New Year, New Me.....*Eye Roll* (Goals For The New Year)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey ladies! I said I was going to start blogging more frequently and I'm doing my best to keep my word. Blogging more frequently is actually one of my "Goals for the New Year" and how appropriate because goals for the new year is what this whole post is about =)

Im not really big on the "New Years Resolution" thing where people sit around and lie to themselves about all these changes they are going to make and how this is going to be "their year". Honestly I think the quickest way to not get something accomplished is to make it your New Years Resolution. I mean the whole idea of it is kinda ludacrist, you fuck up all year at life then make all these random promises to yourself about how after tomorrow things are going to be different and expect one night to change who you are as a person?


In a month you'll be back to not working out, drinking like a fish, dating your ex and doing whatever else you said your not going to do anymore. Why because 99% of the time you don't mean what you say your just saying this shit because this is what people tell you you should do.

Theres no one to hold you to it you just can't cut off all your fuckery cold turkey and expect things to go swimmingly!

Thats why for new years I make life goals....things I can work towards as the year progresses and I track my progression. I don't just say I'm going to be a better person I plan out how to make that happen. I suggest anyone trying to make changes in this new year, focus on goals and positive affirmations. Speak things into your life and plan for success.

Rather than saying "oh I'm going to work out this year"....cuz i mean sure yea you might once but saying "I'm going to work out and lose 10lbs by summer" or "I am going to have an amazing fit and beautiful body" is a little more motivating and jus sayin

So without further adu goals for 2014 (in no particular order)

-Get my passport before my birthday: Im not sure how I have managed to never do this but I need to stop making excuses and effin do it, theres a whole world to see out there.
-Use my passport before the end of the year: No point to have it if your not going to use it!
-Take a girls trip: Another thing I have managed to never do, I'm 25 I should be ashamed lol
-Read at least 4 books before summer: I used to love to read, I'm not sure what happened but I should change that.
-Figure out what I want to do with career wise before the year is over: I have struggled with this the past year or so, so many grand ideas and I'm just not sure which is meant for me now. I know I don't have to pick one forever but I need a little direction.
-Sit back at least one day a week and revel at life: Im getting older and realizing that things move really fast...I need to stop and take a look at it every once in a while
-Forget the phrase "I can't": I have used this phrase way too much in 2013
-Volunteer: Its always important to give back
Figure out my style: I swear I have the hardest time dressing myself lol it would be a tad easier if I just knew my signature style
-Network more and make more blogger connections
-Lose 10 to 15 lbs by summer/ tone my body
-Finish decorating apartment to my liking
-Entertain guest more
-Grow my blog
-Take better care of my skin
-Grow my brand
-Be confident in who I am
-Be happy
-Replenish my savings account
-Meditate more maybe at least twice a week
-Take up some sort of yoga or dance or "fitness class"
-Manage debt
-Have more girls days and be more social
-Enjoy the little things
-Appreciate life
-Create/get a job doing what I like that provides steady income
-Accept that I don't always have control
-Believe I am beautiful
-Become closer to god/more spiritual
-Become closer to my family
-Think less
-Just do
-Become a better girlfriend....fiancé. Gotta speak that isn into existence right lol

*looks at list* yea...its a long ass list I know but I mean I have the whole year right? Plus its not bad to be ambitious.

To everyone out there looking to make changes in the new year just remember actually putting a plan in motion to do something and saying your going to do something are two vastly different things.

I would love to hear some of your goals for the new year and your thoughts on resolutions, so feel free to comment below =)

Good luck and God bless in the New Year y'all!
XO Deanna 

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