7 Products + Secrets That Will Keep Your Skin Clear All Fall

Monday, October 23, 2017

What's everyones favorite thing to post on Instagram?


Call it narcissistic if you want but Instagram is selfie central and one thing's for sure, you cant have a poppin ass selfie if your skin ain't on point (trust me...I know).

You all love to compliment me on how clear my skin is in my selfies and me spilling the beans on how I keep my skin so clear is one of my most requested blog post/video. 

So...after much delay YALL GETTIN THIS WORK TODAY.

 I'm letting yall in on my skin care routine complete with 7 skin care secrets and products to keep your skin poppin and keep you from having to pop them zits.

The Video: 

Be sure to check out the full deets on my secrets, products and reasoning below!

The Secrets 

1) Say No To The Tap

Its no secret that tap water can be super harsh on your delicate skin. Hard water at times contains chlorine which is very drying. Hard water can even heavy metals like iron, copper and zinc that can cause redness and irritation. So when you have uber sensitive skin like I do using water on your face can be your worst nightmare. 

Truth be told, I have not used tap water on my face (unless absolutely necessary) since about 2009...thats right i'm going on nine whole years with out "traditionally" washing my face.

I was away at school and it was just something about the water that did not agree with my skin. I went from a clear face to itchy dry pizza face in a matter of a few weeks...I like to call those the dark ages lol.

Either way I stopped with that water stuff and never looked back.

So what am I using?

Face wipes of course! These are my current fave.

If you must use tap water make sure that it is luke warm water, hot water can leave your skin dehydrated. Oh and contrary to popular belief cold water will not minimize your pores =)

2)  Break Up With Your Make Up

While the Ponds makeup wipes work wonders on their own, sometimes you have make up that like a bad boyfriend just doesn't get the hint that you're trying to get rid of it.

Thats where the Boscia Makeup Breakup cleansing oil comes into play.

This gentle make up remover really works wonders on stubborn make up like water proof mascara and eye liner. The oil helps to break everything up and wipe it away without any irritation or issue.

3) Get A Deep Clean & Spot Treatment

No, you're not a rug. 

However sometimes your face may need a little extra love. No matter if thats some super deep pore work or a problem area that needs a once over, it happens to all of us. 

When i'm having a break out in a large area I reach for my Clean & Clear products because both of these items swoop in like super man! The daily pore cleanser gets deep down and pulls out the dirt and the deep cleansing toner makes sure the salicylic acid keeps working on those pesky break outs.

If you're more into the natural solutions,  you can always spot treat with toothpaste or tea tree oil =D

4)  Moisturize That Thang

Your skin can not live on cleanser alone!!

You must moisturize your skin people and your best bet is to keep fragrances, dyes and alllladat up out your face folks. We are talking the possibility of allergic reactions, skin irritation and in general just products that don't need to be that close to your eye or on the delicate skin of your face when you step outside of the facial moisturizer box (longest run on sentence of life).

This is my all time fave moisturizer right now, the price is great, it does what it says and it lasts!

5) Prime It Up

Guys, I never used to be big on primer...not for my face, not for my lids not for my living room walls when I painted. I always thought it was just an extra step and an extra way for companies to get some coin out of my pocket.

But little did I know, primer was the missing link in my skin care routine. Not only does primer keep your foundation and makeup laid like some edges. It also protects your skin from seeping up all the gunk you're putting on it. 

Aka, less clogged pores and you get an airbrushed makeup look...that seems like a win win to me. 

The one that I use from MAC Cosmetics has the extra bonuses of making your skin smooth, hydrated and giving it a little glow. 

6) Drink It Up

Water is key. 


Drinking water helps clear your body and skin of impurities and toxins. Drinking more water has been said to give your skin a radiant glow and keeps it looking fresh.

And I mean if studies come out later that water does absolutely nothing for your skin...at least you were hydrated.

Im just here to help guys =D

7) If All Else Fails...Filter It Up

When in doubt throw a filter on that selfie cuz I mean...I do!!

At the end of the day no one and I mean NO ONES skin is perfect throwing a little buffer over a pic while your waiting for that break out to calm down ain't gonna hurt no body.

Do you boo!

Do you have any skin care tips?  Any products you love?  Be sure to leave them in the comments below and share this post on Pintrest, Twitter and Facebook!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


  1. Your skin looks great, Deana! Currently, I have been using FORMULA 10.0.6 daily foaming cleanser & skin-calming Gel Mask. I love it. Its very gentle and I haven't had any breakouts since I have been using it. Great post!! My IG name is: _itsbobbiesworld

    1. I love to apply my Shea Moisture face masks before I exercise at home,then wash it off with a cleanser after I exercise and apply a moisturizer. Might as well get the impurities out at the same time. Thanks for the tips. IG: applemacg

  2. I just want to say I'm soooo proud of you. I've been following you since your first YouTube channel and I am loving this blog layout. I actually use the daily pore cleanser you have above however I need to get the other two items so I can have a legit routine lol plus I'm looking to use shea butter to moisturize over the winter and use Rose water as a toner. My IG name is @lovewithouttragedyxo LOVE YA LIKE I KNOW YA ✌����

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  4. I love Neutrogena foaming deep cleanser and L’Oréal toner. I use them nonstop, they are definitely my go tos. IG: lalabcalm

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