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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So I feel as though I have been a bad blogger and that I need to apologize for my behavior...

I all but vanished from the internet for what seems like forever, it was probably more like 2 weeks but in internet time....two weeks is like a year. I have not posted on here, or on my youtube channels and I have even started to neglect instagram (insert dramatic gasp here). 

I honestly feel like a bum for just falling off the face of the earth when I had just committed to these new projects (the blog and second channel) aaaaaaand dare I say I actually missed it while i was gone??



Well I did, I missed talking life and fashion and finding interesting things to post for you guys and I'm sooooo sorry that I went away, I had taken on what I thought would be a small part time job for the holidays...which turned out to be a bit closer to full time and not so small lol. When I got home most days I couldn't even stand to look at a computer much less keep my eyes open and days off were filled with running errands and sleeping lol...and truth be told I'm not really good at personal time management anyway lol

So for that...I am sorry, but now that the job is over I'm all yours =)

I hope in the time that I have been absent you all have been doing well and that your enjoying your holiday season <3

Until next time,
XO Deanna 

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