But HGTV makes it look so easy...

Friday, December 6, 2013

See the blurred vision in that pic? Thats how I felt today in home depot...but I'm getting ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning.

Ok, a few weeks ago my boyfriend and I finally decided that we were tired of looking at the while walls in our apartment. Although we have been here for a year already we kinda jumped on the whole decorating train a little late (ok really late) and you know what now that I think about it this whole "lets paint" thing was probably more of MY idea then a "we" idea lol. My boyfriend just a sweetheart and goes along with all of my crazy antics.

So after going through damn near EVERY living room and paint inspiration board on pintrest every day for a week straight (I'm not really good at making decisions if you can't tell lol) last night I finally settled on about 3 color options for the living room and 2 for the hallway and I told myself that tomorrow would be the day that I would stop stalling and go get the flipping paint.

And with paint color in hand (or in phone really lol) off I went to home depot =)

Its funny really, I honestly thought that I would be able to just walk into home depot show them the picture of the paint color I was in love with and they would say something like "Oh no problem hun its right here" WRONG lol.

Apparently...they have to mix the colors and apparently...I need to know color names and....oh lord lol. Soooo I basically had to start from scratch...oh and scratch was a far cry from having the perfect colors in my phone.

Do you see what I had to look through? Color upon color....shade upon shade I felt like I was going to have a damn panic attack!! How do the people on HGTV make it all look so easy?!

Oh and don't even get me started on if I should choose a flat paint, a semi gloss or an eggshell...whatever  the hell that is! I don't want eggshells on my wall, just paint please.


Flash forward to an hour late I had finally picked a couple of base and accent colors for my living room, bathroom and bedroom thanx to the help of a few nice young men and books like these that they have in the paint sections filled with examples of paint combinations. 

 And about 20 mins after that I finally got up the nerve to decide on two colors, one for the hallway and one for our bathroom and got the little paint mixer guy to mix my paint. Thats right I made a choice and committed!

So with paint, tools and a few painting tips in my cart...off I went to the check out lane, which let me just say was no stroll thorough the park either!! Two cans of paint (1 gallon and 1 quart) and so damn paint brushes cost me 50 bucks!! But...im not even going to talk about that nope...instead I'm just gonna give you a few tips for paint shopping so your experience can go a little smoother than mine lol

The pretty girls guide to paint shopping:
1) When in doubt send your boyfriend lol
2) Always go with a plan. Color inspiration with actual paint names, or how you plan on designing the room you will be painting (accent colors ect)
3) Pick colors for one room at a time
4) Dont go paint shopping when your on a time limit
5) Take someone with you to bounce color ideas off of
6) Research what paint types work best for what areas your going to paint (the paint department ppl can help with this too)
7) Expect to spend a decent amount (paint, paint brushes/rollers, primer, drop cloths ect)
8) If your not sure about a color ask to have a sample made and go home and test it out
9) Look at the color idea books they have to offer, some of the color combinations in those books were beautiful and I had never seen them before
10) Have fun, don't worry...worst comes to worse and you don't like the color you can always repaint =)

I hope this post helped you ladies, have any of you ever painted your apartment or house before? How did it turn out? Im sure you will be seeing a follow up post on this soon with my finished product or my FAIL pix lol

Until next time 
XO Deanna 

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