The Pretty Girl's MCM Of The Week: Nick Thomas

Monday, April 10, 2017

Meet Nick Thomas

The Pretty Girl's MCM Of The Week #1

"Loving life...aspiring to inspire..."

There's nothing more attractive than a well rounded man with versatile style and a good head on his shoulders. 

Nick is certainly all of those things and more. 

 Fella's be sure to take note of the men's fashion and grooming knowledge Nick drops that will have women doing a double take. Oh and ladies, I didn't forget about you. Thinking about making Nick your next MCM find grab his Instagram & find out what catches his eye below.

-Who Is Nick Thomas? -

Instagram: @Mrnickthomas (go ahead and side in those DM's)
Location: Baltimore, Md
Bio: Passionate about inspiring others and providing hope to those who lack.
A creative.
Outfit Details: Top Coat, Blazer, Shirt and Pants- J Crew, Tie- Nordstrom, Sunglasses- Retro Super Future, Hat- Brixton 

-Lighting Round Interview-

Q- What are the most important style tips you would give a man building his wardrobe?

A- Three things stand out.
-Quality vs quantity.
-Simplify each look, however always accessorize
-Diversify your pallet -- meaning diversify your ability to pull off a street look, a dressy look and a casual look even if it seems outside of your element.

Q- Not all men are into heavy grooming, however what would you say are non negotiable when it comes to grooming for men?

A- Exfoliating and moisturizing, no matter what are equally important. Also for all my brown people SUNSCREEN IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TOO!!

Q- Ok, now most importantly...because you know they want to know. What catches your eye about a woman?

A- One of the first attributes I notice about a woman is how she carries herself. Personally I appreciate a diversity in styles so seeing a woman who owns her look and does not need validation is attractive.

Thank you Nick for being the first Pretty Girl's MCM of the week!

Do you all like the idea of seeing a little pop of Men's Fashion and having a bit of eye candy on the blog? If so let me know in the comments below and I will keep this going.

 Also if you would like to nominate yourself as a Pretty Girl's MCM of the week or if you have someone you would like to nominate be sure to shoot me an email!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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