In The Drivers Seat: 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum Review

Friday, June 23, 2017

Two little known facts about me. 

One, I used to race cars in high school and two I used to work in a car dealership.

So it's pretty safe to assume that I might have a slight love for cars. So I was pretty excited a few weeks ago when I got to cruise around DC in a brand new 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum...yea girl platinum.

 I was super hype to test out the Fusion but even more hype because Ford just so happens to be one of my all time favorite car brands. This also means that my expectations of the Fusion were high!

The Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum 

At first glance the Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum may look like your average everyday car, but once you get in the drivers seat you'll see that this baby is no where near regular.

Between the super smooth ride, the moon roof, park assist and the self recharging battery this car is full of perks.

The Nitty Gritty

Starting Price: $37,130.00
MPG: 43 City/ 41 Hwy
Body Style: 4 door 5 passenger sedan 

Key Features

-Rear view camera
-Pre collision assist with pedestrian detection
-SmartGauge with EcoGuide
-AM/FM/SiriusXM radio, Bluetooth connection and calling
-Push to start engine
-Premium leather seating 
-Voice Activated Touch screen navigation
-Apple car play
-Lane keeping system
-SYNC with MyFordTouch
-Voice activated navigation system with SiriusXM traffic and travel link
-BLIS with cross traffic alert
-Individual tire pressure monitoring system 

What I Loved

So what did I love about the Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum?

First thing would have to be the Fusions look, I LOVED it. Leather seats, cream and brown interior with hints of silver and wood. It was giving me all the class and luxury vibes and the wine colored exterior made everything pop! I rarely say a car is sexy but this baby is!

What else did I love?

Two words, seat warmers. Now I know this may seem silly but there's just something about having toasty cakes that makes me happy. I know its not something thats used much in the summer but come the winter its clutch. Especially here on the east coast, we are very appreciative of that.

The Fusion also had great gas mileage. I drove all around the DMV (literally to every state) that weekend and didn't have to fill up the tank at all. With the car choosing to switch from gas to electric power,  it conserved the gas usage and constantly put itself in recharge mode when I came to red lights. I had no need to stop, it was the perfect care free weekend.

Other honorable mentions would be the back up cam. Im always worried about parallel parking but the backup cam set my mind to ease. Oh and I cant forget to mention the safety systems that alerted me when passing cars were getting too close. The super spacious trunk was also clutch for all my shopping needs!

Things I Didn't Love

Now this is probably going to seem silly to most but the car was extremely quiet. So quite that I even got out one time without turning it off! Its not really an actual negative hit on the car but if you are not used to your car being as quiet as a mouse, it can take some getting used to.

Now for an actual dislike, if  you take a close look at the picture above you'll see a knob in the center console next to my keys. That knob is your shifter, so any time you need to go from park to drive to reverse thats what you use. I absolutely hated it! Call me old school if you want but I like the traditional shifters. This was a little awkward to grip and felt super unnatural.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

If I had to give the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum a score it would be a solid 8 out of 10. Its comfortable and luxurious without being too flashy and I think its the perfect car for a 20 something on the come up. It's pricing is great for all the perks and wouldn't set you back if you were looking to purchase. 

I wish I was still whipping this baby around the DMV or even hopping on the road to the Essence Festival in NOLA *sigh* a girl can dream right?!

Thank you so much to Ford for letting me enjoy this beauty for the weekend!

Disclaimer: Although this vehicle was provided to me by Ford the opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by my relationship with the company.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


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