The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone In Your Life

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New rule any day after Thanksgiving is officially Christmas!

Dont argue me =)

Lol ok ok...while it may not ACTUALLY be Christmas it sure starts to feel like it pretty fast. Stores have up their holiday decor, Christmas music is on the radio and the Halmark channel has you covered from the roota to the toota (is that how that saying goes?) with sappy Christmas movies.

Oh and you know I love it. 

The holiday season is pretty much like my drug of choice, I get jittery just thinking about it and what really tickles my fancy most of all you ask?

Gift giving-- I'm a pro at it, im talkin about expert level gift giver. I take the time to think about what the person needs, what they want and what they will like all before buying just to make sure I get it right.

Now, I know everyone isn't great at coming up with gift ideas and that most people wind up running around at the last moment looking for anything will do.

So to help you avoid that this year and get you on your shopping grind early I pulled together a list of ___ of my favorite things by catagory that will make the perfect gifts for all your special someones this holiday season!


Gifts For Mom

Spafinder Gift Card

Lets face it, we have all gotten on our moms nerves this year and if there is anything that can repay her for the stress that we have undoubtably caused her. It's a day of un interrupted relaxations, so go ahead...get her the gift card.

Price- $100+ (because mama deserves)

Personalized Necklace

I am all about personalization and customization, it really adds that extra bit of care and love into a gift. With the above necklace you can customize to your hearts content, with your own message, own handwriting...even your own heartbeat rhythm (my fave idea of the bunch).

Price- $32.80

Gifts For Bae

Fishers Finery Cashmere Hat

Super comformtable, super cozy and reasonably priced.

Price- $39.99

Bevel Beard Care

Ladies, I know you love your man...but I also know you probably love his beard more. So why not give him all the tools he needs to keep it tight and right all year long? Oh and there is no need to worry about bae's face because Bevel was made with coarse and curly haired men in mind.

Price- $129.00+

Gifts For The Girl Who Loves Comfort

Threshold Microplush Blanket 

If this ain't the snuggliest blanket in all the land I don't know what is. A blanket may seem like a silly christmas gift but I swear if your friends like to be cozy as much as I do, this will be a sure fire hit!

Price- $22.00+

UA Threadborne Fleece Crop

Literally the most comfortable pants I have ever put on my body. Do yourself a favor and get your homegirl a pair as well as yourself.

Thats it, no other questions to ask.

Price- $45.49 (currently on sale)

Gifts For The Home Maker

I love baking as much as the next Suzzie Homemaker, but I have yet to get to this level. But every time I make a pie or a cookie, I think to myself--"boy life would be easier if I had a KitchenAid Mixer". So if the homemaker in your life is without this little gadget, be a doll and pick it up for them.

Price- $269.00 (on sale)

Gifts For The Techies

Echo Snow

I'm completely in love with my Echo and Alexa has become like a part of my family. However I must say that i'm HELLA jealous I didn't wait for the Snow. But...them Black Friday deals fittin to be lit on Amazon right? So maybe...just maybe i'll cop this too.

Price- $229.00 (currently)

Gifts For The Natural

Sis, listen...get the whole line, for you and your natural friend. I swear my hair has never felt better after using their shampoo and I have heard amazing things about every piece of their collection.

It's worth it!

Price- $12.99 (per item)

Black Girl Magic Jacket

Do I even need to explain this one, bomber jackets are in and for that super natural revolutionary lady in your life you KNOW she will be all over this.

Pick me up one too, size small

Price- $55.50

Gifts For The Bestie 

These cute little personalized coasters are great for any bestie who loves to entertain, who just got married or who just enjoys a drink or two every so often and you care about protecting their tables.

Grab these and add their last name, their nick name or a cute saying that they love.

Price- $25.95

Do you see a theme here? When in doubt, get her wine.

Price- $60.00+

Gifts For The Office Friend

Office Plants 

You like this office buddy but you don't like them like them...sooooo what are your gifting options?
How about a nice plant that they cant kill =)


Price- $21.99


Daily Planner 

Keeping life in order is not as easy as it seems but with this planner, your coworker may at least be able to get through their to do list without forgetting something and keep all your meetings straight.

Price- $59.00

Gifts For The Bougie Friend 

Pop bottles...pop champagne!

This will be the perfect candle for that friend who live's the luxurious life and loves it so much they want to smell like it!

Not to mention i'm absolutely sure it will match their decor!

Price- $42.00

Tea Forte Icon Au Gold Loose Tea Infuser

I absolutely love my tea without question and I may be...just a little bougie and with all that being said I LOVE THIS!


So its safe to say your bougie friend will love it too...bonus for you it looks super expensive and its def not!

Price- $29.99

Gifts For The Travler

Passport Holder

When I got my passport the first order of business was not to book a trip...but to get a cover for my passport. It was almost like a right of passage. So for that new traveler in your life gift them cute little passport cover and help them plan some trips!

Price- $45.00

You cant travel without luggage...well I mean you can but that just seems a little silly no? So if your going to pack your bags why not pack in some of the smartest, sleekest luggage around!

Raden is built with the latest technology, to charge your phone, to weigh your luggage and even track it down.

Price- $295.00

Gifts For The Fitness Lover

Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System

Now I dont know much about fitness and even less about juicing and dicing and spiralizing and well all the other things that this Ninja does. But what I do know is that for those friends that are into nutrition and fitness, this baby will get everything they need done!

Price- $229.99 (currently...but black friday is coming) 

Alta HR Wireless Heart Rate And Fitness Tracker

I have had my fair share of fitness trackers in my life but I have always been the most fond of my fitbits. Until I lose the charger and then well...I mean i'm normally done, BUT i'm sure your fitness buddie is a lot more responsible than me.

Price- $99.99

Gifts For The Beauty Lover

While i'm not 100% on the wagon for cleansing using water to your face, I do however believe in exfoliating. Because of that I KNOW that Clarisonic is one of the best damn brands in the land when it comes to facial cleansers and all beauty lovers alike will absolutely love this gift!

Price- $169.00

Super Hero Lash Mascara

You already know why this is the link, don't be silly.

Price- $24.00

Gifts For The Coffee Lover

Glass Coffee Grinder

If I were a coffee drinker, which i'm not...but if I was i'm sure i would be the super extra type that has like a whole hipster set up. And of course in that set up I would have to have my own glass hand held coffee grinder., duh!

So for all your hipster coffee lovers be sure to pick this up.

Price- $26.42

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Oh but wait...there is more to add to that hipser coffee set up what do you need? An even more hipster coffee brew...thingy lol.

You have to admit...this would be a pretty bomb set up.

Price- $39.69

Gifts for the home

Why is this the only item in the home list...because this is the only damn item you need in your home!!!

I swear I could live off of waffles and omelets, they are some of the words best things! So no matter if its a gift to your home or a gift to someone else's. 

Remember, this is really the only gift that they need!

Price- $103.00 (on sale)

And there you have for all sooooooo get to shopping!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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