Protective Style Fiasco: My #FauxLocFail & What Hair To Never Use

Monday, April 3, 2017

So...remember that one time I tried to do my own faux locs?


Ever wonder why I only kept them in for one day and why ya'll never saw any other pictures of me with the style you all loved so much?

*cries* BECAUSE IT WAS TRASH *cries*

The only time my faux locs looked good was when tossed to the side like in the picture above. Everything else,'ll see.

Check out exactly what happened and what hair you should NEVER use to do your own faux locs below.

Now I don't normally like to admit my hair failures...but this failure was so epically ridiculous that I had to share it lol. 

Plus I want all of you to see that us bloggers/youtubers aren't perfect, we're just like you and often don't get things right the first time around. Secondly I don't want ya'll to go through the same BS struggles and humongous waste of time I did.  

So lets get to it. I used the above Freetress hair to attempt my faux locs and it was literally the worst hair I could have chosen. While they looked super realistic it was nothing but a hand full of issues throughout the whole process.  

Feel free to check out my full video review of the Freetress hair above and below I have more pictures of my installation attempt and a few more thoughts I had post fiasco. 

To start the process I blew my hair out. Since I wanted to crochet the faux locs in, I had to make sure I could grip my hair to braid it down to be my base.

Because this was SUPPOSED to be a protective style I of course made sure my hair was hydrated for the long haul. 

I used Creme Of Nature's Butterlicious Hydrating Buttercream Curler and their 7 in 1 Leave-In-Treatment on my hair to keep it moisturized and followed up with ORS's Moni Oil for my scalp (which I LOVE). You can find direct links to purchase all of those product (which I highly recommend) below via Amazon. These are all great for protective styling and for general hydration =)

The original idea was to crochet in the faux locs and wind up with this huge beautiful lion like mane but as soon as I put in that first faux I knew something was not quite right...

The hair just didn't seem full enough from jump to cover the braid, but I thought "maybe I just don't have enough in yet". 

Wrong...the more I did the more I realized the problem was sticking around. 

It seemed like no matter how many I added, the look was not coming together.

Soon I had used up nearly 75% of the hair I purchased. Oh and don't get me started on the cost of the hair this ish was NOT cheap y'all! $13.00+ a pack...hella packs used and my hair was still not looking full, I was visibly pissed!

And soon when flipping my hair around and trying to figure out "cute ways" to play off its lack of fullness I started to realize the second problem with this hair. 

These damn locs would not stay put!

Although I had looped and "secured" them just like I was supposed to, every time I moved the hair the knots at the base of my cornrows would start to slip and the locs would loosen.

While you may be thinking "Deanna thats not a big deal". But imagine you playfully flipping your hair from one side to another in front of future bae and 3 of your faux locs slip out and fall on your future bae's shoe because they became "undone"



How could I allow myself to go out like this, much less on vacation?! 

I couldn't...I wouldn't...

I tried every which a way to save this epic fail though.

The only saving grace was flipping it all to one side or wearing it up, but I couldn't do that everyday *insert eye roll*

When all else seemed lost I even went as far as taking them out and trying again with another method.....wanna guess how that turned out. 


Instead of the standard crochet styles with cornrows, I tried to do individual twist crochet's. This involves you two strand twisting your hair then looping the faux loc at the base of the twist. Once the loc is secured at the base you slightly untwist the loc and wrap it around your own two strand.

In the end you have free flowing individual locs.

But noooooooooo this hair is impossible to unravel and rewrap.

  When it was all said and done my arms were on fire, the hair was a frizzy mess and 

After 2 days of trial and error, I gave up and with only days left before my trip I did what any smart natural would do. I hit up the best and most bomb hair stylist in baltimore Zarah who goes by @Zarahcharm on Instagram to HOOK THIS HAIR UP.

End of story...Zarah saved my hair for my San Juan trip.


...DONT BUY THIS DAMN HAIR and if it looks like its gonna be shitty, it probably is so don't waste your time.

Have any of you had any DIY hairstyle fails? Please don't let me be alone out here, let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. Don't feel bad ALL of my diy hairstyles are fails except when I flat iron it🙁. Absolutely love Zarah's Instagram. I think you just helped me confirm that I need to make an appointment with her.

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