Thrifting 101: 10 Tips on How To Thrift Shop Like A Pro

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thrifting be havin me like...


Lol no joke when I go thrifting and find a good deal I honestly feel like I run the world!
Out my way hoe! I'm fancy for the low low!

For those of you who are not hip to this whole thrift game and how it can take your closet to the next level while keeping your pockets full. 

Let me break it down for you.


Save all the money- When I tell you thrifting will have your closet on fleek for 1/4 of the price of the have to believe me! By shopping at the thrift store you have the ability to shop hundreds of different brands, without the hiked up price because your getting it "second hand" instead of directly from the store. Thrift stores get a constant flow of merchandise in from donations, so they are highly motivated to keep product moving hence the SUPER low price point.

Quality clothing-  Because thrift stores deal with "second hand" clothing its very normal for them to have "old school" brands and even clothing dating back to as early as the 50's. This is a double blessing not only do you get to grab trends that are coming back in style for the super low low, but you also get clothes from era's when the quality of clothing quality was better across all boards and not just in high end brands.

Exclusivity- The best thing in my opinion about thrifting is getting the exclusive ish. No matter if its a super cute skirt from the 50's that no one will have. A jean jacket from the 80's/90's with cool patches on them or that shirt you saw at the store 3 years ago that you didnt buy and kicked yourself in the butt for later that magically appeared in the thrift shop...nine times out of 10 if they have it, no one else will. And in a time where EVERYONE is doing/wearing the same thing being exclusive is an AMAZING feeling.

Now that I've got you hip and interested...lets get to the tips!


1) Have a damn game plan- If your the type to get distracted while shopping in the mall in the mall you need to have a game plan at a thrift store. Especially one the size of a Savers super store. Before you go in make sure you have a list. Say "ok today i'm looking for jean jackets and skirts" of course be open to other things but make sure your focused on what you came for.

2) Pay attention to sales- Yes, sales...even thrift stores have them. Which is AMAZING because who does not love savings on top of savings..if you don't kindly see yourself to the door lol. For thrift stores that do host sales, i've noticed they tend to be on Sundays and Mondays and items with a certain color tag will have an extra percentage off. Its nice to go in on those days open to browsing because you can really find some steals.

3) Thrift vs Vintage- A thrift store is not necessarily a vintage store and vice versa. Thrift stores tend to be stores that take donations or purchase from the public and resell the items at a discounted price like Savers, Salvation Army etc. A vintage or consignment store tend to be stores ran by individual people who either look for and collect vintage pieces and resell them or buy items from people and work as a middle man to resell them and the store and the seller split the profit. Vintage and consignment stores tend to have a higher price point.

4) Shop often- Because thrift stores work on donations there is ALWAYS new product coming in, Best case scenario I would thrift once or twice a week, maybe once in the middle of the week and once at the beginning or end however if thats not an option a couple times a month will keep your wardrobe fresh.

5) Set a budget- While telling you to shop often I suppose I should do the responsible thing and tell you to set a budget right? Don't let saving all the money be the same thing that makes you spend all the money. Remember little numbers add up just like big ones, if its not a pay week or money is a little tight but you still need that shopping fix give yourself a 25.00 budget and see what type of magic your can work. On the flip side if your feeling a little flashy with the cashy see were 50.00 will get you.

6) Inspect everything carefully- The worst thing that can happen when thrifting is falling in love with a item getting it home and realizing that its ripped in the back or there is a stain on the sleeve that you didnt notice until just that moment *side eye* listen ive made the mistakes so you dont have to lol. INSPECT EVERYTHING CAREFULLY thrift stores tend to not have the best return policy so make sure your ish is straight before you buy. 

7) Look at labels- Now this tip could just be for me, because at times I tend to be a label whore...only when its cheap though. So I use thrift shopping as my opportunity to live the high class life for a broke chicks budget. I like to hunt for brands that I love but cant wont allow myself to afford on a regular basis while im thrifting, I often times find great times from high end brands only a season or two removed from current styles that can be paired with other items to make them relevant.  

8) Try EVERYTHING on- Thrift shopping is not one of those things where you can just run into the store grab it and go. You NEED to try things on! Since your dealing with all different types of clothes from different makers and from different eras, fits do not all run the same. It would be a shame for you to see something you love and just buy it without trying it and get it home and its 4 sizes too big because a size 6 in the 50s is NOT a size 6 now...and again, that return policy lol.

9) Step outside your comfort zone- Want to try something new? Here is your chance! If you always wanted to buy a full lace top but didnt want to spend the money on it...get it from the thrift. Wanted to try a suit jacket with it! Thrifts are the best way to try a style that you have been wanting to try but have not wanted to spend an arm and a leg on.

10) If you dont love it leave it- Im still working on practicing this tip myself but with the hundreds upon thousands of options at super low prices its easy to get caught up and try to walk out with everything even if its not a 100% winner in your book. But as I stated before...them coins do add up. So when it comes to actually buying and taking things home...if you dont love it, LEAVE IT because there is nothing worse then having a million things hanging in your closet that you feel "eh" about and that you will never wear. 

Remember we need all the space for things we LOVE not things that look nice on a hanger.

Well thats it loves! I hope these tips will help you in your thrifting adventures and if you havent already started thrifting that this motivates you to get in the game!

If you are already a thrifter let me know what are some of your fave things to look for and what are your fave places to shop in the comments below!

Until next time, 


  1. Hi.. I just came across a 'B-thrifty' store in Woodbridge, VA. I happened to go when everything was 50% off. I agree--THRIFTING is the way to go. Also there's Unique Thrift in Falls Church, VA. I think all these big stores are under the 'SAVERS' umbrella, not sure about that. But.. the greatest thing about them is that they sort the clothes by size.. not like the Salvation Army that sorts by color... I can't even go in there anymore. Enjoyed your blog. Happy Thrifting!

  2. I agree with you. Dressing properly for shopping is a must for thrift shopping! I also like to make sure my makeup/hair is cute because it definitely sways my thoughts on how I feel about an outfit.


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