetful??
Create the ultimate travel & packing checklist!


Pretty Girl Styles: Cropped & Strappy OOTD (with links)

There is just something about a crop top and a good pair of heels that makes a girl feel...

Bad and boujee aye! 


Keeping The Kitty Smooth: Benefits Of Waxing & Tips For First Timers

A few of days ago while getting drinks with girlfriends the topic of waxing came up. What I thought would be a routine conversation where we all shared our experiences, bitched about the bad ones and laughed into the next topic quickly turned into a slight debate.

Half the girls were pro waxing and the other half heavily against it because of "pain".

 I was shocked to find that there were still women who have never gotten a wax just because they're scared of the "pain". 

No judgment of course...I just believe all women should treat themselves (and their men) to the wonderfulness that is a smooth kitty. 

So because I care about you, im going to let you in on all the reasons why you should no longer live and die by the razor and some tips for first time waxers...because after this post i'm sure you'll be on team #smoothkitty

Couponing 101: The Coupon Newbie Quick Guide For Finding Deals

Since I started couponing again a lot of folks have been asking for me to bring back my couponing 101 post where I (attempt) to teach those interested on cutting their household grocery spending budget in half. 

Now I only say attempt...because explaining couponing is 10 times harder than the actual act because there are so many rule, variables and we even have our own lingo. But trust me once you get it, you'll never forget.

So to try and avoid information overload, I have condensed a few of my old blogs to give you new couponing hopefuls the basics that will help get you started!

The Pretty Girl's MCM Of The Week: Nick Thomas

Meet Nick Thomas

The Pretty Girl's MCM Of The Week #1

"Loving life...aspiring to inspire..."

There's nothing more attractive than a well rounded man with versatile style and a good head on his shoulders. 

Nick is certainly all of those things and more. 

 Fella's be sure to take note of the men's fashion and grooming knowledge Nick drops that will have women doing a double take. Oh and ladies, I didn't forget about you. Thinking about making Nick your next MCM find grab his Instagram & find out what catches his eye below.


Protective Style Fiasco: My #FauxLocFail & What Hair To Never Use

So...remember that one time I tried to do my own faux locs?


Ever wonder why I only kept them in for one day and why ya'll never saw any other pictures of me with the style you all loved so much?

*cries* BECAUSE IT WAS TRASH *cries*

The only time my faux locs looked good was when tossed to the side like in the picture above. Everything else, well...you'll see.

Check out exactly what happened and what hair you should NEVER use to do your own faux locs below.

Make It Monday: The Best 20 Minute Rice Bowl Recipe

Recently I have been LOVING noodle bowls!

Ive been loving them SO much that I purchased 3 this past week from the new opened Honeygrow that opened in my town. 

Now while Honeygrow's noodle bowls are bomb...three bowls in a week is NOT bomb for my pockets. So in true Pretty Girl fashion and wanting to save a coin or two, I decided to try making my own bowl at home. 

Grab this super delicious and easy to make recipe below.


Couponing 101: How I Decorated My Bathroom For Under $100 & Other Target Clearance 3/5/2017

It's everyone's favorite time of the month...

Das right! Target Clearance Time!

I am going to commit myself to bringing you guys a list of new Target clearance items every month. Each month the list will help you furnish a different room in your home or apartment or help you stock up on some much needed essentials for the low low.

This months focus is the bathroom! I've also thrown in some other helpful and dope Target home clearance.

How To never Deal With Itchy Scalp From Synthetic Hair Again

For as far back as I can remember I have always LOVED protective styles! Box braids, faux locs, goddess braids, kinky twist, feeder braids, crochet styles...I could go on.

I would beg my mom to do my box braids when I was younger and then sit patiently for hours on a Sunday just so I could go to school on Monday fresh AF and braids swinging only to be crying the next day from an itchy & burning scalp.

End result...a protective style that lasted all of 48 hours and a pissed mom. 

If you're experiences sound anything like mine you probably thought just as I did. That you were allergic to fake hair and was doomed to never rock bomb ass braids again. 

But thats not the case there IS and answer to your issues and I have it for you, so get ready to rock them braids again girl! 

Relax Its Just Ass: Vacation Swimsuit OOTD (With Links)

Relax...its just ass right?

I'm sure 99% of you were shocked last Friday when my cakes graced your Instagram news feed. For the most part you all have know me to be the semi conservative (Ayesha Curry type) blogger who never shows much more than an ankle on the gram.


Colors & Views: Old San Juan Photo Journal

Welcome To Old San Juan...

 where the streets are literally overflowing with color and the views are breathtaking


10 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Traveling To Puerto Rico

Trying to prepare for a trip to San Juan can be a difficult task, although it is a small island there is so much to do and a lot to consider! 

Do you stay on the east side or the west side of the island? Do you just lay on the beach your whole stay? Should I rent a car or should I "save" a few bucks and just catch cabs? Is Mofungo really that good?
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