Amazon Prime Day 2017 Shopping Tips You Need To Know

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The deals are coming...the deals are coming!!

Ya'll know i'm always down for a good deal and always ready to past those deals on to my lovely followers who want to save some coin as much as I do.

This time around i'm letting you in on what money saving deals Amazon has up there sleeve for all their Prime Members this Tuesday July 11th on their third annual Prime Day!

Find out all the deets, shopping tips and preview some items i'm eyeing with direct links below.

What Is prime day?

Amazon Prime Day is a *sings* one night only, one night only (well not really...more like a day and a half) online shopping extravaganza. This Prime Day will be the biggest global Amazon event ever with hundreds of thousands of deals available to members. New deals will release about every 5 minutes and of course things will be sold in limited quantities and once things are gone they are gone.

Savings will be comparable if not better than that of Black Friday spanning across all of Amazon categories from electronics to home essentials. Oh and i'm not just talking Tupperware baby!

Are you ready? 

Deals for Amazon Prime Day "officially start" tomorrow July 10th at 9pm EST.

How to get the deals?

So, how do you get the deals...well first you have to sign up for Amazon Prime because Prime Day is ONLY for Amazon Prime Members.

Amazon Prime memberships normally cost $10.00 a month BUT you know I got ya'll covered. No need to worry about the membership fee because I have a Free 30 Day Trial Code 

If you have already had prime and canceled but still want to reap the benefits of prime day without having to pay for the membership again. Try using the link above and signing up with another email address and card information to grab that free trial.  

With either option don't forget to cancel your membership before the end of the 30 days if you don't want to start paying the $10.00 fee.

Prime Day is July 11th but don't wait to get prime!!

Honestly...if I were you, I would set up my Amazon Prime account now, like RIGHT NOW!


Sneaky little amazon has been dropping deals all weekend!

If you have the app, which I strongly suggest you download for easy and accessible site navigation during prime day. You'll be able to cash in on Prime Day early access deals, like a refurbished Amazon Echo speaker that was available yesterday for $89.99 a SUPER steep discount from its usual $135.00 price tag and its new and unused price tag of $180.00

Soooo are ya'll signing up yet or nah!?

As with all savings deals, there is a method to the money saving madness. Check the below list of quick tips to help you grab the best deals with little to no hassle.

-Grab the app: Download the app ya'll. This will give you the ability to have all the deals at your finger tips.  Bonus, do this now to cash in on the $10.00 Amazon credit they are giving out on your first sign in!

-Keep Your Head On A Swivel: Well not literally but you get me. With new deals dropping every 5 mins you have to be ready to jump at a moments notice. Especially when it comes to Amazon Lightning Deals.

-Use Your List's: You can easily add items your lurking on to your shopping list for easy access. You can also use the app to look up "todays deals" once there click "upcoming deals" and you can see deals that will be going live for the next 24 hours. Use the "watch this deal" function to add the deals you want to watch list so you can get notifications when they go live.

-Turn On One Click Purchase: One click purchase lets you streamline your buying experience. When you one click purchase your item will automatically be charged to your payment method on file. No worries about missing out on your most wanted deal. 

Be Reasonable: Just because its on sale does not mean you need to buy it. Having a lot of deals in your face can give you a false sense of need. I'm pretty sure while your shopping for a new camera doesn't mean you need a new tablet just because its on sale. 

Be strong...have a plan, stay the course.

-Clear Your Cart Now: If you're anything like me you leave a million things sitting in your cart that you're saving for later. However when it comes to Amazon Prime day you don't want to do that. Trust me you'll be sitting there thinking your about to buy one little FitBit...then $340.00 later you've purchased 6 pairs of sunglasses, a bathing suit, a spatula and fake flowers just because it was sitting in your cart and you were moving to fast to catch a deal. 


-Be Flexible: Just like in couponing, being brand specific can be your downfall. If you are flexible and open about the brand of TV you want or the blender you're going to buy. You may stand to get an even better deal then you expected. Remember although a lot of things will be on sale it does not mean every brand will be.

So with all that being said...

What do I have my eye on?

1) Amazon Echo Black

I want this thing so damn bad and yes, I was unlucky enough to miss out on the deal yesterday when the refurbished one went on sale. So I will be keeping my eyes on this little baby.

Be sure to click the deals below if your interested in any of them to add them to your "watch list" and check out like items that may be coming on a dope deal as well!

2)  Sony a5100 Camera 

I have been eyeing Sony cameras forever but have yet to pull the trigger on one and I feel like finally it may be time to do it.

3) Jord Wooden Watch 

A few days ago I posted the Jord woodern watch that I got last year. I absolutely adore it, its really one of a kind, currently the Jord watches are around 50% off

4) Playstation 4 Uncharted Bundle 

I just may have a secret want to become a gamer and pretty much the ONLY game I really know how to play on the playstation is Uncharted sooo there you have it.

5) 55in 4K Ultra HD Roku TV

I'm in the works of redesigning my bedroom and I cant help but think that a huge TV mounted on the wall would be a perfect

Just a few of the items I have my eyes on. What are you all looking to catch this Amazon Prime day?
Let me know in the comments below and may the odds ever be in your favor tomorrow and Tuesday!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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