2013 Final Outfit Of The Day

*Le Gasp*

It has finally come, the last day of 2013 is upon us...and you know what that means?

No? You don't? Smh, for shame lol

It means that today was the official last outfit of the day for this year!

Now I know I have not done many outfit of the day post on the blog, 1 because we are just getting started here and 2 because my photographer *cough* boyfriend *cough* has been working crazy hours so he has not been around to snap my pix lol.

However seeing as though it is indeed the last day of the year I was determined to get my final OOTD of the day in =) Plus I got a bomb ass pair of shoes yesterday and just had to wear them and I couldn't let their first time out of the box be a waste lol

I mean look at them 0_0 

Todays outfit was completely inspired by my new shoes and the sparkle that surrounds the New Year. Seeing as how I was out running last minuet errands and couldn't wear a full out sequence and glitter outfit....silver shoes had to do =)

Super Sweet and Chic a perfect way to end 2013

Outfit Details:
Cardigan// Jeanne Pierre// 19.99 (Got this from Marshalls)
V-neck Shirt// Bobeau// 10.95 (I picked this up from Nordstroms Rack)
Jeans// American Eagle// 29.99 (on sale now)
Shoes// Call It Spring// 24.95 (on sale now)
Necklace// Francescas Collection// 14.99 (I got this on sale ages ago)
Hair Tie// Your Everyday Local Beauty Supply Store lol

I figured since I was picking up my boo face from work I would take full advantage of his stores amazing backdrops... PHOTO SHOOT TIME!!

My outfit worked perfectly for the day, no one piece outshines the other (except for the shoes of course) my cardigan kept me warm when going back and fourth from the car to stores, my shoes were super comfortable even though they don't have a platform. 

My jeans were perfect for getting around in,  and let me just tell you a lot can be said about jeans with just the right amount of stretch and these defiantly fit the bill. My ridiculously deep v-neck tee...which I wish you guys could have gotten the full effect of I should have taken off the cardi -__- is SUPER beautiful and is silky and flowy I'm pretty much in love with it but it did have my boobs trying to make a guest appearance at every turn.

Now for the FACE!
I tried to keep things as simple as I could today. I wanted my face to look as natural as possible since it was still day time. So I did a "no make up" face with a natural smokey eye.

Face Details:
Foundation// Mac Face and Body
Concealer// Glamaflouge 
Cheeks// Mac// Warm Soul
Contour// Mac// Harmony
Highlight// Ben Nye// Banana Poweder 
Lid// Mac// Cut to fit
Crease// Mac// Saddle
Inner Corner// Mac// Cool Incantation
Outer Corner & Under Eye // Mac// Follie
Brow Bone// Blanc Type
Brows// Mac// Mystery
Eye Liner// NYX// Satin Finish Black Liner
Mascara// Sephora// Lash Plumper
Setting Powder// Mac// Mieralized Skin Finish

Ya know now looking at that list of products my look does not seem that...natural LMAO

Anywho, I sincerely hope 2013 has treated you all well and I pray that 2014 will bring you nothing but blessings. 

They say end your year the way you want to spend your next one...so ill be leaving 2013 with a smile on my face =)            

Until 2014, 
XO Deanna 


New Year, New Me.....*Eye Roll* (Goals For The New Year)

Hey ladies! I said I was going to start blogging more frequently and I'm doing my best to keep my word. Blogging more frequently is actually one of my "Goals for the New Year" and how appropriate because goals for the new year is what this whole post is about =)

Im not really big on the "New Years Resolution" thing where people sit around and lie to themselves about all these changes they are going to make and how this is going to be "their year". Honestly I think the quickest way to not get something accomplished is to make it your New Years Resolution. I mean the whole idea of it is kinda ludacrist, you fuck up all year at life then make all these random promises to yourself about how after tomorrow things are going to be different and expect one night to change who you are as a person?


In a month you'll be back to not working out, drinking like a fish, dating your ex and doing whatever else you said your not going to do anymore. Why because 99% of the time you don't mean what you say your just saying this shit because this is what people tell you you should do.

Theres no accountability...no one to hold you to it you just can't cut off all your fuckery cold turkey and expect things to go swimmingly!

Thats why for new years I make life goals....things I can work towards as the year progresses and I track my progression. I don't just say I'm going to be a better person I plan out how to make that happen. I suggest anyone trying to make changes in this new year, focus on goals and positive affirmations. Speak things into your life and plan for success.

Rather than saying "oh I'm going to work out this year"....cuz i mean sure yea you might once but saying "I'm going to work out and lose 10lbs by summer" or "I am going to have an amazing fit and beautiful body" is a little more motivating and specific...im jus sayin

So without further adu ....my goals for 2014 (in no particular order)

-Get my passport before my birthday: Im not sure how I have managed to never do this but I need to stop making excuses and effin do it, theres a whole world to see out there.
-Use my passport before the end of the year: No point to have it if your not going to use it!
-Take a girls trip: Another thing I have managed to never do, I'm 25 I should be ashamed lol
-Read at least 4 books before summer: I used to love to read, I'm not sure what happened but I should change that.
-Figure out what I want to do with career wise before the year is over: I have struggled with this the past year or so, so many grand ideas and I'm just not sure which is meant for me now. I know I don't have to pick one forever but I need a little direction.
-Sit back at least one day a week and revel at life: Im getting older and realizing that things move really fast...I need to stop and take a look at it every once in a while
-Forget the phrase "I can't": I have used this phrase way too much in 2013
-Volunteer: Its always important to give back
Figure out my style: I swear I have the hardest time dressing myself lol it would be a tad easier if I just knew my signature style
-Network more and make more blogger connections
-Lose 10 to 15 lbs by summer/ tone my body
-Finish decorating apartment to my liking
-Entertain guest more
-Grow my blog
-Take better care of my skin
-Grow my brand
-Be confident in who I am
-Be happy
-Replenish my savings account
-Meditate more maybe at least twice a week
-Take up some sort of yoga or dance or "fitness class"
-Manage debt
-Have more girls days and be more social
-Enjoy the little things
-Appreciate life
-Create/get a job doing what I like that provides steady income
-Accept that I don't always have control
-Believe I am beautiful
-Become closer to god/more spiritual
-Become closer to my family
-Think less
-Just do
-Become a better girlfriend....fiancé. Gotta speak that isn into existence right lol

*looks at list* yea...its a long ass list I know but I mean I have the whole year right? Plus its not bad to be ambitious.

To everyone out there looking to make changes in the new year just remember actually putting a plan in motion to do something and saying your going to do something are two vastly different things.

I would love to hear some of your goals for the new year and your thoughts on resolutions, so feel free to comment below =)

Good luck and God bless in the New Year y'all!
XO Deanna 

Holiday Traditions (Rice Krispy Treat Recipe)

Though this post is devilishly late.. 
I hope it finds you in time for Christmas and New Years so you may share these tasty treats with your family and friends =)

Everyone has their own personal holiday traditions, some of mine include decorating the tree, watching old christmas movies in the days leading up to the 25th and frantically last minuet gift shopping as if i didn't know all year that without fail....christmas would come no matter if I was ready or not lol

But aside from all of those traditions one of my all time faves is making Rice Krispy Treats!!

Im not exactly sure when or why the tradition started, all I know as soon as December comes I get this crazy urge to make Rice Krispy Treats...and oddly enough I ONLY get the urge in December lol!

Every year I do things a little different, last year I made a cinnamon sugar drizzle to go on top and the year before I used extra marshmallows and added a hint of vanilla...you know just a little something to spruce it up.

But this year I just went with the old trusty dusty recipe...and got classic on them and thats the recipe I will be sharing with you!

Classic Yummy For The Tummy Rice Krispy Treat Recipe

What you will need:

-Six Cups Of Rice Krispys
-One To Two Bags Of Jumbo Marshmallows
-1/4 Cup Of Butter
-Plastic Wrap
-Baking Sheet or Pan

How to make your Rice Krispy Treats:

1. Line your pan or baking sheet with plastic wrap. This will guard your pan from getting all messy when you put in the gooey mix and start to form your treats!

2.  In a large sauce pan...or in my case a big ass microwave safe bowl melt down one package of jumbo marshmallows and the butter.  Note: When doing this in a microwave I soooooo suggest putting in half the bag and heating in stages of 30 to 45 seconds while watching the mix, marshmallows do have the tendency to fluff and bubble over. Also continue to stir between heating to make sure they completely melted. Also Also lol if your doing this in a pan melt the butter first then add the marshmallows 

Once the mixture is completely melted it will look something like the picture below. How many bags of marshmallows you use depends on how big of a batch your making...or how much you like marshmallows lol but the general rule of thumb is one bag per batch however I add a few more =)

3. Depending on how big the bowl is that you melted the marshmallows in, start to add in your Rice Krispys one cup at a time while string your mixture 

You want to work quickly as the marshmallow mixture will start to stiffen up as it cools and become increasingly sticky and hard to manipulate. If your working with kiddos doing this I would suggest giving them their own little portion to mix or mold by hand as you work with the bigger batch in a more....shall we say timely fashion? lol

Once completely mixed it will look a little something like the picture below. I know,  not that tasty looking lol

4. Transfer the mixture from your bowl into the pan you prepped with plastic wrap and try to evenly distribute it with a fork.

5. Cover the mix with another layer of plastic wrap and begin to push down on it to spread and flatten the mix into a "block" form. Do not press too hard and make the treats too flat but push just enough so that things are even and packed together.

6. You wait...I mean you don't have to, your treats are pretty much done but if they are still warm they may not hold when you cut them and take them apart. I generally wait about an hour before I cut them and start eating and if you keep them in the plastic wrap once your done they last for about a week I feel like but if your are having them for a holiday party....they won't last that long they will all be gobbled up before you know it! =)

Hope you guys enjoy an remember Rice Krispy Treats are not just for the holidays, you can make them all year round and add your own spin to them

Until Next Time
XO Deanna 

See what had happened was...

So I feel as though I have been a bad blogger and that I need to apologize for my behavior...

I all but vanished from the internet for what seems like forever, it was probably more like 2 weeks but in internet time....two weeks is like a year. I have not posted on here, or on my youtube channels and I have even started to neglect instagram (insert dramatic gasp here). 

I honestly feel like a bum for just falling off the face of the earth when I had just committed to these new projects (the blog and second channel) aaaaaaand dare I say I actually missed it while i was gone??



Well I did, I missed talking life and fashion and finding interesting things to post for you guys and I'm sooooo sorry that I went away, I had taken on what I thought would be a small part time job for the holidays...which turned out to be a bit closer to full time and not so small lol. When I got home most days I couldn't even stand to look at a computer much less keep my eyes open and days off were filled with running errands and sleeping lol...and truth be told I'm not really good at personal time management anyway lol

So for that...I am sorry, but now that the job is over I'm all yours =)

I hope in the time that I have been absent you all have been doing well and that your enjoying your holiday season <3

Until next time,
XO Deanna 


Looking at today...and living for the future...(fuck fear)

So this post may turn out to be complete bullshit filled with nothing but the ramblings of a crazy woman who thinks she may have had an "ah ha" moment (I exclusively blame you oprah)

....or maybe, just maybe...it will be the most motivational post you will ever read

...Well maybe not ever but I hope it will help someone out there to for once see their strength instead of all of their weaknesses.
Yesterday after a looooong wait I finally got my for christmas =) and after it was all tied to my car driven half way across town and then lugged up my steps upon I realized it was crooked...and not just slightly crooked I mean completely -___- the bottom of the tree curved to the right so that no matter what way you tried to stick the damn thing in the little tree holder the weight would shift to one side and it would fall over...and when it didn't fall over it leaned all the way forward as if it was going to.

Trust me a tree that looks like its sticking out of your wall looks idiotic...

Pissed and unable to take the tree back I was determined to fix it. I pulled out my kitchen knife that has ridges and started sawing away at it. Yes...sawing at the tree like I was Paul flipping Bunion I was determined to get that damn bottom off....after about 30 mins or so however I quit and left the damn tree laying on the floor. 

Today before I came home I went and picked up new christmas decorations and when I got home I looked at the tree and said..."oh your going to stand up straight today because I got new decorations AND IM GOING TO HANG THEM ON YOU!" (ok maybe I didn't say that at all...maybe I just walked over to it with an evil glare) I put on boots pulled my knife out again and started going at it, sawing and pulling and pushing the bottom of the tree. But the shit still wouldn't budge! I was making a dent but no real progress! I even took a hammer and a screwdriver to it and everything. I wanted to give up, I figured I didn't have enough weight to bend the tree let alone enough strength...but I was determined. So I kept going.

About 40 mins later I could see the end of the tree finally giving a little, so I put my foot above the dent I had made and grabbed the end and started to pull with all my strength and got damn it that crooked bottom broke off!!!

I had done it, I was determined, I set a goal and I did it!!

With no ones help but my own, I cut that tree I made it stand straight...me.

Now I know this may seem like a ridiculous story to you but to me, when I put that tree in the stand and it was straight I felt more accomplished that I have in a long time, because in that moment I knew that even though I'm small, anything that I'm determined to do I can do it.

I often get down on myself, thinking I'm not good enough, or if I try ill fail or sometimes I even feel too scared to try things and go places because of what may go wrong. Very rarely do I actually have the confidence in my own abilities to just go and do things or try things and I'm starting to notice that I'm missing out on so many opportunities because....I don't think I can do something or handle something and I can't live like that.

In the end you will regret the things that you didn't do for yourself, not the things you did. I don't want to be that person living in regret because I was to scared to try, thought I wasn't strong enough or was to afraid to stand alone.

2014 will be the year were I start to believe in myself more, my abilities, my power, my talents. Because I mean if I don't believe in me...who the hell will.

Im going to do more...travel more...say yes more...live for me more...laugh more...and believe in myself more...I have to, I owe it to myself. 

I owe it to myself to be the person I am meant to be and to stop living behind I cant's....and so do you...you owe it to yourself!

Fuck fear...just do!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate...its is that we are powerful beyond measure"

XO Deanna


But HGTV makes it look so easy...

See the blurred vision in that pic? Thats how I felt today in home depot...but I'm getting ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning.

Ok, a few weeks ago my boyfriend and I finally decided that we were tired of looking at the while walls in our apartment. Although we have been here for a year already we kinda jumped on the whole decorating train a little late (ok really late) and you know what now that I think about it this whole "lets paint" thing was probably more of MY idea then a "we" idea lol. My boyfriend just a sweetheart and goes along with all of my crazy antics.

So after going through damn near EVERY living room and paint inspiration board on pintrest every day for a week straight (I'm not really good at making decisions if you can't tell lol) last night I finally settled on about 3 color options for the living room and 2 for the hallway and I told myself that tomorrow would be the day that I would stop stalling and go get the flipping paint.

And with paint color in hand (or in phone really lol) off I went to home depot =)

Its funny really, I honestly thought that I would be able to just walk into home depot show them the picture of the paint color I was in love with and they would say something like "Oh no problem hun its right here" WRONG lol.

Apparently...they have to mix the colors and apparently...I need to know color names and....oh lord lol. Soooo I basically had to start from scratch...oh and scratch was a far cry from having the perfect colors in my phone.

Do you see what I had to look through? Color upon color....shade upon shade I felt like I was going to have a damn panic attack!! How do the people on HGTV make it all look so easy?!

Oh and don't even get me started on if I should choose a flat paint, a semi gloss or an eggshell...whatever  the hell that is! I don't want eggshells on my wall, just paint please.


Flash forward to an hour late I had finally picked a couple of base and accent colors for my living room, bathroom and bedroom thanx to the help of a few nice young men and books like these that they have in the paint sections filled with examples of paint combinations. 

 And about 20 mins after that I finally got up the nerve to decide on two colors, one for the hallway and one for our bathroom and got the little paint mixer guy to mix my paint. Thats right I made a choice and committed!

So with paint, tools and a few painting tips in my cart...off I went to the check out lane, which let me just say was no stroll thorough the park either!! Two cans of paint (1 gallon and 1 quart) and so damn paint brushes cost me 50 bucks!! But...im not even going to talk about that nope...instead I'm just gonna give you a few tips for paint shopping so your experience can go a little smoother than mine lol

The pretty girls guide to paint shopping:
1) When in doubt send your boyfriend lol
2) Always go with a plan. Color inspiration with actual paint names, or how you plan on designing the room you will be painting (accent colors ect)
3) Pick colors for one room at a time
4) Dont go paint shopping when your on a time limit
5) Take someone with you to bounce color ideas off of
6) Research what paint types work best for what areas your going to paint (the paint department ppl can help with this too)
7) Expect to spend a decent amount (paint, paint brushes/rollers, primer, drop cloths ect)
8) If your not sure about a color ask to have a sample made and go home and test it out
9) Look at the color idea books they have to offer, some of the color combinations in those books were beautiful and I had never seen them before
10) Have fun, don't worry...worst comes to worse and you don't like the color you can always repaint =)

I hope this post helped you ladies, have any of you ever painted your apartment or house before? How did it turn out? Im sure you will be seeing a follow up post on this soon with my finished product or my FAIL pix lol

Until next time 
XO Deanna 


OOTD: Sweet Sweet Sweater Weather

Today may be the warmest day that I will get a chance to see all winter, literally the sun was shining birds were chirping and you could go outside without a jacket ( I mean i wouldn't but I saw plenty of people rocking the short sleeves today) but for me...its still December and December means sweater weather!

Granted, it has been sweater weather season for some weeks here now in Baltimore, I haven't really felt compelled to wear one until today (yes the warmest day of winter...go figure) maybe its the fact that its actually December or that I'm starting to get in the mood for Christmas idk whatever it was 65 degrees was not gonna stop my sweater flow!



...and of course I had the boo snap some very lovely pix of me in all my glory for u guys lol =)

Outfit Details
Sweater // Thrifted
Pants // Urban Outfitters
Shoes // Madden Girl 

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this vintage sweater that I thrifted late last year! Side bar if you ladies have not started thrifting yet...please do yourself the favor and hop on the band wagon! Anywho back to the sweater its cozy oversized and just perfect. It gives me a lil Bill Cosby vibe if you ask me and is just "Christmasy" enough without being cheesy. Defiantly perfect for the season.

I kept my outfit causal today as me and the boyfriend were just hanging out around town. My BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters gave my outfit just a touch of life and my go to kick around boots from Madden girl finished off the casual look perfectly =)

I hope this post inspires you to bust those sweaters out, because the time has come!!! LOL! How are you ladies enjoying sweater weather? Thrifted any good items lately? Let me know below!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna
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