Pretty Girl Styles: Cropped & Strappy OOTD (with links)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

There is just something about a crop top and a good pair of heels that makes a girl feel...

Bad and boujee aye! 

Prior to this spring I could count the times I have been out to a party or happy hour on one hand. But as soon as the weather broke in the DMV I come out of hibernation and turned back into the bad bish I always knew I was.

The mild weather give me the chance to play with different layers, colors and styles before it gets too hot to wear any clothes at all.

Oh and of course when I don't have to worry about protecting my face from zero degree wind chills. 

I can do a lil beat AYYYYYYY!

And who don't love a nice clean beat?

If you all have not noticed...the "no make up make up" is my signature style. I'm not supper fussy when it comes to my makeup and I much prefer a look that won't wipe off every time I touch my face.

I also love how the look goes with anything you wear aka its an easy go to.

I like when I don't have to question if my face is going to match the vibe of my outfit.


Myself and Elle aka @curlsunbothered  decided to hit up the I Don't Do Clubs DC Edition of Must Love Beards. And you know just in case future bae decided to roll in to get a drink I had to look poppin!

Spoiler- future bae didn't roll in

But I did look popping in this pastel colored outfit!

Shoes: // Shoe Dazzle // Kaleena // 39.00 // Here & Similar Here
Jeans: // Levi Outlet // Light wash distressed // 39.99 //Similar Here
Crop Top: // Zara // 29.90 // Similar Here & Here & Here
Glasses: // Zara // Clearance 19.00 // Similar Here & Here
Jacket: // Urban Outfitters // Clearance 12.90 // Similar Here

Although my outfit was bomb (no doubt) 
But I feel like the real show stoppers were the accessories...

My shoes and glasses got more compliments than I did. 
Especially...the shoes.

I can't wait to style more outfits with these babies!

Do you all have any favorite wardrobe or accessories for spring and do you have a favorite fashion season?
Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
XO DeAnna


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