10 Things That Will Change In Your Late 20's

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

So its finally happening...i'm accepting the fact that my 20's are almost *gasp* over!!

Like i'm not even talking about getting close to the end of my 20's guys. I'm talking full fledged THIS IS IT. In 9 months i'll be 30, this is not a drill folks the clock is ticking!!

*Sigh* and as with all things, as they come to an end you start to reminisce. For most of my reminiscing wasn't just about how much my life changed in my late 20's, but how much i've changed as a person as well. 

I mean all of a sudden, as if over night my priorities shifted, friends vanished, dislikes became likes. At times things were changing so quickly and drastically that I felt like my world was falling apart...sometimes it was even scary.

So in the spirit of sharing, reminiscing and making sure anyone going through their late 20's struggles doesn't feel like they are completely alone. I figured i'd share some of the most common shifts you go through in your late 20's. I threw some comedy on it too, cuz what's struggle without a little laughter right?

1) Wine Is Your New Best friend

Wine has always held a special place in my heart, but the older I get the closer our bond becomes. Now on one hand this may be because as you age your body starts sending you little signs that hard liquor is no longer for you. Like the fact that a hangover can literally last 2 days. 

Or maybe you noticed that the hard stuff just doesn't taste as good anymore. 

Either way, your refined palate and your low tolerance has voted wine as your new BFF.

2) You Prefer Netflix and Chill

Much like your love of being drunk has fizzled out, the turn up has become less of a priority as well. While you can be convinced to hit the club once every blue moon. Netflix and chill with your girls, your bae or even by your lonesome is now your idea of a lit weekend.

You cant tell me that the sound of a couch, a blanket and being left the entire eff alone and falling asleep before 11:30 doesn't sound amazing.


3) You Stop Caring What People Think

Your early 20's is all about fitting in, making other people happy and caring about what people think of you. From the clothes you wear, to the college you go to or the major you pick. You're always making your choices to please your friends, your parents or societies expectations.

Once you hit about 26 or 27 you start to realize that, what other people think of you is none of your business and suddenly you lose all the fucks your used to give.

Things become more about you, what you want, how you see your life going and not caring if those choices make the next person happy.

4) Running Errands is Actually Enjoyable

Now ya'll know I love me some Target but did you also know that I love the supermarket, Marshall's and any other store that can be considered somewhere you run errands?

Running errands has actually become like a Saturday morning ritual that I look forward to. It's almost like it kicks my weekend off on the right foot. I get some uninterrupted me time and knock some things off my to do list.

Which is always great because working a full time 9-5 leaves for little time during the week to get anything productive done. I'm honestly still trying to figure out how people with kids function.

5) Brunching is A Culture

Three words. 

I don't really know if its even necessary to explain this. Brunch is the real weekend turn up, get a huge group of friend, mix them with some good breakfast food, lots of laughs and mimosas.

Thats it!

Full bellies an drunk before noon, which leaves you plenty of time to get your hangover out the way and make it through the rest of the weekend.

6) You'll Lose Friends

This was an unexpected reality for me.

I hold my friends pretty near and dear to my heart and i'm super selective with my trust so I honestly don't keep many. So as I progressed through my 20's and people started dropping off like flies I got super alarmed. 

Friendships that I had worked so hard to cultivate and people I had shared huge moments with just started to fade away. Sometimes even without reason. 

But I soon came to realize that as you grow, this world tears you apart. It puts people on different paths a while the love and friendship may still be there, calls or text everyday or hanging out every weekend may not be an option anymore. 

One thing I had to learn however was not to fight it. Theres no love lost, it's just that everyone wont be in your life forever no matter how much you would like them to be. Sometimes for both parties to grow you have to let go.

Seasons and reasons, some people just aren't forever...and thats ok.

7) Turn Up? For What??

Wait...didn't we cover this already?

Jesus this old age is getting to me lol!

But no really even the idea of partying all weekend actually sounds tiring.

8) You Invest More in Your Wardrobe

Ain't no more Forever21 bih!

For one, you ain't 21 no more hoe. Secondly at some point you are going to get sick an tired of your clothes falling apart in the dryer and when you do, you'll do better.

Lol, nah but real talk clothing will slowly start to become more about quality over quantity. You will start buying staple pieces that will last for years to come (like my full length cashmere coat) instead of the hot items of the moment. 

You'll pay more attention to what wash cycle you put your clothing on and notice that maybe just maybe you need to get some items dry cleaned.  Oh and maybe just maybe you discover the word tailor.

9) You Realize being broke isn't attractive 

While the above is true...you're still working on figuring out how to not be.


Seriously bruh, bills is real!

10) Anyone Below The Age of 25 is 12

Every damn time I say this people under the age of 25 get sooooooo offended! Lol it's hilarious to me, but I honestly don't say it to be mean. 

I say it because it's true.

The way you are before 25 and the way you are after 25 no matter how mature you were prior is completely different. Often times people in their late 20's find it difficult to connect with people in their early 20's because your priorities, the way you think everything is just completely different.


When you are in your late 20's you've had a wider variety of experiences, you have lived life you're no longer worried about who won on the BET awards lol. 

Coincidentally in your later 20's you also realize you have no clue what teens and early 20 year olds are talking about...like i'm still having trouble telling Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert apart. Wait or maybe i'm thinking about that other one...

And there you have it 10 things that will undoubtably change in your late 20's.

Have something to add? Going through these things right now and just have something to say?

Be sure to let me know in the comments below and if this post made you giggle be sure to share it with your friends via social media.

Until Next Time,

XO DeAnna . 


  1. @justellenroxanne

    After my 20’s definition of fun changed from clubs(standing in line, carrying coats all night) to entertaining at home with friend and cooking lol

    1. Ha, ha! This post is the truth. One thing I noticed that changed from my twenties is I used to have a tv watching routine. I knew exactly what I was watching each day and could not miss it. A full time job, hubby and two kids later I couldnt tell you what's on tv besides kiddie shows and maybe the news. I'm so used to watching the kids' shows I'm doing it and they're not even home! Don't care about award shows, Olympics, pageants or nothing. Why is everything good past my bedtime? I'd rather sleep thank you! Adulting is real out here in these streets. Thanks for sharing! IG username: applemacg

  2. @ninabeth88
    Great read! (Shared on Twitter)
    Cooking has become a favorite of mine. Finding recipes on Pinterest and trying them out & taking leftovers to work for my coworkers (that are like family) is fun too me.
    Also, I’ve learned that mental health is real ( especially in our community) & that talking to a therapist doesn’t mean your crazy.

  3. Loved this topic. At the end of my twenties I was realizing that my dreams were not goals and it was time to definitely get some goals down and done. I was already married with children and time seemed to be slipping by. I also learned during this time that there is always a compromise and you have to be ok with leaving some things undone and embrace moving on.
    IG @lvwayoflife

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  5. LoL!! Everything you said is so true!!!! 1 major change for me when I turned 30 was I could give 2 f**ks what anyone thinks of me!!! But Indo agree with everything you wrote!!! IG name: jus_nikkinik

  6. Yes to #3, #4 and #8!!!!! I will have to add though that not only do you stop caring about what others think, you totally start to feel more confident in your abilities. For me, fear of failure has really diminished once I turned 30. I welcome failure as a chance to learn and get better.

  7. IG: lalabcalm How I deal with men has changed. I used to entertain foolishness in my younger years and now I need like a legitimate document stating why I should even spare an unlimited text message lmao. I related so much to this blog post.

  8. Pjazz86: I turned 30 last December and since then I learned that saying no is ok some times. If saying no to something gives you peace of mind then say it. Never feel obligated to say yes to something that you feel you don’t need or want to do.

  9. I have been hanging in my 30's for a bit now and I would say Sleep has changed of me. I used to be able to party all night and work all day. Now a days I need a solid 8 and will settle for the occasionally 6-7.

    Also my hustle is very different in my 30's. I want more and know exactly what I want and how to get it!

  10. @msbri2x
    The turn up is null and void. If it doesn't involve tapas and a pint of Sangria, you might as well just contact me to be an Uber. Real talk, lol.

  11. When when I hit 25ish I decided to live for me, we care too much about what other people have to say.. while we are busy caring about what others think life is passing by. I taught myself to careless about them and more about me


  12. lol I laughed through this entire thing. Almost everything has changed and I'm 27! I stopped clubbing at 25, Wine & Netflix is Life! I'm married with No kids so yes running errands Is very enjoyable! Definitely sharing this !

    IG: @_wikolia

  13. Omg this post is literally my life! I’m 27 and I agree with everything here! Www.Kendraanette.com